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'JVlcluJLt*- 'fy^t JrluLQg^r/S^A/rtL^- „ 

Nauset (Jihs 2004 

Nauset Regional High School 
100 Cable Road 
North Tzastham, 02651 

auset is home art ay from 
home for 1093 students 
and 141 facuity and staff 


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RwpJI "*** S 


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k ^RJ| 1 1 

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<jj’re creejp^ andu 

Artwork by: Tara 

(jiaLLb wete 



Hat Day 

Plaid Day 

Pirate Day 


Spirit Week 7 


Nauset’s teams began playing on a 
chilly afternoon on October 24th at the 
Middle School in front of an assembling 
crowd. Exciting games were played by 
Field Hockey, Girls and Boys Soccer, 
and the Volleyball team was in the 
gym at the High School. On 
Saturday,Football was cheered on by a 
large number of fans and Nauset’s 


King and Queen 
Ryan Cullinan and Liz Seymour 

Duke and Duchess 

Brandon Cordeiro and Haley Lindahl 

were presented to... 

Prince and Princess 
Will Laughton and Callie Ford 

Lord and Lady 

Alex Tuckerman and Lex Penney 

tfaw//, tfawt/of all kinds 

was available from various student 
groups...Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, 
Freshmen, SWS, and Dance, at the Friday 
night games and The Booster Club at 
Saturday’s football game...popcorn, 
pizza, cider, hotdogs, baked goods... 


r if f A 

-"fM A 1 1^^ 

J f«fim 

Jit, iplB^/, Ilips 

[J Ipm 

Ifeg! B ■|‘Lt| ifl&'zJrm' 

i PM W' l'irir f 'wjflio 

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^ mm-m. & 


Mike Milewski 

Erin Blatz 

Danny Intonti 

Sara Douglass 

Kelse y Gilmor e 

Jessica Anderson 

Hilarie Holt 

porn/ tig/the/ M) rov\fyV&cadLe/ 

M crytAvtlytLo 

Dominic Taravella 

| Dawnc^oate 

Pete Murphy 

Ryan Cullinan 

Caitlin Sundby 

M oyt Likely to-be/at Amy’y 

Kara Brady 

Jake Vagjian 

Sean Scannevin 

Kristin Souder 

Mike Cestaro 

I fut ure/ C 

of Sporty lUAAttrcU&d^ 

Brittany Souz 

Chris AHord 

Lindsey Austin 

C Uvyy ft onuxr cevulj uliet 

t 'tnmni 

15 tUr 


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• it My ^ 

•gV 1 

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HKT m 

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>' .. .a a -,i 

Elizabeth Todd 

g Katherine Todd 

Kevin Harrigan "The Wea 

Colleen O'Brien "OB 

Nick Robinson I Zach Robinson 

Beyt M Cckname/ 

Jen Reichers^. 


CUyyy Klcul^eteer 

Clare Seletsky 

JBeyt SwvCL&a 

Andy Mattox 

am Govoni 

Broadway ft 

il>ara Bucchieri 



CheerftA^Lovy a 
day M orningy, 

Danielle Schmidt 

Wes Kanaga 

Dan Wilbur 

Brittany Hutton 

Hoyt LCkely to-H ake/ 

‘— wm 0 ip 


Dave Reinhardt 

Rachel Caliri 

Hoyt Likely to-be/at The/Choo. Sparrow 

Who arc these little angels? 

16 Little Angels 


* i*m* 

1 if' ■«* 

; I FI 


i l 


lio are these little angels? 

Remember. .. 

Four years 

And it comes down to one day 

When we can finally say 
We, the Seniors, are graduating today 
The class of 2004 has made it all the way 


Ah...Freshman year- What can we say about it 

Not much 

It came and left, like kids skipping rotating block 
Being at the bottom of the social ladder 
With only upper class to look up to...literally 


You think you're cool 
But you have no idea 
True Life: I'm a sophomore 
Were moving up in this school 
3rd place in Spirit Week '02-Woohoo! 
MCAS, well wasn't that laods ’o' fun 
Took us 10 hours til we were done 


You can finally call yourself an upper classmen 

With two years under your belt 
You enter this year with confidence and ease 

Till you hear the words 
Pass in your Junior Paper please! 
You hear it's your most important year 
You get your new license, your old car 
And the freedom to leave class 
Because you got your first real pass 

18 Our History 


We've made it to the top 

The past four years has been a roller coaster ride 

And now it's coming to a stop 

2004, the Year to remember 

To say now, Were finally Seniors 

Even though Homecoming we were out spirited again 

First is the worst, Second is the best 

We, the class of 2004 will be unlike the rest 

After four years, it's doubtful we'll be able to remember 

The test we failed or the project that we 

handed in late 

Or never did at all 

But we will remember the strong bonds we formed 
With friends and the impact our teachers had on us 
While praised for our individuality 
We all had one thing in common 

The time we spent at Nauset was a time unlike 
any other 

While we've probably taken Nauset High School 

and it's surroundings for granted 

At some point on our lives it will dawn on us that 

not many students experienced a school, a home, 

a family like Nauset High School 

So as we begin to write the next chapter of our lives 

Wherever it may lead 

We should stop and remember the time we 

shared together 

No matter where we go from here 

We are, and always will be, the Class of 2004 

By: Kate Ryan and Brittany Hutton 

Our History 19 

gaf kMM 

*>£.i . n .. J**£> 

Oanya Aiams 

Bball-2.Dance-3. Amy-my 2nd half, nights will never 
be forgotten-imagine if u stayed! Mai-boys bathroom? 
Glad we became so close, dirty looks-good times! 
Bri-since we were 4, too much to say*LIPSYNCS* 
memories will last a lifetime-luv! Derek-my future 
hubby, glad we stayed close-luv Mom & Dad-my 
hero’s. Thank you for believing in me & being there 
through thick n’ thin. I LOVE YOU! Josh & Jess-thank 
you from the bottom of my heart for being 2 wonderful 
siblings I can look up to-Much love. Kayla-growing 
up to fast, make the best of it-XoXo. To the rest, you 
are not forgotten! Class of ‘04, We Did It! 

‘“Dance like no one is 
rtatching, Dole like youfe 
nefer keen hurt, JSife 
eferyday like it is your last. 


1 bequeath the knowledge of knorting the difference between a guy & a girl to Danielle. 
“Ah, rthose that? 

Alena Marissa Abernethy 

Christopher Allari 

1 bequeath confidence and porter to my little sister, Sean, and all rtomen hereafter. 

It’s been a long 4 years but I did what I came to do. 
Now I’m out. To all my boys here or not Tom, Dan, 
Bob, Bar hold the fort down Pete, Nathan stay out of 
parking lots Brandon get that car ready Joe Sept 17th 
2005 Anna one word Mexico. Holly, I love you even 
though your cat comes first. Mandy and Mom I love 
you both, thanks for the help. I would also like to 
thank Karen and Diane. I couldn’t do it without you 
guys. Good luck to everyone in the future and 
remember what you learned. 

“tJhings aint gunna alrtays 
(jo right look at like yo this 
aint your day but this your 
life and life.” 

-J?oyce Da 5’ 6” 

AH, the good times.. Carnegie! Cosmoclub 
Grasshopper! spice girls? Soon Muffin XC4eva I’m 
off to sing to the world. To Friends, Family and loves 
past. Thank you for all the good advice, late nights, 
long cries, hard laughs, and open arms. Sean- my lil 
sis. Alita- my wife. Julian- my guardian angel. 
Marissa- my adopted sister. Adam- my love. Mrs. 
Beavan- my inspiration. The Keefes- my 2nd home. 
In Memory: Mom- hope you’re watching; Grandma 
Mary- my guide; Lorraine-1 miss you still. *And to 
my father, all my love always.* 

“ Ohe apple may not fall 
far from the tree, but it 
can certainly roll dortn a 
hill” -Morning Star (me) 


tBryanna Tlnberson 

Thanks go out to my friends Kerrie, Kaitlin, Caity, 
Dawna, Sara, Jen, Rob, Aleina, Rachel, Brit, Nicole, 
Ashley and Rella. Without you I’d be lost. 

“Stay as you are, n>oht you 
stay in your on>n sn>eet n>ay. 
< Dont let the yVorld change 
your mind. ” 

-“Earth, Wind, Eire 

“When / find myself fading, 
l close my eyes and realize 
my friends are my energy. ” 

Jessica J2uttman ftnderson 

Sara,Kels,Dee-My Divas, I love you girls with all 
my heart- you put a smile on my face and I thank 
you. DeeDee-Favorite power! My sister, ilu. 
Mike,Galan-Make songs and rock on. Rach.Jill.Kris- 
My run hill girls. Britt,Denneen,Anna,Kelly,Kath,Liz- 
A million laughs have gone by, I hope a million 
more are on the way. Mr.Mullin+Skippers-Thank 
you for letting my dreams come true!Vball- Serve 
it up. Mom+Dad-I love you!You’re the greatest 
parents I could ask for, thank you for all the support. 

- my mom Sara W- rides to school everyday and a hot convertible. 

Mike Tlnbolina 

Glad to get my life started. Can’t wait for unschool. 
Bye to all my buddy’s I might not see again. DAN 
will get revenge w/ Johns help. Stay out of trouble 

“CJhe n>orld is moving jast 
and Vm losing my balance: 
dig Ion\ to a place n>here 
there aint nowhere to go but 
up. ” -OutKast 

JZinisey Marie Austin 

Meg my girl for life Apples Windows Hott Cars Main 
Street. Love You 4 Eva & Always! Jilly Wendys, Rope 
Swing, Stupid Donkey Beaches Poison Ivy Love You 
Silly Seagull! Brandon to the batcave! the 
batmobile Philly, SWS, starmarket, Cars, Thanks... 
CowGirl Up Sara&Jilly BOOMA SISTAS! Krys 
Friends for How Long? Cuz Arielle Sam Chris Lauren 
Mike Jimbob Spencer Dee Chris Jon Alyssa Holly, 
Wendys Crew Truly unforgettable! Much Love! 
<3Ranger<3 Mom Dad thanks for putting up with 
me Love You. 

“Netier make someone a 
priority n>hile allowing 
yourselj to be their option. ” 

Jeffrey “Arroyo 

Thanks go out to my friends, many good 
times and memories, good luck to you all 
in the future. I would like to give thanks 
to my parents also, for being so patient 
with me throughout the years. Jared, hang 
in there man, and try to enjoy it while you 
can. Nothing much more to say except 
peace, I’m out of here. 

Michael j Bartolucci 

Sam & Ryan my best buds, keep it real & 
legal. Jess, watch out for bikers. Fyler how’s 
the tooth? Adam, party @ your house! 
Nora, Skim boarding was Scrumtralesent. 
Asa & Mohan stay away from skunks. Josh 
still got that accident on wheels? Hey 
Whitey! To the screamers: Nikki have your 
dad call me. Courtney how’s the run to 
cure Mono? Kristen: Bump, Set, Spike! 
Brian, my bro, keep the “Bart-Bark” alive. 
Hockey & Lacrosse 4Ever. To all the other 
guys, Good Luck in the future & I hope to 
see you around. 

7 Qo Jrorn stool to stool in 
singles bars hoping to get 
lucky, but there isht any 
gum under any oj them. " 

-‘Emo Philips 

“No matter hon> bad it gets, 
things always can get better. ’ 

Katherine jC. fjBennett 

“Thank goodness it’s over” is what I 
thought I’d be saying right now. These 
years went by so fast it seems like I 
shouldn’t be graduating. I have had a 
great time at this school thanks! Thank 
you Mom, Dad, Mrs. Desimone and Mrs. 
Marquit for not letting me drop out. Hee 
hee I made it. 

/ JBeaueath my grades to ‘Emily King. 


Seniors 23 

Tlllison fBeauiry 

“SJhere is a certain path 
for everyone, stay true to 
yourself and you rtill find 

Thank you to everyone along the way Ann-I Love 
you thanks for being there Wendys! Mel-my 
homegirl full of life, crazy times I love you Diz-One 
and only forever Erin-Incubus and car drives. 
Alyss-remember the path I’ll always be here Jeff- 
no matter what anyone says I’m here, thank you 
for everything Jonah-I’ll love you always, since 2nd 
grade Family-love you lots thanks for everything. 
Eastham kids never forget. LOVE to those I couldn’t 
mention. Nickerson nights, fires, raiding, balloons 
the runs and BEACHES 

“If more of us Valued food 
and cheer and song aboVe 
hoarded gold, it vVould be a 
merrier rtorld.” 

-J.IR.IR. Oolkien 

Heron fBassett 

Peace to John, Alex, Mikey, Chris, Ashley, Dusty, 
Nora, Dave, Annie, Liz, The Wellfleet crew, The 
Brewster crew, The Phoenix group, The N. Eastham 
crew, The Sparrow gang and to everyone I forgot 
too. Jane, You got me through all of this, thanks. 
These years have totally changed my outlook on life. 
Thanks for opening my eyes everybody. Don’t know 
what else to say. So, to all my friends who have 
been here with me this whole time, keep it real. 
Peace out. 

I ‘jBeaueath Jordan Hadan>ar all the jun & happiness her senior year, I loVe you 

'Erin fBlatz 

It’s good to be done, many thanks to all. Em- 
whoopsedaisy, fun times at the Bramble & 
snowboarding. Sarah-camping, sledding, cooking. Al- 
fun driving moments, sledding, Lollapalooza. Nora- 
skunk or penguin? Tom-saltworks walks. Kate, 
Scooter, Stinky, Brady, Brod-and to all my friends 
(especially the shed crew)dove you guys, we had 
fun. Thanks to all my teachers, especially Ms.D, Chris, 
Richard, & Mr. Faris.Bob & Sally Midlands, Mom, Dad, 
Mike, Jesse & Stacy-love you all. Good luck ‘04. 

“j Cife moles pretty fast, if 
you font stop and look around 
once in a vi>hile ; you could 
miss it. ” -Terris Tueller 

Michael fjBoislert 

Holler! It’s been one heck of a ride and it’s only going 
to get better. Kevin, Sean, B, Trent, Dan, Fave, Matt 
too many good times to mention. Mel and Em you 
are great. Mom and Dad you have been there through 
it all thank you. The rest of the fam, just wait I will 
make you proud. D&L thanks for all the free room 
and board. Remember the bench crew. 

" I'm sure the res more to life 
than being really, really good I 
looking. ‘And 1 plan on j 
finding out n>hat that is." 

-Derek ‘Zoolander 

uc Dri\>e fast, Oake chances. 
<Ci\>e like there is no 
tomorrow). ” 

Krystal M . JBoyi 

Track 1,2,3,4. Good times. Joe, Leigh-Strawberry 
blonde kids. Loved being a harbor rat. Joey, we 
will take a trip in the camper some day. Justin, 
aren’t you glad I told you to ask her? Everyone 
else, it’s been a fun year. 

/ ^Bequeath Sarah a 10 mile golj cart ride rtith Sammy and a kangaroo. Oracy roadkill, 
Kelly one fax egg, Ctina a doughnut hole and the TH girls, the magic stick. 

“SJhere are many things in 
lifa that n>ill catch your eye, 
fan> ri>ill catch your heart- 
pursue those. ” 

Kara !Braiy 

It’s been a fun ride Neen soul sistas since day 1.1 love you 
for always laughing the voice thank u I love you Emhanson 
BambiColl long talks so alike Lizcross eyes u keep me on 
my feetAlliewords dont express Belize I love you Jake 10 
years I can’t wait 2 see you fly I love you Marshall thank u 
4 being there Bri 8th grade Annie Nicole Ali good old days 
Katy Steph Mai Maf MagTanTadjGregCoon+04 crew than 
u for the laughs Sarah lil sis FH keep it going Meg look @ 
the stars Brain you’ve taught me a lot Erin you'll never 
know what you mean 2 me Mom + Dad thank you for all 
you do, I love you more than words can say. It’s our time 2 
shine. God Bless 


“Kifa is too important to 
take seriously. ” 

-Corky Siegel 

i Brittany !Brortn 

I’ts over! Finally! Sara thanx for being there for me 
look for the fuzzies Dawna 4ever remember lane 
14 Kassi u make me smile I am always here Teresa 
we have been thru a lot WOWi Vic and Cal I love 
u guys have fun in orch Heather you’re my girl! 
Jen I will miss your crush talk Jamie friends all 
the way bowling nights lunch bunch 4ever thanx 
to Ash Jesse Nicole Jessie Jenny Sara Kerrie I luv 
u all Kym thanx for being the best sis Mom & Dad 
thanx for everything u have ever given me I LOVE 


L- . , J* »._1 • : V:> 


Sara jBucchieri 

We finally made it! Mom I couldn’t have gotten this 
far without you thank you for everything, you’re the 
best. Nicole, where do I begin? Bawk J/K & Jeepers 
Creepers. Dawna, #2 walk again. Brit-Brat, Stop, just 
stop. Kerrie, can’t believe we made it. Tucker 
someday I will beat u in mini golf! I love you. Oh and 
Tamara, there’s a cat in the road. To everyone else, 
I didn’t forget you, just not enough space, & to my 
family what can I say, thanks. Steven you’ve been 
the best uncle, thanks for everything. 

“Qo confidently in the 
direction of your dreams! 
J2ile the life you\>e 
imagined. ” -Ohoreau 

l (Bequeath the cross-country hachy sack to Nate Chapman. 

11Bequeath my pictures and photo albums to Nicole. 

JCeo jBuckley 

“'A journey of a thousand 
miles must begin With a 
single step. ” -J2ao Dzu 

I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone 
who has made my four years at Nauset a great 
experience. Cross-country, basketball and track have 
been awesome, and I thank my teammates and 
coaches for helping me to become a true competitor. 
Teachers and classmates, thank you for helping me 
to develop the essential skills that I will need in life. 
Also, thank you to my friends for your assistance in 
helping me through my journey. Best wishes to all in 
the pursuit of a bright future. 

Sonja Rose fBuriulis 

(Bequeath (Brendan Shea a normal and great high school life. 

First and foremost this is dedicated to the most brave 
and beautiful woman I know. Thanx mom, this is for 
you. Bros and Sis I wish I could see you more. Dad 
catch you on the flip side. FAMILY: I LOVE YOU. 
Evan: the future is ours, I LOVE YOU. Kids of my 
generation keep your heads up, no regrets. To my 
teachers, thanx I couldn’t of done it with out you. 
Shea family: Thanx for your love and generosity. My 
real friends thanx for being there, you know who 
you are. All of you make me who I am and now I’m 

7 shall not break under the 
pressure of my oWn height, 
but bend to strenghthing my 
Weakness. ” -MJ‘jB 



Rachel Caliri 

Mom and Dad I love you thank you for always being 
there. Aly-you’ll always be my girl, thanks for all the 
dance moves! Ashley-I’ll go on the safari! Dave- 
thanks for opening my eyes. Sam-my drama queen! 
Joe-I’ll go swimming anytime! Hannah-you’re my best 
friend, stay strong. To everyone else I love you guys, 
thanks for the memories and remember this, “When 
we are struggling to change things, we often forget 
that the struggle also includes changing ourselves ”. 

-Subcomandant Marcos 

“ Sometimes, you ha\>e to let 
go Mat you ri>ere, to fie Mat 
you fecome. ” 

-Sex in the City 

1 bequeath to Hannah my fashion sense ant) ‘Ashley a fishing pole/' 

Jenkin Cagrtin 

Nauset was fun when it started, but that didn’t last 
long. To all the seniors who made it to the end of 
school...Sean, Derek, Tang, Joel, Puffer, and Dirty 
Danny. Eddie good luck make your pops proud. To 
the girls, I don’t feel like naming you all. Mom and 
Dad thanks for everything. Monty, time to rage! Lily, 
time travels fast but every second was worth it, I 
love you. I’m out! 

“Real Treebom is hating 
nothing. 1 w>as freer Men / 
bibht ha\>e a centA 

-Mike CJyson 

Michael Cestaro 

“1 bequeath to Ketin Monroe my knowledge oj Motortii repitoire. Ho Kelsey Qilmore, all 
the peanut M&Ms in the n>orlt). Ho the orchestra, my shiney shoes. 

“Music expresses that Mich 
cannot be put into rtorbs ant) 
that which cannot remain 
silent-Victor Hugo 

Dad, thank you for pushing me in times I seemed 
immovable. Mom, for being positive and never letting 
me frown. All my friends thanks for all the loud, 
unforgettable fun; it is invaluable to me. Galan, thank 
you for teaching me so much about myself and the 
world around me-Smile. Kelsey, the most wonderful 
dream of my life come true. Thank you for all the 
songs. Love you and I can't wait to be holding your 
hand for the road ahead. 



28 Seniors 

‘Darina Coats 

Looks like I made it. Couldn’t have done it w/o my 
family & friends. Mom Dad Denise Paul Grammy 
James April thanks for being the best family eva. 
Luv ya. Sara: Ms Swan 4 eva! “operations 
chris”=Success. Brit: fluid movement soho Nicole: 
rock forever! Jesse:thanks for being such a good & 
unique friend. Anna: Lets hope LIFE doesn’t come 
true-jumprope Jen Rob Kerrie Bry Ash:thanks for 
being such good friends Em Erica Mina:there from 
the beginning THANKS Chris: You mean the world to 
me I luv you! Thank you everyone, bye! 

‘“Always do rihat you riant, 
and say rihat you feel, 
because those that mind doht 
matter ; and those riho matter 
doht mind ” -Or. Seuss 

1 bequeath 'Ashley S. some stairs, Kerrie-Oimmy, 71 nnalee-rain joys, Mina, ‘Emily Erica-Wellfleet 
memories, Wes- Jolly Jd anchor sprinkles, Eauren &■• Jess-more excitiny lunches,Sara-a lifetime supply of yranola. 

Christopher Cicale 

Wow I did it. It’s finally over. Crazy times. Thanks 
Mom and Dad for everything, you put up with me 
all these years, I love you. To all my friends, you 
know who you are, thanks, you mean everything to 
me. Drama kids, mainly you crazy crew people, I’ve 
had some great times and you’ll have many more. 
To the band, just keep rockin’. To you metal heads, 
keep it alive. To you 80’s freaks bring it back. “I 
am not a prisoner, I’m a free man, and my blood is 
my own now.’’-Iron Maiden 

/ beauaeth all my loCe for Iron Maiden to Caitlin. 

Mihe Clough 

The end is finally near, wow. Mom-I appreciate 
everything you’ve done for me-I love you. Dad-we 
gotta get that box built! Paul-the Supra looks great! 
Chris & C.T.-I love you guys like brothers. Sonja & 
Evan-I love you guys too. Lindsey- We’ve been 
through a lot, but I know we will always remain 
friends, I love you. WHATSUP to all the kids at the 
Sparrow and any of my friends. I wish the entire 
class of 2004 good luck in their future and PEACE! 

“So, understand doht riaste 
your time alriays searching 
for those riasted years. ” 

-Iron Maiden 

“Vm not here to sa\>e the 
riorld, Vm just here to ha\>e 
as much fun as 1 possibly 


can . 

-Jesse James 


John Connelly 

Molly, that is neat, I LOVE YOU. Jessie + Andy,I 
couldn’t ask for better friends ttyan you guys, plus we 
sound amazing singing together. Mom + Dad, I did Eamon, you’ll grow up and be cool soon. 
Kevin, Kyle, Alex, Kam, Dane, Lydia, Niki, Vicki, Robin, 
Julian, Wes, Ryan, + many more thanks for being my 
friends. To my whole family, thanks for supporting 
me. Mrs. Beavan, thank-you so much for the great 
times. Honors Chorus and Accapella, we had good 

/ J 'Bequeath all of the freakishly high notes 1 can hit to Mrs. “Beaman to pass onto other guys man enough tc 
sing them. 

“It’s easy to fool the eye hut 
it's hard to fool the heart/ 1 
-7LI /Pacino 

tBrian Cooney 

Soccer 2-4. 2004, way too many memories. Andrew, 
oh just imagine if you didn’t go away. Jake, you 
always seemed to be there at the right and wrong 
times, sorry about the minivan. Sean, it’s been real, 
many more memories to come. Britt couldn’t have 
done it without you, you’re my second sister. Love 
ya. Sarah “Grr,” thanks for everything. Lindsey S. 
will never forget you good luck next year. Mom, Dad, 
Sara, and Bert couldn’t have done it without you. 
Love you all very much. Good Luck to everyone! 

Tllyson Corieiro 

Mom-1 aspire to be the strong, smart, loving woman 
you are. Thank you for showing me unconditional, 
comfort and support. Dad- No matter what I’ll 
always be your baby girl. Your chicken’s flying the 
coop! Jonas- It feels so right to be with you, I love 
you baby! Meg- Our friendship began in the 3rd 
grade and won’t ever end. Spice girls, craft fairs, 
and summers forever! Rach- Your compassion and 
enthusiasm brighten all my days. Tanya/Katy/Katie- 
Love you girls! GOOD LUCK 04’, It’s been great! 



ri>ell away 



1 /Bequeath fortune 





in se 




“T)o not go rihere the path 
may lead, go instead n>here 
there is no path and leai>e a 

-/Ralph Waldo ‘Emerson 



These past four years went by fast. It’s been fun but 
it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. 
Thanks to my family for the support and my family 
for all the good times and great summers. I am 
greatly looking forward to the future, I wish good 
times and happiness for everyone. All my boys, best 
of luck, wish you all well and hope to see you all 
soon. I hope the next four years are as good as the 
times I spent here. Thanks to everyone, see you all 
soon. Peace. 

“What means the n>orU to me is hein free li\>e an} let life and just it he lo\k peace and 
harmony, one universal family one god, one aim, one destiny. ” -Jurassic 5 

!Ryan Cullinan 

Basketball 1-4,Golf 1-4. Wow 4 years flew by, so many 
memories. Sam and Bart- Best friends since Elem. School. 
Sam- great summer times in Chatham. Bart- Downloading 
music, I’ll be over in 20 seconds. Kevin- Weaz, Boo Yah, from 
Norseman to College ball.To the rest of the guys- Thanks for 
the memories! Meagan- So far to Truro, but well worth it. I 
can talk to you unlike anyone else. I’m glad I got to know you, 
you’re a great friend. To the screamers- you can’t find 1 
without the other 2 right behind. Have an aswesome senior 
year! Most importantly, Mom, Toby, Hayley- Thanks for all 
your love and support, I don’t know where I’d be without you. 
Dad, Jane, Neil- although you aren’t as close as in the past 
your love still got here. Thanks to everyone who helped and 
inspired me. To all of the class of 04’ best luck. 

“I failed to make the chess 
team because of my height. ” 
-Woody ‘Allen 

Chris Crobar 

First of all I would like to thank my parents for 
everything they’ve done for me, My brother and 
his newly wedded wife Tatiana - good luck in the 
future, Mike- you’re like a brother to me, CT- you 
to, Katie- we had a mad fun summer, Party on!, 
Dave- thanks for playing the drums and always 
chillin, everyone hanging out at the Chocolate 
Sparrow, all the kids that I chill with- you know 
who you are, High school’s been fun but thankfully 
its over, To everyone I forgot: Sign 

“Racing through a life of 
tragic Wastage 1 experience 
the loss of trust and 
innocence. ” -Qreg Qraffin 

\Dustin Curly 

After 12 years it’s over. Now another four? I would 
like to thank everyone I know. Best of luck to any 
one that wants it. Thanks to all my buds for all the 
help and good times. I would also like to shout out 
to ALL the fleetions, we’ve come along ways since 
WES. Mom, Dad, thanks. Im jettin, later Nauset. 

“Eifes too short so lo\>e the one ijou got. ” -Sublime 

1 Bequeath S.O.S to Megan, Jess; Michelle, Ambie, & Marissa a lifetime subscription to 
Cosmo for Biz, 'Em, ‘Alena,John Halter; a $100,000 donation to the NbRHS music "Dept. 

Over the past 4 years-from Nauset to Paris to NYC & back- 
we’ve all grown & changed. Thanks to all who made the 
trip wonderful! H Choms, dinner clubs, Carnegie, Music 
Dept, late night & cosmoTll never forget. Wes, Jen, Em, 
Kelly, Johns, Jmac, Kels, Brit, SOS gals, truro crew-1 luv you 
all! Jackie- viola, curtains, & rats. Suz- I’ll never forget ya 
Bday bud! Liz- my Christine! Kate- friends from day 1. Alena 
you mean the world to me. Mrs Beavan- you've given me so 
much. Mr Durgin, Mr Conrad, Mr Rice, Ms King-inspiring! 
Mom & Dad, you’ve loved me always & forever. Marissa- 
just shine! Now let’s live & laugh & love! 

“O,he true profession of 
man is to find the path to 
himself. ” -Siddhartha 

Oyler Daley 

l Bequeath the plastic bluebird to CJrelcr Moss, and the ability to dri\>e a boat to Martin 

u( Doht n>orry ri>hat others 
think of you, it's n>hat you 
think of them that's 
important-Johnny Cash 

Hockeyl-4 Wow I can’t believe it’s almost over! So 
many fun times-Clare-thanks for being such a good 
friend. Matt-I guess it was light and warm. Trevor 
watch out for the rocks. Marty-wanna walk to 
Hutton’s? Pat-crazy party, I thought I was outside 
the tent. Hutton- how about 7/lldoubles? Guttman- 
have a lip. Everyone else thank you. Mom and Dad 
thanks for everything, I love you both so much. 
Brian, Craig & Jake (good luck!) I couldn’t ask for 
better brothers, thanks. 


■ ■ 

Stephanie Daugherty 

Dad and Amy- thanks for everything. Danielle-1 love 
you good luck. My friends you know who they are, I 
love you all. Eric- If you trip don’t fall. Sonja and Evan- 
You guys are so strange. Sara, Harmony and Hilly- 
good times good times. KT and Crystal- Do you guys 
remember the time that I was president. Ian- Don’t 
be a punk. Hannah- grow up strong. Mikey, Annie, 
Sam, Sineanea, Alyssa, Peter, David. David Tinney 
Rest in Peace. 

a £ife goes on long offer the thrill of lining is gone. ” 

- John Cougar 

Andy Dansak 

u ]jou ha\>e your ori>n (train 
full of thoughts an 3 choices , 
so use it font let them use 
you. ” -‘3a} Religion 

Although just a small part of my life, I will always 
remeber the good times I had, and amazing people I 
met and grew with at this high school. I thank all my 
friends and my family for their everlasting support. 
Nick, I’ve always looked up to you. Joey, you’re an 
awesome little bro. Dom, you’re crazy but always 
entertaining. Good old wise N. Morgan. Ryan, always 
understanding. Toph, and everyone else you’re 
awesome. Mom and Dad thanks for being there. 
Leanne, you mean so much to me, you’re the greatest, 
I’ll always be with you guys, Love you all. 

Denneen Dalton 



shit ties 








Mom and Dad thanks for everything you’ve done I 
love you. Harisson thanks. Mike thanks for being 
there and helping me. Riss great jokes between 
sisters good luck, bumblebee. Kara, fred, my twin 
forever, tacos and pizza. Ben I never knew I could 
be this happy a wish came true, elephant, I love you. 
Rachel couldn’t ask for more thanks for everything 
love you. Kelsey, Jess, Sara thanks for being there 
love you. Sam, Adam, Maggie, Erin, Britt, Kelley, 
Taidje, and thanks to everyone who was there. 

“In the en}, only kinfoiess 
matters. ” -Jen>l 

Zack Very 

Thank you all the teaching staff especially Mr. 
Markovich and Mr. Conrad for when times were 
tough. Thank you lunch ladies for curing the morning 
munchies. Thank you Mom Dad and family friends 
much love. Thanks 

“Nobody is invincible, 
Nobodys bulletproof, vVe all 
must meet our moments ol 


!Eric Valis 

Wow! that was fast (High School) to everyone who 
got me through it, thanks, life needs a boost some¬ 
times, to my family, thanks for all the 
encouragement and love, to my friends; Lizzy W. K- 
12 thanks for all the direction and love, to Keely, 
History repeats itself, thanks for all the help. To the 
lunch ladies you chix rock hard- core, to everyone 
who isn’t mentioned, thanks and see you lata. 

“No fancy rVords, no thought 
C S no reflections of 
rVisdom, nothing prophetic to 
leaVe behind; only vVhat has 
been and rVhat there is to 
come. ” -Me 

Seniors 33 

I ‘Bequeath Sammy a pair of gator boots and ‘Alt a certain street sign, and a pair of aViator 

“...And you help each other 
realize that all the things 
you vVant to already 



Velon ‘Deschampi 

Being Diggity 1-4! I will always remember the good 
times with all my friends I made over the past few 
years! Sam, girls-who ate my pizza? WHOOPS. Ali, 
#10, blue skies, good times & memories just bein us! 
Matt, I love you and all the times we share together, 
I love you always. Kelly, Shelly and all my original 
girls: Amanda, Desi, Christina, Amy & Hillary. Lots 
of love to my great family! Everyone else in my life 
u kno who u are, thanks for bein apart of it. Remember 
where ur from huh CAPE, the CAPE...holla! DIGGS. 

Kerrie ‘Elise ‘Doucette 

Kyle Douglas 

Finally high school is over. Whoever said that high 
school is the best four years of your life, better be 
wrong. I’d like to thank all the teachers I’ve had in 
my school career. Without them I wouldn’t be where 
I am now. Goodbye to all my friends, please keep in 
touch. Dane, I hope that our friendship never ends. 
Mom and Dad, I am very thankful for everything 
you’ve done for me. Without your support I would 
have never been able to achieve everything I’ve done 
in my life, so far. 

Ian:The love of my life, the center of my world, my 
inspiration. Thank you for giving me a chance. I 
love you babe, Always. XOXO Sara: "are we going 
by a marsh?” stay true. LYLAS. BreeT’m so glad we 
became friends and I hope we stay that way. 
Dawna: "Blah TIMMY! ” Lunch bunch 4-eva! Shawn: 
Stay true to yourself, keep in touch. Ashley: Go girl 
go! call me sometime! Mom, Dad, Katie, Mom-Mom, 
Dad-dad, thank you for shaping me into who I am. I 
love you guys always. Skye:I’ll always be here for 
you chica. 

“‘After all ijou put me through, 
you think 1 depise you, hut in 
the end, 1 n>anna thank you 
cause you made me that much 
stronger. Christina Aguilera 

“JStie free or die A 

-Nen> Hampshire 
State license ‘Plate 

l Pequeath 2 packages of M&’Ms to Shavi>n Henry. 

Sara Douglass 

FHl-4 Desire! DDDivas-”A+ crowd! ”No one else I 
would’ve rather done it all with, medals can’t show 
what we’ve done & the laughs along the way. Mems 
to fill a lifetime, thanx. Erin Anna Britt Rach Neen 
Kelly Galan Mike-too many laughs to count, loved 
every moment of it. MrM & BBS-thanx for teaching 
me to dream, let the mumu live on! Mom & Dad -A 
million thanks and even more love, couldn’t have made 
it without you. C & L-thanx for keepin me Durpa, I 
love u girlies. Matt rock on, essays always.*04 It’s 
been crazy-Spread your Love & Fly. 

“Put ri>ere neler gonna 
surMe unless ri>e get a little 
crazy -Seal 





Ariel Justine ‘Drey er 

Drama l-4ever. Mom, Dad, Rina-Love you. Ana- We’ve 
been bffs for 17 years & I know we’ll continue to be 
wherever life takes us. Sam-Someday we’ll show them 
all. Cait-Ready to live life? I am. Kate- I’m a be 
diagonal. Hil- Team Twisby! Hamer- Thanx 4 
1 Vhey cant tell me rtho to be 'cause believing in my ability to be a fat dancer. N.Players- 

I'm not rthat thei see My muses, you have brought hope into the future. 

.. ! . hl hli ' fc t Bree Jen Beth Andy Lindz- twisby. Class of 2004- It 

Jt ah tin n oi U iss still sleeping While j s our world, our Time, our Life now. I’m off to venture 

/ keep on dreaming for me. ” out among the stars. 

-Johnny bRzeznik 

11 Bequeath the little Nauset fBlayers to Aimee and KeWin, mij JO’ $ jacket to Nate, 
diWa-ness to Jess Waff, and lo\>e to Sammi. 


"Annie Driscoll 

l Bequeath Biz IP and Nicole a shopping cart ride, and Kara and Biz S. the Nort and Ohen 

“JPlease rtake me rthen Vm 
free, 1 cannot bear captivity, 
for 1 rtould rather be striken 
blind, then to life without 
expression of mind. ” -2pac 

Nicole-No words can express the fun we’ve had- 
Wendy’s, blah blye excursions-my girls since third 
grade. Liz-watch out, memories on the islands, my 
sister. Ali-New Hampshire, beach house, many long 
nights- you’re a beautiful person. Melissa-stay strong, 
fun times in 9th grade-love you. Kara & Liz- you make 
me laugh when no one else can. Joe-thanx for 
everything, keep your shirt on. To my parents, thanx 
for putting up with me, I love you guys. Sadie- you’re 
my sun, keep on shinin. 

- B --—-- 

_ am _.. 

Ian Dunias 

Football 1-4 Basketball 1-4 Lacrosse 3-4 Track 1-2 I 
wouldn’t trade these years for anything. To my 
friends, you’ve all made high school a little easier to 
deal with. I wish you all the best of luck in anything 
that you try to do. Jesse- Rock and Roll, Our “band”, 
Video games Andy- Bush Gardens, Bologna, video 
games, you two are my brothers John- taught me all 
ifoull neider get out aliide. about music. Kevin- Remember the last night you slept 

over? Good times Nadia- you still mean more to me 
than you know. So long! 

/ Bequeath A dating game short to Amy Martin. 



tDr .• 


■ - 4 :, 

36 Seniors 


Oamara ‘Eden Eniich 

I,Bequeath a stick to JCarissa, the best jour years oj high school e\>er to ( Datid an} his 
jriends, an} Drum loi>e to the cool ki}s. 

1 Derek Elans 

High school is finally over. But it’s been fun. My boyz- 
Sullivan-droppin the can outside the car at wendy’s- 
Puffer-”The back door is open! "Devito-Bill-crazy 
nights in the basement at Baker Rd-Guttmann...the 
world!!-Girls-Tanya friends since 5-Liz still gotta get 
rid of the 18.Emily-Bri-Colleen-Maile-Katie-Eastham 
Crew-Danny,Tang,Jonah-Boyz since the 1st grade. 
Rav & Chooch- greatest duo of all time. Harlen(skillz)- 
-Kelly-too much to say for you Love You-Alex, one 
more year- Jen I’m here for you- Mom and Dad- I 
owe you guys everything, thanks for always being 
there. Stay up Nauset, I’m out 

“Open your eyes an} look 
nothin, are you satisfied nHth 
lije i/our lis 1 in.” 

Bball 1-4 Vball/Lax 3-4 Ladies- you’re the best! We 
have so many memories together! To everyone that's 
made these last four years unforgettable, you know 
who you are, thank you so much! To my family- I 
love you! Mom- thanks for being there, we’re finally 
starting to understand each other. Dad- I’ll always be 
daddy’s little girl. Patty- YaYa. Erin- You’re like a sister 
to me, so many good times! David- It’s your turn 
now, make the best of it, I love you so much, keep 
smiling! To class of ‘04, rock on! 

“It laste} joreler, hut en}e} 
so soon.” -Unknown 

Mary Kate Escher 



Wow, it’s finally over, where have the years gone, raging and 
rocking it 1- 4. Eliza-ur my bf and partner in crime. Colleen soul 
sisers and Roxbury 4 life. Steph, u know ur my man bff. Bri 
what time is it and why isn’t anyl on the mountain? 
Liz,Kara,Em,Kristin,Mags,Clare,Ali, and Maile many crazy 
memories 2 look back at. Dan Sundays @ the outer Jenkin my 
boarding buddy. Derek,Puffer, Ian,Jonah,Danny,Taidje.Harlen 
thanks 4 all the good times. Ry-U know what u mean 2 me, luv 
you. Mom+Dad thanks 4 all the love and support, couldn’t 
have done it without u. Monica+Mike- thanks 4 everything, 
luv u 2 soo much, to everyone I left out, u wont be 4 gotten. 
Life's a garden, Dig it, Peace I’m outta here. 

“It’s alright letting yourselj 
go, as long as you can get 
yourselj hack. ” 

-Mick Jagger 

equeath en}less memories an} some "han} sanitizer to £iz,Jill,Jill+hRach, an} success to the Dance 
r eam. ‘Dhat's Cool!!” 




Nick Taifre 

“Bife moles pretty fast. 1j 
you font stop and look around 
once in a ri>hile, you mi fat 
just miss it. ” 

-Terris Bueller 

What a great journey it has been. Mom, Dad, and 
Danielle, thanks for everything. Guttman, Branden, 
Lawless, Ben, Shook, Cooney, Jared, Matt, Bernardo, 
it’s been great playing with you guys. Good luck to 
next year’s team. Thanks McCully. Zack, Matt, Smith, 
Ben, Trent, Weaze, Wilbur, Sean, Mike, Greg, you guys 
are like brothers. Bri, Maile, Maggie, Liz, Colleen, 
Kara, Matt, Zack, Smith, and the rest of the outer crew, 
many good times. Thanks to everyone for all the 

/ ‘Bequeath Bad stories to Nick Boh in son 

Amanda Tazio 

I can’t believe it’s over! Sam it’s the singing car, we 
need to back up Rogar, cooking class thanks for 
being there. Ashley so many memories, remember 
45 min, vanilla cake we needed the three of us in 
that class. Marissa, thank you for everything, you 
have always been there for me since day one. If 
you ever need someone to talk to you know I am 
always there for you. To everyone else, Thank you. 
Dad and Dee thank you for being there for me I love 
you. Mom I love you. Amy thank you for everything. 
Peace I’m out! 

“I’m going into this not 
knowing n>hat I’ll 
find...‘But first to those oj 
my past I must say 
Qoodoye. ” -2pac 

“It is not in the stars to hold 
our destiny, hut in 

ourseUes. ” 

-William Shakespear 


Jake Terreira 

What can I say? These years at Nauset have been memorable 
and I could never forget all the good times. Jake, words can’t 
describe my gratitude. You have been a brother to me my 
whole life, and I will never forget all the good times. Little 
Daily, parties on the shed were great. Kurt, you’re a goofy kid, 
good times. Roberts, what can I say? You’re so hilarious! Glad 
I got to know you, it’s been great. Benning, summer of 03 was 
unforgettable. Craig, miss you man, good luck in the Marines. 
Jesse, my little brother, I know I probably have given you a 
hard time over the years but you know I love you. Mom & Dad, 
what can I say? You 2 have been there for me through thick & 
thin. I love you so much! To all my friends and family who have 
put up with me, I thank you. God Bless you all. 

1 . MM- 


/ {Bequeath to Johnny - my cat; to ‘{Em-all the hairsticks eiter, to {Pete-a standard car 








Christian Tish 

What a great four years. Mom/Dad, thanks for the 
persistent encouragement, you were always there 
for me. Chuck, you’re the best friend I could ask for; 
it’s been fun surfin’ and jammin’ with the best 
drummer in the world; I’m sure you’ve got a great 
future ahead. Menges, never stop smilin’. Kate, 
thanks for being there. Beth, here’s to all the times 
we’ve spent together. Mike, it was great jammin’. I 
hate to boost your ego Sam, but you’re the illest 
guitarist that ever lived. Never stop rockin’. 

“Nothing is planned by the 
sea and the sand. ” 

-Che Who 

1 {Bequeath my speed to {{Ryan {Ross and a tin to {Ben Sn>ijt. 

Julianne Terro 

Mom , Dad-With me to the end, I love you always! 
Never could have made it without you Johnny-My 
little GIANT, Never stop growing! Fellow forest 
animals, keep laughing. Jen-drama queen, luv ya. 
how’s your side? Jackie-carpool We’re WAY too 
similar! Em-cornrows=never again. Kate-’’shear 
laughter” Liz-CCLCS! Wes-"don’t really write it 
twice” Anneka-let’s walk to the beach! Pete-Boston 
anyone? Great memories last forever! I love you 
and will miss you all. We’ve had an amazing 4 years. 

Robert Titzgerati 

Mom,Dad, Amanda,Ryan thank you for everything, 
you mean so much to me and I love you. Baseball 
and Football 1-4, Baseball 41ife. Da crew many good 
times in the basement. Greg- ball since lit league, 
good friend, good luck wherever u go, Ross thanks 
for all the food, Swift use that wintergreeen wisely, 
Kara thanks for everything, Emily the Red Sox, Weaz, 
Mike, Sean one word Madden, Zrob street signs, 
Jake baseball, Devito keep it real, the rest I forgot 
just not enough room. It’s over. I’m out! 

“Ohe harder you riork, the 
harder it is to surrender 

-Vince jCombardi 

Looking back on 4 years I can’t help but smile! Katy 
Where do I begin, been my girl 4-ever love you more 
than words can say, you’ve always been there for 
me 'Thanks for the love and laughter Bri sistahs 4 
life. Growing up w/U was unforgettable 12 yrs. goin 
strong My life wouldn’t be the same w/o U Kara U are 
the passion in FH. Ur heart+love 4 life is so beautiful. 
Mai-craziest gal thanks 4 makin my life so special.Mags 
1 of a kind w/a gift 2 make ppl smile Liz nothin 2 say 
but I love U Coll+Em -the mems r priceless. FH ‘03’ thanx 
4 believing in my mom. Mom & Bryant, thanks for the 
support and guidance. Dad, you’ve raught me so much 
thanx for knowing I can do it. Jill+Al-such an inspiration 
I love U guys more than life. Rock on 04’ crew, been 
crazy+it ain’t ova. 

/ ‘Bequeath hell, ct, true money in the pants+my mom=hutter ; an} lizzyC a rockin 2 more years 

“Would you sell the colors of 
your sunset an 3 the fragrance 
of your flovVers, for the 
conviction that vVill not let 
you dance? ” 

‘ Just chill..till the next 

Peace. I’m out! 

Stephanie Tloyi 

‘7 dont like it, hut 1 guess 
things happen that n>ay.” 

- Johnny Cash 

Jake Trancesconi 

It’s finally over!!! First off, to the fam: Dad-Thanks 
for understanding and always bein there. 
Mom+Trina-Miss ya! To the football team- it was 4 
great years. Word to all my friends, ya gotta love 
Cape Cod life...just chillin... Danny and Chuch-Our 
block rules! So many ill parties. Tang- rakin in that 
$. Scott and Nolan- cc weekends. Ross- fat kids 4 
life, Also can’t forget the Rav, Guttman, Martin, 
most people on the football team u know who u r 
and the girls. So many more. Let’s live it up this 
summer!!! Later.... 

/ ^ Bequeath.. good times and great memories to Jillian. 

Erin Kathleen Qallagher 

flauren Tranklin 

“■do find your n>ay, you must close your eyes and 
n>alk in the dark.” 

Jessica Tunston 

Thanks to everyone who helped me settle in at 
Nauset, too many names to mention. Thanks to 
everyone who gave me rides, especially those who 
drove me back and forth from Eastham to Brewster 
four times a day (you know who you are). Thanks to 
the teachers who made school interesting. Love to 
Lisa B, and the NWME. Love to my Mom and Dad: 
thanks for EVERYTHING. Good luck to my sister. I 
love you Ace! Good luck to all next year’s seniors 
and, finally, all the best to the class of 2004! 

“CJhink happy thoughts 
and you can fly! ” 

-hPeter iPan 

Hewellow? Go Tanner! But he's your lobster. How 
often does a bull moose shed his antlers? Slugger 
and Texas. BA fell out the windy. The seagulls are the dumpster! Hey, Rico Sauve has a 
medical condition, okay! Will he fetch her a brew of 
coffee with his biggs mac sandwich? Cabaner’s 
bellies. Ultra mega fiasco popcorn parties. Dad: 
Everyday is for you and because of all you have given 
me. I love you always. Magoo: Thank you for always 
being there for me and for helping me through 
everything. I love you so much. 

“May the saddest day of 
your future he no n>orse than 
the happiest day of your 
past.” -‘An Irish j Blessing 

■ j/m 

H ■ 

Coraline Qaus 

“‘Face the sun an} the shadows 
rtill jail behind you.” 

Finally, first I would like to say mom and dad thank 
you so much for everything, I love you guys. Teresa 
where do I even start? Frank, beaner, crazy car rides, 
car wash, partners in crime and best friends 41ife. 
Kate-CCD swears, confessions, sing a longs. Ashley- 
I got the note and cheese pizza. Bligh keep your head 
up and keep smiling, good luck. 

I J Bequeath all mij re} skittles to Oeresa an} a conjession to Kate. 

Katie Qarganigo 

“Moving }on>n the streams 
oj my lifetime, pools of 
fascination in my sleep...” 

-Fauryn Hill 

Parties at Danny’s!! Ray Dawg-mmmm... 
Derek...who could resist? Aly- we’re broke 
down...why do you have that wig on again? Mel-1 
miss you oh so much! Robar- I’m going to Rick’s! 
Chooch- I’m gonna live at Danny’s too, falling asleep 
on the hammock was not good! Annie, Nicole, Joe, 
Joel, CT and everyone else it’s been fun!! Mom 
and Dad thanks! Good luck everyone!! I LOVE YOU 

“Neler limit yourself; look 
forrtar} always. ” -JW 

Kelly Qazzano 

In these four short years I have learned who I am as 
a person. My many experiences here have taught 
me valuable lessons that I will carry the rest of my 
life. A big shout goes out to all the people who have 
helped me along the way. Joe S- thanks for always 
being there: your friendship means a lot to me. To 
my Justin- follow your dreams as you can accomplish 
anything you desire. Life offers so much-embrace it 
all. You have made tremendous strides and I am so 
proud of you. I love you. Chris-your insights are 
amazing; I couldn’t ask for a better brother and friend. 
Jai Guru. Mom and Dad-1 cannot thank you enough 
for your support as you have helped me accomplish 
so much. I love you. To the class of 2004-Live it up! 

Kelsey Qilmore 


Sara + Jess-thank you for being understanding 
laughing, triplets 4 life Dee-have fun next year! To 
my Divas-Here’s to jumprope farms and treehouses 
in Bali BBS-good luck, no limits! VBgirls-keep it 
bumpin Neen Britt Rachy Anna Mags-thanks for all 
the laughs APkids-good times we survived! Galan- 
woogoo! Mike- you are my smile, my one and only 
rockstar, to the stars and back forever, iloveu Kerry- 
always proud to be “Gilmore’s Sister"M&D- I love 
you more than you know+could never thank you 
enough for all that you do, you amaze me everyday 
04-can't wait to see where the future takes us.. 

/ 1Bequeath a running season to the Volleyball team and a million more mu-mus to present 

and future bay side skippers 

“7111 my life I'll keep a part 
oj you rVith me and evenin’here 
1 am, there youll be. ” 

Kelly Michelle Qenois 

11Bequeath first chair to Orion,,Britt an erasable photocopiers, Sam a great 3 years , some 
“flaVor to the JV softball team, the best senior year to TRyann, Sara, Ariana. 

Tlnna Qeueke 

l jBegueath Sara a happy life vVith 'Aton. 

This text is short but sweet for certain...Montreal 
trip, horse side, morning crew, Myrtle beach, new 
friends & old. Britt-”Beautiful! ” you’re always there, 
thanks for showing me what it’s like to have a sister, 
love ya; Kate Vaughn-nice vest, are your eyes real? 
thanks for all the laughs; Jen-Broadway bound, right 
time to roll; Wes & John how many years? Dev-Big 
Red, the sun rises in the west; Pete- thanks for the 
turtle; Skippers keep jumpin; Mom, Dad, Nana, Papa 
all my love, couldn’t have done it with out you. Good 
luck 04! 

Katie-love & miss Sam soul sista-Trampoline 
blinkeyes Las Vegas’n’spandex love u more than 
words can express YGroup-thanks for all the good 
times! Ryan- always been there for me so grateful 
for your friendship Jess- tanning ‘n’ sox love ya! 
METALPEOPLE!! Rachel- we are good people thank 
you for your friendship Sara- we crazy love u! 
GETAWAY GIRLS Jessie-let’s get to know this person 
Brit Mike Jilly Willy IT’S A KELLY Kels Bri Matt 
PEACHES + it’s been fun! Mom Papa Maria Luise it’s 
been a long journey I love you with all my heart Thank 
you for everything. GOOD LUCK 2004! 

“He vVho thinks sunshine 
is happiness has neVer 
danced in the rain. ” 

“A thousand Julys 1 hope 
you find, I'd give you the 
vVords but no vVords come to 
mind." -3eb 

Suzie Qolistein 

“CJliis is only a possibility in rtorlb oj possibility Obviously there are many possiblities 
arranging jrom small to large. 

Bejore long there n>ill be short Before short there is nothing When there is nothing 
Dime n>as always the possibility oj something becoming n>hat it Is. " 

Tint ‘ Di | franco 

“Bach betra yal begins 
vi>ith trust , elery man 
returns to bust. ” 


Samantha Qoloni 

Drama l-4ever! My family- Thank you doesn’t even 
come close! We never stopped laughing. Daddy and 
Mom I love you, Mom you always believed in me. 
Daddy you’re my hero. Joelle and Michael you two 
are such beautiful people, I know you’ll go far. Nana 
and Bee I love you! Through this crazy chaos called 
high school I got by with a little help from my friends. 
Hilarie were we ever not laughing? I’m glad we got 
this close you’re the best friend. Anna soul sista! 
Blinky girls 4ever! Ariel 1st grade to forever, stay 
strange. Scarlet, my dog, you’re the best. It was 
interesting, gonna miss D-building life. Now I’m out 
to the stage! 

/ Bequeath Joelle Qo\>oni and Jen Bailey anb awesome three years anb some crazy times. 

Thanx to everyone I’ve met-Jules, Brit I luv u guys/ 
Jules thanx 4 looking out for me ur the best-I’ll always 
be celebrating with ya Jan. 19/ Mr.Scanlon, Mr.Craven, 
Ms.King I survived junior year cause of u thanks for 
your support/Mr.Conrad thanks for letting Jules & me 
speak our minds/Mom, Dad-Love you/Jess-ur always 
there I love YouLPEACE- 


7U)ie\f Qregory 

“Ohe only person 1 coulb 
think to quote r\>as myself, 
but that seemeb a little 

Well, thank you all for the high school experience. 
Liam it’s been real, sometimes real hard, most times 
real good. To all my friends and you know who you 
are, thank you and I love you guys. To Mom and Dad, 
and you Becca, thanks for putting up with me. Oh 
yeah and Amy thanks for all the good times I’m gonna 
miss ya. Well off I go.... 


-Abbey Qregory 


Jonathan Qremila 

Nicole Hague 

Wow, how the time went by. First off I want to thank 
my Mom and Dad I couldn’t have done it without 
you, I love you a lot. I also wanna thank Tiffany for 
all the advice u have given me thanks a lot, and to all 
my friends, thank u too, u all mean a lot to me, Dom, 
Woody, Teddy, Than, Andy, Ryan, Matt, Jimmy, Nolan 
and the rest I forgot, thank you too and just one more 
thanks to Zack and Mike for a great time in video 
tech. Finally, I want to say good luck to Tiana and 
Jessica have fun with your last few years, they go by 

“Dhe difference between a 
successful person and others 
is not a lack of knowledge, 
hut rather a lack of rdill.” 
-Vince JJambardi 

1 Bequeath Kara a WUO-WUCJand purple skittles, ‘Brianna flavored cream cheese and Joel an endless 
supply of limes. 

Tlbam Quttmann 

“Vie got a lot of targets 1 id ant to achieve and if 
people think 1 should chill out a bit, it's just not in 
my make-up.” 

-JRoij Keane 

So many smiles,so many memories Annie 2 much 
fun 2 much TROUBLE my soul sister: toothpick! 
juice Iwendys drive thru, the claw, breakfast@ the 
HOLE, Peej, bridge jumping CT my cowboy, my heart,I 
found ur freckle!ragin’ the outer,50yd. line!?!blahbyes, 
let me run w/u 2nite, I’ll take u on a moonlit ride Joe 
my superman,oh no not a bunny! Liz-charlie’s angels, 
bonus! shopping carts, hush-miss the old days Mattie 
thanx 4 always getting me thru & teaching me what 
not 2 do Thomas skies the limit Mammie & Pappi 
for ur endless love, support & faith... 

“JBife isnt about the breaths 
vde take-lt’s about the 
moments that take our 
breath arday.” 

!Peter Hamilton 

Kerin Harrigan 

This paragraph will be how you’re forever- 
immortalized in high school print. So I guess what I 
want to be known for is the company I kept. Matt 
It’ll never end, ever. Maggie we’ll probably get 
married. Trent (Jumanji) + B you guys made high 
school for me. Wilbur California. Mom Dad + Nana, 
I couldn’t have dreamed of a better household. I’d 
wish good luck to everyone but I probably wouldn’t 
mean it. 

it’s been a good 4 years, mom and chris i couldn’t 
have done it without you, i love you guys with all my 
heart, dave j you were like a second brother to me, 
thank you. kevin, cicale and nathan, you guys are my 
best friends; we WILL be rockstars. sam, you’re my 
best chick friend ever, mike m, dave d, truman, colin, 
kentucky, mooch, nathan s, jon c and steph: you are 
all true friends, the juice bar crowd was always there 
for me. mr. beck, i learned the most from you than i 
did any other teacher. 

“Ij you cant spot the sucker 
in your jirst halj hour at the 
table, then you are the 
sucker. "-Mike McDermott 

l Bequeath Izzy all the Muppets in the ri>orld. Bobby, Ben, Christina, Visa and Kelly the Circle. Mohan 
the challenge. ‘And to the lolely Ms. Metiers, good calls. 

“I do not regret the things 
Vie done, but those 1 did 
not do. ” 

Stefan Harris 

Just when school was getting interesting...well too 
bad. First thank you Mom & Dad you have always 
been there for me. Woody-good times. Thanks to 
everyone at the Brewster Inn good working with 
you. German exchange 3-4 Honda’s rule. Good luck 
class of ‘04. 


Oruman Henson 

1 ‘Bequeath Qodsmack CD’s to everyone in the school! A snickers bar to Sam and 
Darts. ‘And nnj fuzzy hat to Mac Daddy fields. Also a nap in my car before school Jor 

Maggie Hatt 

Mom and Dad-thanks for all the support these last 
four years, it helped. Did-HAHA I’m leaving have 
fun in High School Tim-you’re the man don’t ever 
change Dane-Dino! I still can’t believe you said that 
in front of a Rabbi I’ll miss you buddy Kyle-Duggles! 
Good times lots of laughs I’ll always remember them 
Matt-I miss all those years we spent on the bus 
together Bernie, Fish, Chuck, House, Andy all you 
guys you’re the greatest I’ll miss you. Anybody else 
I forgot I apologize and I’ll miss you too. 

Thanks for making Nauset memorable; everyone 
here has helped shape my mind and life. Mom & 

Dad: I love you; letting me pursue my dreams was 
the gift of a lifetime. Maile: You mean so much to 
me; always remember “our” car and only one ice 
cream. Kevin:will you marry me? Eastham girls, 

Bri, Liz, Emily, Coll, Steph, Katy, thanks for the 
friendships. Hilarie: my fountain of youth! The 
Circus, Eastham Boys, Puffer, ya'll rock! Shaq you 
lunch stealer. Never forget the beach, the future is 
in your hands. 

/ Bequeath to Cory Boole:the ability to take a hint n>hen someone is talking about you. ‘Erik VanNess: mad 
ea\>es and dropping skills. Nate Chapmin: Spanish skills and the guidance library. Biz Seymore: directions to 

“Ohe id ill to do-the soul to 










if o ure 











The mornings at the beach before school chillin. Colin 
cut your hair hippie, no one grows more facial hair 
than us. Mudvayne, Godsmack, Lollapalooza. Kev 
gotta luv the basement sessions. Nickerson w/Joe, 
I made it down the hill. Never forget you Sarah, 
Andy, Bliss, Jess, Caitlin, Cicale, Duggan, Frost, Slash, 
Pete. Sam you manbeast, I luv you Mom, Dad, Linz, 
you’re the light in my life. Be who you are Linz (last 
tag). Later Alligator, He he.... 

“All that there is left to do 
is smile , smile smile... ” 

-Qrateful Dead 

Robert Hiljerty 

To all my friends and family who supported me I owe a 
great deal of love and respect. I somehow managed to 
procrastinate through high school, although I didn’t 
mean to I just didn’t get around to working hard. To my 
co-workers I thank you for the fun I had (or lack there 
for of) over the summer and I hope Kameron learns 
how to spell soon and Chase loosens up a little. As 
much of a love/hate relationship I had with this school 
I will miss parts of it. Anyone who knows me knows 
that I couldn’t describe the Nauset experience in just a 
paragraph, it would take me pages of painful recollection 
to describe the good times and the bad times, and the 
down right weird times I’ve had. I’m leaving now but 
you’ll soon see my picture on TV, good or bad. Don’t be 
sad for my departure for I’m going to a better place. 

“With all its sham drudgery 
an} broken breams , It is still 
a beau tiful vforld. hBe 
careful. Strife to be happy. ” 

“CJhe path goes left and 
right, 1 go in the vfoods. ” 

Angela Rose Hogan 

First, I would like to thank you Mom and Dad. Mom, 
you’re my angel, Dad, my hero. Christine, I couldn’t 
have asked for anything better than a sister like 
you. Alex, we’ve been through it all, I love you 
man. Mark, Mountain and Desimone, Thanks for 
keeping me in line all this time. Sam, thanks. Kevin, 
(I luv ya) Tot, follow the signs! Keefe, we made it. 
Kristy, I miss you Baby Goth. Eddie, How’s your 
brother? Cindy. Mom and Bobby love you guys. 
D.T, never forget. Angelina’s out.... 

Ren Hogan 

So on it goes, soccer was fun Gut I love you, Sam, 
Fyler, we had our share of fun, Jowl thank you, 
Nick the beach, fishing, good times. Adam you are 
a crazy kid and thank you and the whole family. 
Dave, Jared, you guys know. Pat road trip. Denneen 
you are like my other half, without you I’m not 
complete, you are the best thing that has happened 
to me in a long time Elephant shoe forever. Show, 
Weaz, Trent, good old times. Zrob won’t forget you. 
To all my friends keep chillin’ and just have fun. 

Nathaniel Hollanier-'Essig 

Thanks Mom & Dad cause without all the nagging 
to get stuff done I wouldn’t be graduating. I love you. 
Jen, Matt & Tessa for all your understanding I love 
you. Tess have fun in high school, sorry I won’t be 
there. Thank you Mr. Randall for helping me get 
through 4 years of high school. To my friends: Big 
Jon-Remeber Gym, Teddy-Paper scissors, Jen-GO 
SOX! Ron C.-Remember band class. The Sox Rule. 
Chris P. -TIMMY! The best to all my friends always. 
It’s been a good 4 years. Look I got a Diploma! Peace. 

/ J Bequeath My afro and all my picks to Morgan 

'\Cife motes prettij fast. Ij 
you dont stop and look around 
once in a Mile, you could 
miss it.” 

-Terris Tueller 

Hilarie Holt 

1 ‘Bequeath mi) heart to Trent Sullivan, “The meaning of jCife... ” to Maggie Hatt r the game of Qlobal 
'Domination to Kerin Harrigan and nothing but the best senior gear to Nate Chapman and Kerim 'Doi/le. 

What else can I do but smile & laugh, dance & sing! 
It’s over! So fast, but so amazing! Every beach,every 
girls night out, everytime better than the last! My 
beautiful Mother-your strength,compassion & love 
are the greatest gifts. Dad & John- The dignity & 
love we share is unbreakable. Together, the five 
of us all have one another’s spirit! Samantha! I’m 
so lucky Food times together? No the best times! 
Big Ups to the Govoni Fam! My 04 Ladies & Crew! 
I absolutely live for the moments we have together! 
Be excellent to each other! 

“ It's got to be Tock n ‘ 
Toll music if ]jou vdanna 
Ounce rtith Me. ” 

Kyle Houser 

Hey, man, it’s not how fast your car is, but how much 
fun you’re willing to have with it. That applies to 
more things than just cars. Milewski, we should have 
lifted the firebird and taken that off-road. Now THAT 
would have been hot. Yeah, dirtbikes in Ducky’s Pit, 
narrow Fire Roads doing 45 with four passengers 
and the Dirty Camera Show. And don’t forget when I 
crashed my bike on camera. It was worth it. 

/ ‘Bequeath the offroad trails (fine roads) of Oruro and Well fleet. 

Holly Hurst 

It’s been fun but I’m not sad to say goodbye. Angie, 
Hillary and Desi you girls are like sisters to me. Justin- 
your birthday party 02 Dave- crazy offroading in the 
rodeo Amy-freshman year was fun Andrew- it was 
fun... Alyssa- the green monsters rule. Dan-I’m so 
happy that you’re in my life I love you John- be good 
don’t follow in my foot steps Dan- don’t get lost in 
Colorado Mom+Pop thanx for always being there and 
understanding I love you. Good Times I’m out. 

“Vo you agree that ri>e are 
lost here? Well, among the 
lost n>e shall surttie.” 


“It's hotter to regret rdhat 
you harde done than regret 
rdhat you hardent. ” 

I (Bequeath Andrerd and Bindsay one more year of high school and Kate (Ryan all the had 

“}jou are ne-der girden a rdish 
vdithout also being giden the 
ponder to tnahe it come true. ” 
-(Richard (Bach 

jBrittany Hutton 

The last four years are memories never to be 
forgotten. To those who have inspired me, thank you. 
Brian, Jake, Sean I love you guys like brothers. 
Lindsay, no words can describe the friendship we 
have, you’re my Best Friend. Mathew, you always 
give me good advice, Andrew you’re the best twin 
ever, see you in the NHL, Colton you keep me young, 
Gram I love you, Mom Dad I couldn’t have better 
parents. To everyone else who’s made me smile, 


, i-y rts'- Jr c- 

< 5^3 % 


Thanks for everything, Mom, Dad and Nate. Nate, I’ll 
look up to you always. Zrob- You’re my boy-yeeha, 
Ross-catcher buds, Robbie+Jake, baseball’s life, Swift- 
huh, Sarah- 6 feet, Kara you know, Schu-freak, Circus- 
crazy, Napoleon! Thanks to the Robinson's, Ross’s 
and the Covell’s. Thanks to everyone else, too many 
to list. Good times throughout. Allie- I’m speechless, 
you have meant a lot. Baseball, Basketball, Football, 
1-4, Thanksgiving day games...Baseball any day. 
Scotland and the Yankees everyday. 

“<Cife is like... baseball... 
When you think a fastball is 
comma, you gotta be ready to 
hit a curie.” ~J a j a Q 

i Daniel lntonti 

Colin Jacobs 

I jBequeath my bass skills and a green iguana (NH‘JP) to Matt Q and a pair of “JSike 
Mike ” shoe laces to Hailey. 

Nauset Players 1-2, Lacrosse 2-3. I do not know if 
this is the end or the beginning. At least I know I 
made the best of my time. T-Man-islands trips, silent 
stubborn fights, Faceless, you’re pure Cape Cod! Kev 
McK- so many phases, Family Values, Once Upon A 
Time The End. Nathan- you made me push myself to 
learn guitar. Alena+Andy- you two keep me non¬ 
offensive and pc at all moments. Family- thanks for 
being loving, supportive, and chill! Any more?... If it’s 
too loud, you’re too old. I’m Out! 

“. Ohese go to eleven. ” 

-Nigel CJufuel of 
Spinal Oap 

Jessica Jeffrey 

X-C girls- keep at it you’ll be missed. Sailors- it’s been 
fun. Anna- Tanning with socks, and dressing up Is 
that you Santy Claus? Nicole- my xc buddy. Keep 
running. Dawna- don’t spill your yogurt! Niki, Amanda, 
Brianna (AFC)- thanks for the good times let’s keep 
r ■ n , in touch. Mom, Dad and Sunny I couldn’t have made 

- 1 J it without you. I love you soooooo much. Thank you 

the stars , may you climb for everything! Emily- My cousin, sister and best 

eleru rum and may you stay friend ' let ’ s stick t0 9 ether forever - Class of 04 *'* 
r v - ' been great! Good Luck! 

forever young. ” 

-fBob ‘Dylan 

1 J Bequeath ‘Qreasy elborts bach to Callie Tord 



14 * s \ . 

.r '•-■a m 

■ #1 

TLshley Jamieson 

“So please 
see, jollon> 
your heart 

Heathbar Want your pic taken-Road trips-Holla- E/C, 
112 acts Stephan Words can’t express how I feel 
Rachmysta Chicken-Safaris-GasS-Bike rides 2 my 
house - Bring a fishing pole Nate I Ain’t Chocolate 
Shellbell -Wake up Wake up put on you’re make-up - 
^ , r 77 , . Secrets Amanda Great times- Vanilla cake Andy 

i on Jo on n w you yy an dy Jesse Thanx 4 everything Coraline I got that 

the rhythm vdithin note To my Family I love you thanx 4 everything To 
everyone else- No matter where the world may take 
you, you will always be in my heart. 

“Quys, if this is going to be 
it, let’s make it count." 
-Jason ,Condon, Out Cold 

Chase Johnson 

This has been a tremendous adventure. Nate, without 
your help, kindness, and friendship, I may have never 
made it through. To my swim cult, I love you guys 
and I will never forget all the memories. To my 
Spanish class, thanks for always being there for me. 
Wesley, you have made me see the things that are 
really important in life and most of all, you make me 
want to be a better person. No matter where we end 
up, I will never forget, and I will always have the 
good times we shared. 

/ JSeaueath the sviim team to Kim Christensen and yellord track starting blocks to 
Kameron Clark. 

/ ‘Bequeath a great football year to By an Boss. 

Jaclyn Johnson 

The last 18 years have dragged on and flown by all at 
once. Thank you to everyone, I could not have done 
it without everyone. Mom and Dad thanks for always 
being there, asking where I was and pushing me 
past what I thought to be my limits. Annie always be 
yourself and never settle for anything less. Julie-Boston 
need I say more?? Don’t forget Spanish and French 
are somewhat alike. Julian-I do not know where my 
mental state would be without you, don’t ever change. 
Kate-thanks for being so blunt, to the point, and always 
there. To all the rest-there is no space big enough to 
put into words the great times we have had together. 

“Look to the stars for you will go far.” 

/ Bequeath Julian a rat trap &> a lifetime subscription to Cost ; 

“Begret for the things ri>e 
did can be tempered by time; 
it is regret for the things n>e 
did not do that is 
inconsolable. ” 

-Sidney J. Harris 


fjBrandon J . Jolly 

FBI-3. To the crew-Chris, nice cars & ill systems=road 
trip to Cali. Pole(AKA PIC),you are goin places & I get 
box seats when U get there. Spencer (AKA studer), 
we’ve been thru a lot, girls, cars/bikes, long talks, & 
stayin up late to play X-Box, catch ya on da flip. Indian, 
good times, food luck! Bob & Tom, wasn’t the same 
without ya. Kurt (AKA Lube),’’where’s the canoe?” 
Lindsey, to the bat mobile. Meaghan, SWS trips-movies 
& Philli. Amanda-you’ve brought me thru so much & 
you are a main reason I’ve made it this far, love U 
always, stay up. Mom & Jim, much love 4 u guys, 
couldn’t have done it without U 2, thanx 4 the support 
& Jim thanx 4 the co-sign. PEACE! 

“...find that 




Nathan Jones 

I can’t believe we’ve been here 4 years 
already...Chase-we made it! (finally!) thanks for the 
movies and late-nite Calc calls. Jackie-you’ll do great 
wherever you go. Joe-I’ll vote for you. Kelly-still the 
best motorcycle-riding cellist I know. Krystal-try 
keeping your car (and yourself) in one piece! Alyssa- 
thanks for just being there. Drama 1-4, Percussion 1- 
4, NHS. To Mom, Dad, family, friends, teachers, & 
everybody I know who has helped me get through 
this much Love and Thanks. Good Luck 04. 

“"Enjoy the little things , for 
one day you may look back 
and discover they rtere the big 

things. ” 

I Bequeath the light board and all the porter and respondibilities of Bight Qod to Wills Bomme...Use them 




“What ijou grte, you get to 
keep forever. What you font 
arte, you lose—forever. ” 
-Dale Oippett 

Wesley Clinton Kanaga 

Thanx 2 God family + friends. Love you mom dad 
josh linds Chase best bud keep it real You da man 
Jen I can relate keep your head up you’re gonna do 
great Julie how’d you know it was me? Thanx for 
putting up with me Emily SOA was great Anneka 
you’re a great friend Pete still studying with your 
eyes closed? Liz thanx 4 being lab partners Joe thanx 
4 rides tennis + good times FIRE CIRCLE FOREVER! 
Thanx guys Thanx to Alena Rachel Kate John Chris 
Andy M + Jim Bill Brad Paul Hans 4 always talking! 

I ‘Bequeath the position of tennis captain to Josh Kanaga. 

“No eternal regard rtill rter 
forgive us non 1 for lasting the 
font n. ” 

- Jim Morrison 

Matthert Paul Keefe 

There’s really nothing more I have to say. I can’t 
claim to have ever been modest or reticent with my 
opinions. Right or wrong, that is how I have chosen 
to live my life. I suppose all there is left to say is 
that I have encountered enormous love and 
enormous hate on Cape Cod, and both have equipped 
me to better decide what is right and wrong in the 
world and in myself. Kimset. 


“It's good to listen to everyone 
else, but in the end, it’s your 
opinion that counts. ” 


Kassi Keithan 

Mom & Dad, I wouldn’t be here with you. Joseph 
thanks for all your love and support. Kurtis & Kelsey, 
I love you guys. Krystal, you’re the best friend. 
Emily, thanks for always being there. Boo, I couldn’t 
have asked for a better cousin/sis & nephew Dawson. 
Heather and Cole, I love you guys. Diane & Karen 
thanks for all your support. Everybody else who 
has helped me make all this possible, thank you. I 
can’t believe it’s over. I Did It! 

1 ‘Bequeath Kelsey my Wardrobe. 

Heather Kroll 

The last year for 2004 students at NRHS, and yet it 
feels just like the beginning. To Ash, we have had some 
crazy, but memorable times (boys, THUGS!, Boston, 
getting into some “interesting" situations), and more 
to come-luv ya. Shelly, even tho we haven’t known each 
other that long, we became good friends. Amanda, thanx 
for all those care rides, glad we became friends. Nathan, 
even tho we just met almost two years ago, you’ve 
been a great friend who’s made me laugh so 
hard...thanx. And to all the rest, Coraline, Brittany B., 
Teresa, Sara, Nate, and many more, we only have more 
great times to come. And to my family, especially Mama, 
thanks for always being there, love u all very much! 
Eric, thank u 4 everthing, luv u. 

“]jou gotta find a Way to 
surdVe Cm they Win When 
your soul dies. ” ~ 2fpac 

TLnneka Jane C.amh 

Pardon, I know that it all sounds cliche-But what 
can I do: I lived it this way-To my library 
nerds:cheers at 7am-The weekend is time for a 
movie again-My space and your space: As expected 
forgotten as each winter cough-French trip brought 
jokes only half understood-Thanks to family and 
helpers: you did what you could-It’s been fun:but 
it’s time to begin something new-Here’s to good ones 
and bad ones and not followed through. I love you. 
‘Good night, good luck, goodbye.’ 

“With eWery sunrise comes 
neW chance. Tin} With eidery 
sunset you hleW it. ” 

-Jach Hanley 

/ ^Bequeath to Wes-a Wort} of doors to hold, and the courage to let people knoW the real you. tJo the iReddishes- 
a lifetime of free modes and chocolate chips. Co Susanne-enough time for everything and 9 hours of sleep. 

1 J ‘Bequeath the position of captain of the tennis team to Josh Kanaaa. 

“Vll make him an offer he 
cant refuseC 

-Che Qodfather 

Joe JZaraja 

“Oh you are so full of it. You’re five feet nothing, a 
hundred and nothing, and hardly a spec of athletic 
ability in you. And you hung around for two years 
with one of the best college teams in the nation. 
And you’re gonna walk out of here with a degree 
from the University of Notre Dame. In this lifetime 
you don’t gotta prove nothing to noboby, except 
yourself.’’-Rudy- Thanks mom, dad, mike, kris, family, 
friends, coj boys, all my teachers and mr. shyne. 
See ya in college 

54 Seniors 


fBrenian Rartless 

“CJake care to get vdhat you like or you ri>ill be 
forced to like vdhat you yet. ” 

-Qeorye lBernard Shard 

Ralph O Rehtola 

Thank you to all the teachers that helped me get 
this far in my life. I am happy to know that I will 
be welcomed back to this school. I will miss the 
sports, bxc, swim team and the track team and I 
hope that their seasons will go good when I am 
gone. The teachers that I will miss are Mrs. 
DeSimone and Mrs. Mountain and the aids that 
helped me also and love to my girlfriend and to 
my mom and dad. 


rly like an eaale in the sky 

ip niah. ” 


TLnnalie J2ocke 

U just knoh> you did it all, the 
best that you knerd hoh>. So 
smile and shord your teeth , 
because you knoh> you tided 
it vdell. ” -Sales the ‘Day 

Words r not enough Mom-true goodness+proof that 
people r worth loving Dad-my rock what would I b 
without u? Sarah-more than I could ask 4-true 
friends Airlina-never change band goofoffs always 
Casey-illegitimate sisters@40 Chris-Mexico? 
Dawna-STILL best friends Emily-sending you a red 
one Jasim-u understand Holly-without u+ Marvin I 
wouldn’t be the same from whenever til 4ever 
Nicole-2 many laughs+ so many concerts I’ll never 
4get To Jodi+ all who make me I have only words 
of gratitude+feeling of love. 

/ 'Bequeath to Mike + Scott honorary little brother awards, endless 
possibilities, and a lifetime of n>a\>es. 

jBernie £ynch 

Best of luck class of 2004. May you lead healthy lives, 
love what you do, and find your niche. To my friends, 
thank you for making everyday interesting and 
amusing. I could always depend on you to keep the 
jokes coming and the laughter rolling. 

“It is hard to jail, hut it is 
rlorse neler to hale tried to 
succeed. ” 

-Oheodore JZooselelt 

Rachel Maniel 

So, here we go...It’s been amazing! My dance girls- 
Kiera, Rebe, Katy, Chanel- Keep doing your thing. 

Denneen, thank u for being such an awesome friend. 

Anna- What can I say? The way you think is 
fabulous. Sar, Ry- Thank you for always being there 
when I needed u, I love u guys! Tyler, I love you “Qy ^ js (cme 
more than words, thank you for completing my heart ,, J . „ 

and making me smile. All my friends, u know who ain ^ seen n °ihing yet. 

u are, I love you all. Mom, Dad, thank you for always -Qracu Chapman 

supporting and loving me. Eliza- you’re an awesome 
little sis-never change. Thank you to everyone who 
helped me along the way, I love u all and I’ll 
remember for always.... 

1 Bequeath a crichet free life to ‘Anna and laughter joreler to ‘Eliza 

56 Stoidts 






u .v 

Kerin Mackoul 

I am not going to he; my years at Nauset have not 
been a pleasant experience. I am looking forward to 
going out into the world. Even so, I do want to thank 
the people who helped me get through this mess, 
you know who you are. 

“Man n>as horn free, and 
elenjrlhere he is in chains 
-Jean-Jacques JZousseau 

■ ■ 

Samantha Martens 

Wow! It’s over. Here’s to those that helped me make 
it and have fun along the way Eranne: trip to NH PA 
VA uncontrollable laughing and you truly are the only 
one that could make me laugh for hours. Jenny: horror 
night forever and always! Holly: Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, 
and Dave BC boys. Australia NZ Hawaii Europe good 
times New Year’s puddle, Disco tech, Holly and her 
Italian stallion, gravedigger. Amanda: trips to 
Hyannis the MSC, rockin out in the saturn. Meg: 
thanks for corrupting me at the condo. Lunch Bunch: 
always had a blast, bowling. Sara: Sparrow trips, 
the purple people eater. BCS gang YEA! Adrienne, 
Meg, Max, Liz. Theresa:thanks for you’re advice and 
support. Mom: thanks for always listening. Dad: “I’m 
so ugly” thanks for a lifetime of fun. 

“Celebrate... n>e vSill cause 
life is short but svSeet for 


“If the rSorld is a stage, and 
ri>e are merely players, let 
us be Worthy of a standing 
oration.” -‘Anonymous 

\Dane Martin 

Just want to thank my Mom and Dad for the support 
through the years along with my friends and family. 
Kyle, you can go home now, and leave a plate for 
dinner. Fish, I don’t know about that million, but when 
I make a few I’ll help you out. Hayes, I’ll be up there 
sometime (believe it or not). Andy, if you are not on 
Broadway we’ll play some FFXI, and Jesse keep 
singing. As for the rest of you, God Bless and good 
luck in what ever it is you do. Wanker shall live on! 


- ' ■ M • ' 

f '■ 1 ' 


“If 1 cant dance , 1 dont riant 
to be part of the resolution! 
!Be the change you riant to 
be!” -Izmma Qoldman, 

Jamie Danielle Mashiah 

Jen I wouldn’t have survived without you? You’ve 
been my b.f. since 7th grade, can’t imagine how it 
would be if not for you! Riss my shining star thanks 
for being my world I’ll be back for you. Jen Italian 
Bella Brit thanks for everything Lor crazy girl you 
don’t realize how wonderful you are. Sara I wish all 
the best for you. Shell what would I do without you? 
Ah Liz! You are seriously the funniest person I know. 
Jesse thanks for listening. Brad Ashley Tom Ian Holly 
Lauren R. Bri Dawna Nicole Kev Pete Kevin Sam Andy 
love you all! Mom Amber Ravi without you I wouldn’t 

/ ‘.Bequeath a perpetual smile to Katie Kelley. 

“Dhe greatest mistake ijou 
can make in life is to tie 
continually fearing you n>ill 
make one. ” -‘Anonymous 

My last, and easiest year. Everyday that passes brings 
us closer to a future, with new people changing our 
path. Col, it all started with blue, then came the dom. 
Trum, we need another coed party. Andi, I’ve spent 
all my time with you. Jamie, I got your card. Eddy is 
the best. Nathan, I’m sure you’ll be a rockstar someday. 
SWS was such a chill class. Rob, my kungfu is better 
than yours. Rachel, you have made class more 
interesting. Scott, Logan, Jacqui, Roni, Allie, Tfunk, 
Selina, keep it mellow. Sublime made it easier to live. 

“Dhe day 1 die ri>ill he the 
day that 1 shut my mouth 
and put don>n mu guitar. ” 

11Bequeath my bass skills and a green iguana (RID) to Matt Cj and a pair oj “ Dike 
Mike “ shoe laces to Hailey. 

Tlniy Mattox 

Who would’ve thought that I was going to stay here 
for this long? Band 1,3,4 Jazz 2,3,4 Da trumpet! Drama 
2,3,4. Being onstage is my life! (then there’s video 
games) Thanx to my “momzie” and pa for, well, 
bringing me in this world and raising me. I couldn’t 
have done it without you. Jesse-has it really been 6 
years already? Thanx for being the brother I never 
had. Anabel-my angel, I’m so thankful to have 
someone like you. JS, JC, DM, Ian-let’s spit some 
game, that’s why, clowns, SHIBBY! Good luck to all! 

/ iBequeath long going “battles to Qarrett and Nate and my high shrilling notes to Chris Dost! 

Jesse McTHams 

1st off I need to thank Mom, Dad, you are both equally 
important in what you have done to influence me 
and make me who I am. I also would like to thank 
my closest friends. Andy-in 6 short years we have 
made a lifetime of memories and of friendship. Ash- 
even though you may be older, you will always be 
my little sis. John C-you are a heck of a guy, Ian-rock 
on my man. Dane-you rule. Mr.Wood and Mrs. Beavan 
thank you for everything. Courtney-you have touched 
my heart in ways few ever have. John S-my brother. 

/ J Bequeath some cold blood to Mrs. Dealan 

“Qet busy litin or get busy 

-Morgan ‘Freeman\, “Dhe 
Shan>shank Redemption 

Kerin McAnbreris 

58 Seniors 

“you can do anything you 
set your mind to. ” 

Chris McCarthy 

Finally it’s over! School is all done. I just want to say 
thanks to my Dad who kept pushing me even when I 
wanted to stop. Thank you Mom, Kelley, Ryan. My 
whole family. My friends, hey Milewski what’s up? 
Inside joke ya know? Anyway Nauset is over. There 
is so much I could say right now but I won’t. Kelley 
and Ryan I would say more about you and wish you 
guys luck as you did for me but I'm the youngest and 
you guys aren’t in school. To all my friends you know 
who you are. I ain’t gotta thank everyone. And that’s 
it. I’m done. See ya. 

!Ryan McCarthy 

Four years full of adventures: Cain Thanks for being 
there buddy. Arn My passive, thoughtful friend. Mora 
Ahh get outta here! Woody You take the top half? 
Stefan ”Rodriquez! ” Nick Russians, Suave! Kate You 
mean so much “Good time” Luv ya. Leanne Thanks 
for listening. Bonnie Hardcore? Anna You’re 
irreplaceable. Who would I run to? Rachie Thanks for 
the Hugs! Mom Dad Tess Thank you so much for 
your support and guidance. To everyone who has 
been there along the way: Thank you & I love you all. 

“‘All that is gold does not 
glitter, Not all those n>ho 
n>ander are lost, CJhe old 
mo are strong not 
n>hither, IDeep roots are 
not touched hy the frost. ” 
- J.N.N. Dolhien 

Michelle McCutcheon-Schour 

Thanks to all that made it easier-Mrs.B, Jody Craven, 
Karen + Diane To my Boys: Dan-older brother Andy- 
Need to talk, don’t worry I’ll always find you Jasim- 
Thanks for your sarcasm Kyle-my fraternity boy 
Brendan-Care bear, I’ll never forget any of your life 
lessons, can’t explain what you mean to me Road 
End Girls-friends forever Mom + Dad-you two are 
my best friends thanks for everything Jess-best sis 
thanks for always keeping me in line LyleTll always 
be here for you Gram + Papa-thanks for everything 

“As the curtain falls, just 

! knon> that you did it all the 
best you hnen> hori> ” 

-Sa\>es the T)ay 


Samuel Melcher 

Tzlizabeth TLlexena McKay 

I J Bequeath the White Qolfie to £ rin “Chinpori>er .Ceonhardt an} an endless supply oj green laundry basket to 
.Caurel “rtorker bee 

Harmony McQorman 

Soccer 1-4, Percussion 1-4. Peace out Nauset. This is 
where my real journey begins. Thanks to everyone 
who stayed real. Hilly-You’re my girl forever-you got 
potential. Sara-you got angels watching out for you 
man. Nae-keep your eyes on the prize and never give 
up. Love ya sis. Mom + Dad-you made all my 
experiences possible, I love you. Shoutouts to: Alyssa, 
Stephanie, Matt + Ash J. Adam. To everyone else 
never forget peace love + harmony 

“Some daijs rtouldnt be 
special if it vdasnt for rain, 
joij vdouldnt feel so good if it 
rtasnt for pain. ” 

-50 cent 

Swimmers-happy days in the Swamp. APers-You’ve 
had such an enormous influence on me-each of you 
will succeed in life far beyond any expectation. Em- 
contemplating the universe, never a dull moment. Pete- 
may the battle of witticisms live on. Kate-You are my 
rock. My thanks to Maynard, Faris, Beavan, Mr. Tyler 
& every teacher who has given me a love for learning 
& life-Mum, Dad, A-1 thank you for loving me from 
the bottom of my heart, for being my support & 
confidants- with all that I have become, I owe it all to 

“Success isnt a result of 
spontaneous combustionyou 
must set yourself on fire. 

-Tl.H. Cflasord 

Aiam Menges 

“Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just 
like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. 
The important thing is to make it meaningful: a 
meaningful friend or a meaningful day.’’-The Dalai 

“O'here is always some 
madness in lode hut there is 
always some reason in 
madness. ” -Nietzche 

“Always forgive your 
enemies: nothing annoys 
them so much. ” 

-Oscar Wilde 

Yogi Berra said it all. “You can observe a lot by 
watching”, ”it ain’t over til it’s over” and the “future 
ain’t what it used to be.” “It’s deja vu all over again”? 
Know that “eighty percent of putts that fall short don’t 
go in”, “ninety percent of this game is half mental” 
and “you’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where 
you’re going, because you might not get there.” 
“Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they 
won’t come to yours” and “if you come to a fork in 
the road, take it.” 


James W. Merrill 


Joshua Michnierticz 

Lacrosse 2-4, Snowboarding 1-4, Soccer 1, Track 1. 
Where did all the time go? Mom, Dad and Jason 
thank you for supporting me in everything that I 
did. You have always been there for me. I love you 
guys. To the class of 2004, the years that we have 
spent together have sure been ones to remember. 
Pick, did you have fun before the lax games? Matt, 
it looks like Umass. Jared, nice car. Pat, watch your 
head. Zack, can I see your tooth. Thanks everyone. 
See you in the future. 

/‘Bequeath my had calls to tdhoeder thinks that they are funny. 

“'Passion makes the tdorld go 
round. .Code just makes it a 
safer place. ” -Ice O 

= ^ =-* 

!,.•-. . ;• s w&c •••■* ^; -t£ ' : . ** 

* : 


u $ij the time ijou knon> 
n>hat to do, mure too old to do 
it” -Oed Williams 

“Sometimes vVejust got to let 
go of everything n>e think tVe 
knon l Sometimes \Ve got to 
be free no one telling us hort 
n>e should be. ” 

-Ziggy Marie If 

Oheoiore Mickle 

First off I want to thank my Mom and Dad; I couldn’t 
have done this without you. To my friends, thanks 
for making these four years go by so quickly, Matt, 
Gill, Jon, Than, Dan, Jeff, and the rest of you. 

Maile Tllana Milligan 

Endless memories! Love to all my girls, Bri-my pop! 
romantic getaways & adventures Mags-The rules 
in “our” car, bad tv, & pay-per-views Neile-Massive 
dreams Kara, Steph, Coll, Liz, Em, Tanya & Katy 
the party crew, girls nights and endless laughter 
Anna-WES Eastham Boys-thanks for the awesome 
nights. Marshall-FLEET love. The “Circus” boys, 
so many laughs. Brewster Boys-summer jam. 
Branden-my first true love, I’ll never forget you. My 
family-I love you all unconditionally, thanks for 
everything. Love to ‘04. 

Mike Mil erf ski 

So this is the end...Thanks mom and dad, + Rick and 
Karin for your tolerance X-C? Ok, this one’s for you 
Bohannon. “And it would have worked if it wasn’t 
for that girl.” Bonnie-’’you are awesome” I love 
you...’’and soft as a contact.” C-McCarthy-nothin’ 

“Teehh mad hostile, vVearih 
'postale. ” 


“Careful man theres a 
beverage here. ” 

-Ohe Dude 

“Do accomplish great things, 
ijou must not only act, but 
dream ; not only plan , but 
believe. ” 


!Pat Moore 

Hockey 1-4, it’s been a long 4 years, Daley-AKA 
Magnus, I’m positive you were inside. O’Day- You 
are one crazy dude and 75 steps for scifi. Moss- 
that kid hit his head so hard. Ben- Canada here 
we come. B and Guttman- that bat is still in my 
room, but Daley doesn’t mind. Zack- A rant is only 
as entertaining as its end. Mom, Dad, Meghan, and 
Claire thanks for everything. 

Jill JZouise Morton 

So many memories! Soccer Golf 1-4 Jess-the 
neighborhood Rach-eternal peace, love+granola 
Kirby- the sports, classes, u 3 r my sisters Todds- 
u keep me laughing KK-1 of the nicest people I 
know keep smiling Kate, Brit + Kelly- outerbeach 
crew Anna the getaway girls, Skippers, Ash- 
barbies, Em-l/2bff, always. To the teachers who 
have inspired me, thank u Brian- it’s your time to 
shine Mom+ Dad- thanks for always believing in 
me, words aren’t enough to express my gratitude, 
I love you. It’s time to follow your dreams ‘04! 

/ ^Bequeath my “knowledge and a nen> “matey to the O.W.C. 

Kelin Munroe 

1 bequeath all of my hidden rock star talent to Mike Cestaro , all of the good teachers to my little brother Mark, 
Ohe meaning of Eife, stuffed in an anonymous gym locker ; to the luckiest man on ‘Earth 

“Qlory is fleeting, but 
obscurity is forever. ” 
-/Bonaparte ( 1 / 69 - 1821 ) 

“The will merely becomes more and more abstract, 
and if it does not at the same time become just as 
concrete, it becomes more and more impotent, 
finally ceases to be will, becomes volatilized on 
promises and resolutions that amount to nothing, 
and thereby the same is the case with the self, 
whose will it is.” 

-Kierkegaard (1813-1855) 

fPeter Murphy 

Thanks and much love to mom for raising me, older 
brother & sisters for leading the way, and all my best 
friends for being there. 

Christopher !R . Nelson 11 

Hey Sam! Speed limit’s fifty. Kristyn, BREATHE IN, 
BREATHE OUT! THAT’S KEY! Hey Rob! You’re a big 
kitty! Times goes by so fast, you hardly realize what 
happened. It’s over already? Good luck Devon, you 
can do it. And James and Alex, it won’t be long. Thanks 
to all my teachers who dealt with me for four years. 
Amy, for keeping me on time. My friends, who kept 
me sane throughout. But most of all, I thank my 
parents for helping me through everthing else. Hey 
Mom and Dad, I did it. 

“}Jou can do rihate\>er you 
riant and succeed as long as 
you knori you can. ” 

-My father 

1 ‘JCegueath my ability to breathe to Kristyn, my car ride to school to my sister Oeidon, my 
friendship riith Mr. Conrad to Messa , and a huge 8/Kb. stale blueberry muffin to 
Vince, the (formerj blue haired rionder. 

Cleresa Nekton 

iiC Deep in my heart the 
ansrier it rias in me , I made 
up my mind to define my orin 
destiny.” -.Cauryn Hill 

At last, we made it! Coraline, where to begin, you’re 
like a sister Frank faces, road trips and nature walks, 
love ya forever. Brit you’ve been there since the 
beginning, dare I say food coloring? Thanks to the 
SWS crew, White Mountains, Philly and New York- 
good times. Mom, Dad, John and little Mike, thank 
you for your love and support, I couldn’t have done 
it without you. To all the friends I’ve made and lost, 
best of wishes in the years to come. Good luck to 
the class of 2004! 

1 “Bequeath all my fun dip to Coraline 

“If at first you do succeed, 
try not too look to surprised. ” 

Matt Nickerson 

Four short years, but I’m glad they’re over. To my 
friends: Tyler, good times fishing. Light and warm, 
never again. Josh, how’s the truck? You know you're 
going to get hit again. Jared keep surfing. Ryan, what 
color today? Jake, Pic, and Kurt, fun times in Fleet. 
Kurt you’re a Grone. Keep in touch. To my family, 
especially Mom and Dad, thanks. Heather you’re a 
good sister and a great friend, good luck in life. For 
all those I forgot, I’ll see you later. 


k | 



Colleen O’fBrien 

Irish Pride + BoSox! Thanx nauset 4 the unforgettable 
yrs Mom- ur the reason I smile Dad thx 4 puttin us 
first I love you both Conor- remember the days of 
turkey souffle Brendan-ur a good bodyguard hope I 
have as much fun as u do sox- my angel Holla at my 
posse RIDE OR DIE look where we end up u 3 made 
me the person I am 2day Liz-febvaca Em-Sky KB- 
gold dust twins Katy-always keepin me laughin 
Shoutouts to the crew- circus brewcrew PUFFA dan 
kk mai bri mags steph derek ian jonah harlen wilbur 
ali danny tang sully jenkin I love u all- to anyone 
that’s ever made me smile I can’t thank u enough 
God Bless. 

I ^Bequeath my big muscles to IRyan IRoss and Daco day to ‘Deirdre Held, Qilmore girls 
Sliney and West bBrertster to iBen Sn>ift. 

“One should lie empty, open, 
choiceless as a beach-n>aiting 
for a gift from the sea.” 
-Anne Morrort Kindbergh 


77/ be the exception to 
eriry rule.” 

-Ani T)ifranco 

Marissa-£ena O'Connor 

To Jamie(I’ll be back for you) to Laurlaur(you don’t 
gotta be so mean) to Amanda (through it all) to the 
lunch bunch, to all my boys who I shamelessly teased 
and tortured, to my p-town crew, to my fellow 
thespians and wanderers, to all those who thought 
they had been forgotten, to my family and especially 
to my mom and dad: I’m invincible so are you we do 
all the things they say we can’t do. I love you guys all 
more than you know, thank you, you taught me to 

I J Bequeath a spare tire to Michelle and “iBread not ‘JBornbs to Qarrett and Kerin. 

Nicole Perkins 

High school didn’t go by fast enough. Sara-you’ve 
always been there. Bawk! Aye Dawna-Cold rules, 
you rock. Anna-so many memories: Track, concerts, 
english(...anymore), the list goes on. Colleen-you are 
a truly unique person. Jess-Go Cross Country! (Do I 
like this course?) Ash-p-Year Nascar! Jesse-There are 
no words, thanks for just being you. The few talented 
and open-minded people I’ve met-it’s you who made 
these four years bearable. 

“...JSi\>e in the moment , 
undistracted. Oh is is the 
purest jorm oj lije. ” 



1 jBequeath 






Holly Panuczak 

To the class of ‘04’ good luck. Anna BF’s for life love 
ya, and remember I’ll always be there. Chris there 
will always be a place in my heart for you. Kim band 
was fun thanks for being a great friend. Mike you're 
like a brother to me, surfs up dude. Mrs. D thanks for 
all the help. Ms. Lebow thanks for teaching me to 
love chem. Scott you’re the best brother in the world, 
keep surfing, I love you forever. Mom and Dad I love 
you so much, thanks for everything. I could have never 
made it without you. 

/ ^Bequeath the Qang a pooch jace and recording studio, and to JBydia saje and happy fitfe 

‘ Well/ explained ‘Eeyore 
modestly, ‘it n>as meant to he. ’ 
-A.A. Milne “Ohe House 
at hPooh Corner 

Nora Parkinson 

These past years have given me so much to be 
thankful for! The Parkingtons, you’ve all taught me 
so much*music & love* Mom & Pops:My inspirations, 
I will make you proud. Thanks to all friends in the 
past, present, future *The Shed Crew:plunks,Chris’s 
basement,the outer, Frisbee, fires, Nickerson. So 
schweet. Much love to my Jen + Dan. *Chris, ‘‘love 
over time is quite sublime.” Lastly to all the circles, 
laughter, travels, experiences, and the parents & 
teachers who deserve much more than they receive. 
Abre*los*ojos. Later guys, Goodluck! 

“With our lo\>e-n>e could 
safe the n>orld-ij they only 
hneri>..” -Qeorge Harrison 

Joe Peters 

Howdy to everyone! Leigh, you’re awesome! I love 
ya. W. Dennis Beach, “Hey, a third racer!" Woody...the 
blazer..."Yah, it’s got a performance cam.” Jimmy, "go 
BIG or go home.” Snowmobiles rule! Orleans PD-too 
many lights, a crack in the windshield, loud exhaust... 
What the heck?! Track-110 hurdles and high jump. 
Coach Arnold, “I’m well, and you?” Hoyt, how do 
you put up with us interns? Mom and Dad, keep 
pushin’ me. Marie and Noah, have fun! It was an 
awesome high school experience. 

for today because 
tomorrow ne\>er comes and 
yesterday neler n>as. ” 

Thank you Mom + Dad for your love and support. 
Thank you for my dreams, I love you. Barry + Jason 
for being at my games Love you. Grampy and 
Grammy I love you both until the end of time. Craig- 
my big bro, that’s all she wrote. I love you man. Jake- 
my bro, thanks for everything, Love you man. Hockey 
boys-everything I told you stays in the locker room. 
T-moss-great friend. Swift, Ross, Moss, Pick-CCK. 
Kurt-funny kid. Rose, thanks I love you. Tiffany words 
couldn’t ever explain, I love you. The Daley’s, Roberts, 
EJ, Blatz, Pat, Benning, Nasty, Sarah, Katie, Tracey, 
Yag, Josh, Sean, Dave. 

1 jj Bequeath mij little blackbook to ‘Dan I'Roberts, good times to hockey boys, bonfires to Moss 
and 1 Daley, Tlfroman to Ross and Sn>ift, blue carpet to Rose and my lot>e to Diffany 


X - - - 

Jake Pickard 

Marshall Pijjer 

“Vm ready to yo anywhere, 
Ym ready for today...but Jet 
me not foryet about today 
until tomorrow.” 

FB 1-4 Lx 1-4 Derek- those late night rides Adam-the 
man Sean Danny Tang and the Eastham guys- good 
times Circus & friends-all the laughs Weaz-comedy 
rating Greg-you’re a nut Cat-mind boggling Mike- the 
big bro I never had. Chris Josh Matt-Baker Road Liz- 
here’s to the night, you’re the best Kara-through thick 
and thin, thank you Maile-my fellow Fleetian Emily- 
Beast Coll-never happened Bri Katy Mag and the rest 
Jake-stay smart Devitos-my 2nd family Family- 
couldn’t have done it without you thanks & Love 

-Rob Dylan 

1 Reyueath the leyend of Raker Road to Cat, Jake, Rill, Matt and Ross. 

“Where I'm hound, 1 cant 
tell Qoodbye is too good a 
tiord..So I'll just say, fare 
thee tiell. ” -Pob ‘Dylan 

Jennifer JZehiish 

Drama 2-4 Library 1-4 haha So to begin WES-best 
friend thx 4 all the tears u cured stay real PETE-sheila, 
sun is exploding! we made it despite cunning use of 
flags ANI-20 min smile stay lovely EM-9yrs&more/ 
moleth? JULIE-NYC, Boston, next? KATE-boys r 
dumb? sushi? KEL-fav redhd & Irish! LIZ we r, IBM! 
thr BETH & BEX- my 2 best things I luv u 2 all who 
went B4 me 2 Mr Faris thx toDRAMA 4 letting me Be 
sam kev lydi stef 2 My parents-1 won’t grow up & 
curtain falls, light fade 2 black. 

/ jBequeath to Wes-a mo tie night, to ‘Pete a tiall of buttons to push, to John a 
48 hr day to "Ariel a riild Otiisby hunt, to Orion first flute, to J Seth my 
if Monty Python. 

“Some men see things as 
they are and say ‘tihy?’ 1 
dream things that neVer tiere 
and say, ‘Why not?"' 

-JRobert T Kennedy 
neti big sis, to kelly my hair to ttiirl 
Posita, to Pecca a lifetime supply 

Jennifer Rei^ti tReichers 

Mom, Dad, Justin, Chris Thank you for your 
unconditional love, years of support-pushing me to 
be the best I can be-I love you so much! Nora Thanks 
for laughing and crying with me, giving me a shoulder 
to lean on, believing in me, confiding in me and never 
giving up on me-ABBA! Love ya! Colleen Here’s to a 
great friendship-love ya hun! Jazz 4 years of rockin 
the house like whoa-Thanks for the memories! James, 
Rissa, Tee, Kate, Birthmate, Shannon, Niki, Beth- 
Lots of love! Cheerleaders good luck in the furture! 
Everyone not here-Thanks for the good times! Jazz 
1-4, Cheerl-4 

/ Peyueath improV confidence to Christine. 

“Maybe tiell meet again 
further dotin the rtier and 
share tihat tie both 
discovered...Ohen red el in 
the Vieti." -Incubus 

Colleen fRaihe 

To all the free spirits who have been there along the 
way...Peace and love 




OflVe Reinhardt 

“1 hate neter let mu 
schooling interfere vtith mu 
education. ” 

-Samuel Clemens 

People responsible for making it extremely hard to 
graduate, while keeping me sane(sometimes)- 
Amanda, Ali, Danimal, Skevin, th ADD boys, the 
Bonestripper boys, All Smiles, The Old Cape Punks, 
Shed crew, Sparrow crew, Mom+Dad, My family (blood 
or not). Farewell my droogies, it’s been a real 
horrorshow time learning the arts of defiance in the 
old prison with my malchicks and devotchkas. See 
you at the Korova. No war But The Class War. 

/ ‘Bequeath 'DBj culture and the spirit oj rebellion to the on-coming Hot Oopic generation and the ability to 
use an “indoor toice to 'Amanda, a one-stay ticket to Chiapas to Canimal. 

I would like to thank my friends and family for all the 
support in helping me make it through school. Most 
of all, I want to thank the band, you guys are my true 
brothers and together we will achieve our dream. 
Also, I want to thank bands such as A.D.D., Sanity 
Lost, Twit, Anonymous, Slaughter Master, and all 
smiles that inspire orginality and show a collective 
voice in music-rock and roll will never die. Some 
people say these are the best years of our lives, I 
don’t know if I believe that. I do know one thing though; 
I have met a great deal of people who have changed 
my life and I have experienced many moments that 
will turn into everlasting memories. The future has 

Kelin Reynolds 

“Oeenage angst has paid off 
vtell, nort I’m bored and old. ” 
-Kurt Cobain 

“Not all vtho vtander are 
lost. ” -J.JZ.bR. CJolkien 

Joel Riker 

I would just like to thank everyone who helped me 
get this far. I would not have been able to succeed 
without your support and encouragement. 

Zachary Robinson 

Throwing it up to BIG’s. Thanks to my Mom, Dad, 
Bro and especially my Gramps Inspiration, Love you. 
Ingram brothers to the end, knock on wood to that. 
The circus is 4 life, Love ya’ll like Kabobs. Hogan, 
Stay outa trouble, gone fishin. Fave, signs, one time 
at Tedeschi’s...Guttmann, Illy Dilly. Pat, Alfred can 
only hope to be half the man you are. Martin, Taxi 
Cab Confessions. Swift, roads trips, you crazzzzyyy. 
Ross, represent the fat boys. And Nick, the torch is 
passed, you’ve made me proud, good choices, I’m 
not here but you’re not alone, Love you. Good luck 
to everyone, Happiness is Success. 

you got no time to lose, 

you are a young man you 
must de lining.” 




70 Seniors 


“O,he Woods are lonely, dark 
and deep, but l haVe promises 
to keep, and miles to go before 
I sleep, and miles to go before 
1 sleep. ” -Frost 

Kaitlin Mae Rosenkampff 

Thank you to Mom and Dad for teaching me 
tolerance and patience, family dinners and never 
ending encouragement. You’ll never know how 
much I value your friendship and trust to Stefan 
for always being honest, late night talks and car 
rides. Stay true to yourself to Liz for not needing 
to explain. Endless conversations and laughing 
fits to Harry for being a real friend. Speaking with 
love and acting with dignity to Peter for always 
understanding and the last four years of friendship 
and love to my fellows for fun parties, crazy 
adventures, breaking stuff, to my chicas for 
dancing in the rain, heart-aches, night swimming 
and tears. Good luck in everything you do class of 

“ CJomorron\ you Will learn by 
doing and applying your 
knowledge of fractions and 
gym to real World situations. ” 
-J Principal Skinner, Ohe 

Kate jE. !Ryan 

Best Times w/Great friends - u know who u r. 4 
un4getable yrs. Outerbeach parties in Buckin Bronco, 
the scary face! Bad Calls? Hay-b.fs 6-12+ fun 2 last a 
lifetime. Britt S-traut fishin, we’re 2 of a kind. Fun@Britt 
H’s house-r songs/Kel-my vest? lights on dress. Hil- 
we crazy girls-ST.NITE/Tam-nicknames/Cora- 
singalongs, confession/Jen goya, 3/Cait/HiErin & 
Jillybean/Teresa, Neen,Alyssa-TRUE ETOWN friends. 
LUV & LUC 2 whole gang. Thanx 2 Williamsons & 
Genois-2nd fams. Mom/Dad-it’ll b quiet when I leave! 
Ker/Brendan thanx 4 goin 1 st-Pat keep sk8in-Mack b a 
kid while u can. Luv ya’ll 

/ 1 Bequeath the perfect WaVe to Hayley, Eots of pears to Sara ‘Q 
‘Directions to Nemo for {Britt H, Vaughn to Kelley for a little While, 
sleep to {Britt S, luck to the girls FAX team, and endless summer 
days for the class of 2004 

fBrianna San Qiolanni 

04’ladies none like us! Mai-unstoppable soul sisters. 
Katy-endless laughs,Cl. Kara-we’re platinum. Liz- 
Mallrats? Em-child mems R eternal. Muffy-dont be 
a boy Funky Circus ur unforgettable. Love to the E~ 
boys.Coll, Mags, Ton (Many mem), Brit,Brian, Puff, 
Jake (F2)thanx for ALWAYS being there, you all 
mean the world, even if I don’t show it-Stay true 
Mom/Dad thanx for your undying support/love.I’ll 
make you proud. James/Dan always follow your 
heart + don’t forget to call. LOVE. Everyone thanx 
for puttin up with me, I love you more than words 
can explain...who wants to shop? 

/ {Begueath-Nicole cooties Wj cream cheese , {Ryan a lunch date, Fisa scones and tea on a car ride to school, 
Kelly booth 30 With Gj-loVe, and John happiness 

“'Everything l do is judged 
and they mostly get it Wrong. ” 
- < Ani E)’{Franco 

Sean Scannelin 

KIRBY~You’re the best thing to ever happen to me. I 
love you more than words can say. “Baby I’m amazed 
by you.” I love you baby. JAKE~What’s up Shootah, 
twit, shanghai, since 3rd grade. Thanks for always 
having my back. Best friends for life. BRLAN~ What’s 
up fella? Boating. Chillin. Thanks for being there. 
DEWY~What up guy?! Bonfires, chillin. Thanks for 
keepin it real. COLL~Sketchy walks, Kates, yeah 
Lifehouse, thanks for always being there. BRITT & 
LINDS~So many good times. You guys are the best, 
thanks for all the smiles. Mom, Dad, and fam~Love 
all of you, thank you. 

u ]jou do vdhat you do and you 
pay for your sins , and theres 
no such thing as ri>hat 
might’fe been.” 

-Dim McCjrarJ 

\Danielle Schmidt 

‘Emily Schuman 

To new beginnings: mom&dad-every word, 
moment, laugh&tear all have shaped me, 
love&respect you thanks lin-see you on the stage 
adam-thanks for being you, be safe nan&pop luv 
my sistahs couldn’t have made it without you, love 
4always liz-guess the check, voice, kenny kb- 
accident, hugs&bambi ob-dance the night away, 
you&me all nighters bri-k-12, gapkids mai-summa02 
girls&boys04 katy gnome the bet derek voices taidj 
rob soxtalk jake showr mono41ife greg kev circus 
bhs & crew- I love you. To those who made me 
laugh and smile, thank you. sox41ife. Best luck 04! 

u Dhe great opportunity is 
vdhere you are...e\>ery place is 
under the stars, elery place 
is the center of the vdorld. ” 
-John {Burroughs 

/ 1Bequeath Clare diabetic food, ‘bmalie a safe ride to school, the softball team a itoice crack and ‘Sen a game oj 

1 Bequeath other svdimmers in the class of 2006 to Caitlin Chafee. 

It’s finally the end of the beginning of our lives! Senior 
buddies-good luck, and thanks to all of my friends, 
you are all great. Good luck swimmers. Diane & 
Karen, you two are the best teachers I have ever 
had, keep being awesome. Joey, you mean so much 
to me, I love you. And to the family, thanks-April-the 
greatest sister ever, I love you all. I’m out.... 

“Dhe n>ill to do-the soul to 

U ‘A pessimist sees eVery 
difficulty in eVery 
opportunity; an optimist sees 
the opportunity in eVery 
i difficulty 

-Winston Churchill 

Tliam T). SchrteHach 

This has been the most amazing 4 years of my life 
and I owe it all to my family and friends, thank you. 
I will never forget the great times we’ve had together. 
Ben, best friends for life. Sam, the Volvo lives on. 
Ryan and Zach, the washout will never die. Asa Bart 
Courtney Jess Kristen and Nikki, you guys are the 
greatest. For all you underclassmen, remember you 
can always do whatever you wish, so long as you 
don’t get caught. 

“7L smile is a curie that 
makes everything straight. '' 

Meghan Seccareccio (McNeil) 

Can’t believe it is over. So many good memories & fun 
times that I will never forget & a lot more to come. Mom 
thank you for everything & always being there for me I 
luv ya so much. Pat Matt keep out of trouble & be good 
for Mom. Rebecca thank you for always being there & 
being such a great sis. To my whole fam thanks for 
everything I love ya all. Lin bffe even though we have 
been in different schools we had a great 4 years. KK bffe 
Lin/Caitlin/Tom thanks for always being there so many 
good times together & more to come. Sarah I miss ya 
you’re like a big sis to me and all my friends in college I 
miss ya all. MegW always remember you KK and me 
taking our fun trips to P-town Mrs. B thank you for 
everything I wouldn’t have made it without you. To 
everyone else I forgot thank ya for making it a great 4 
years. Good luck 2004 follow your dreams. 

“What happened?" 

I ; 4W 


,nm pe -~} v, j 


OflV/3 Seitler 

Thanks Mom, Dad you made me. I’ll always remember 
my best bud Dusty C. Wellfleet crew, Danny, Rav, Joe 
and Hove gangsta, don’t hurt yourself. Annie, Nicole, 
and Liz what would I have done without you. Heron 
how did we get so lucky? Sonja you’re the only girl 
capable of beating me up, C.T. the Mechanic 
snowboarding with you is hardcore. Malia's a surf 
Goddess. Word to Eastwind Dr, Keenies, the Backside 
of Herring and the beach. Pray for surf and don’t fall 
asleep with your shoes on. -Peace 

Clare ‘Elise Seletsky 

You think it’s the end, but it’s just the beginning... To my 
family, what a ride: MOM&DAD- thanks for everything 
you’ve given. ABBY- more in a sister would be impossible. 
JACOB & MARCUS- “the weird should never be feared" 
I love you guys. TYLER- aday wkend adventures, boat 
trips, xmas eves. Best friends since grade 6. ANDREW 
DYLLAN- summer’03, acadia, SHOPPING “See, you and 
me have a better time than most can dream..." Thanks for 
all your patience. I Love You. JUSTIN- March 7, Philly. I 
miss you. We are finally done! 

“Walk softly an 3 carry a big 
Spirit ” -#9 

11Bequeath the longest series of events to ‘Emily, a gallon of OJ 
to J2iz and all the ‘April 12ttis in the n>orld to the Weaz. 

£iz Sey 


Mom Dad T Connor Cam words can’t explain, I love you 
so much. To the crew:from scrapping to the outer to 
dancing the night away in Ptown Girls :Katy Steph 
Bri,Mag,Mai,Tan,Calre the fun never ended Kar started it 
in the hall Coll there’s a spot in the cool group Em buy 
me some time! Neverending laughter & mom calls A1 & 
Ann the memories will never fade LOVE Marshall how 
about a flashlight, wouldn’t have made it without you 
Derek Czech connection forever thank you Guttmann 
sleepovers Danny geese Taidj Harlen Jonah Sean Ian Ed 
Ben Martin Circus Brew Crew crazy times 1-4 E superstar! 
04’ thanks for making this unforgettable. 

“If you cry because the sun 
has gone dortn in your life, 
your tears n>ill present you 
from seeing the stars. ” 



bBegueath Marshall, safe experience n>ith fridges and trees, Alt [Beau, the “Animal 
ong, ” Maile, all the parts to Marshalls car and Katy, a special potion and a tamborine. 

\Dan Shook 

To my family, all my love and thanks for being there 
for me whenever I needed you. To the kids I grew up 
with and hang out with now, and to all the good times 
we’ve had; here’s to many more. Chris and Josh, my 
brothers if not my best friends. To the shed, the beach, 
the Beatles and Colleen. Here’s to enjoying life and 
whatever may come, and whatever it is, I know I’ll 
have fun. 

“ Ne\>er put off until 
tomorrow ri>hat you can do the 
day after tomorrow.” 

-Mark Onhiin 

74 Seniors 

“Man is free at the moment 
he Wishes to he. ” 



Harry Shoyles 

Music has made me who I am. It has provided me 
with an outlet for all of my feelings and has allowed 
me to establish myself as a free thinking person in 
this world. Music has provoked me in every step of 
my life; it has challenged me and made me question 
everything I stand for, time and time again. My 
continuous involvement in the underground music 
scene is the most rewarding part of my life and would 
not have been possible without the support of my 
friends and parents, espeically my mother. The gift 
of music will never stop revealing itself to me. I would 
like to reveal it to you. 

“ Co\>e is all you need. ” 
-CJhe lBeatles 

fBranien Smith 

I made it! Thank u to everyone from brew to fleet 
who’s made me smile. Circus you’ll always be my 
bros. Maile I’ll always have a place in my heart for u. 
To my loving Johnsons, Crystal, Gigi, Bear, Shane, 
without u all I wouldn’t be at this point, thank u for 
your sacrifices and love. Thank u Dad for helping me 
find who I am, see u again someday. Mom you are 
the most amazing person I know, thanks. I love u all. 
With that said, the past 4 years have been the best 
years of my far. 

/ “Bequeath the picture to Bobby Ollari 


7 might not climb the 
social ladder ; but 1 can 
climb the schoolyard 
fence.” -bReagan fjouth 

Zachary Smith 

I am glad for what I have received in my years here: 
good friends, developing ideas towards my world 
outlook, a small foothold in reality, and an indefinite 
motivation. I leave this school with a mind on fire. It 
may take the world to stop me, but it could just take 
a day. 




Casey Sniier 

Snowboard 1,2,3,4 and forever 
Thanks Rotary- Chile ‘02-’03 

SWS you made me care, thank you for being here for 

Mom, Dad and Jake all my love forever 
Annalee- Sisters are forever, Danielle- rockin it since “Q n a journey to anywhere 
4th grade , , , „ 

Class of 2004- we’re ready, bring it on. High school’s l J ou can ° rar * l J our onn ma P’ 

Keep it real 

-Ugly 'Duckling 

Kristin Kirby Souier 

Soccer 1 2 3 4, Golf 1 234. Sean I’ll love you always 
and forever, and I’ll always be there for you. Kathy & 
Liz you are the best of friends. Mom, Dad and Ryan I 
love you and appreciate everything you’ve done. The 
Brew Crew: Jake, Col, Brit, Lindz, Brian, Andrew, 
Sean, you guys are the best, summer bond fires. Jilly, 
we were together through it all, thanks. Kate what 
ever you do, be creative. Jake, can I paint your shoes 
gold? Rachy, don’t forget I’m right next door. Bye 

“Cjo confidently in the 
direction of your dreams. 
J2iVe the life you hale 


fBrittany Souza 

Time to sail ‘04...THANK YOU family and friends 
who’ve stayed true, all with whom I’ve laughed, you’ve 
made this life beautiful Kel, loyal grounded hilarious 
you’ve been there for the entire ride Kate, faces + 
wild summers Kelse Sara Jess Neen Hilarie Jill Erin 
Dev you’ve made this an amazing 4 years Much love 
to my fabulous sisters, Nat best friend from the start, 
cheers to late nights, ceaseless laughter Izzy you’re a 
gem, b happy + true Mom and Dad you’re divine, 
your support + love is unparalleled thank you I love 
you with everything...fair winds. 

‘“Every artist dips his brush 
into his on>n soul, and paints 
his otVn nature into his 
picture as he does in living 
his life.” 

-Henry Ward fBeecher 

cqueathto Izzy endless summer snorV cones, Alike C. a record deal, Eittle Grant 

76 Seniors 


Tina Sparks 

“Keep fBelieling Until 
}jou Kind }jour Way. '' 

Silly Qilman 

Joseph Souza 

I would like to thank my family, friends, and boyfriend 
for all their help. I want to shout out to my 
photographer Messa, to Rella- Twisby!, to Jenn- one 
more year!, to Kristen- Keep the pets going!, to Rob- 
too special for words. Justin- the one too cool for 
school... You’re loved. Richard- You are my special 

/ JDequeath a super fast computer n>ith pass printer to ‘Amy, full equipment to JCebort for the fencing team, 
lifetime supply of baby lobsters to the biology teachers, Shahespears complete n>orhs to Hamer ; and plenty of 








“A man n>hc does not n>ish 
to be heard vdalhs softly. ” 

- Joe Souza 

Well, it’s been a long, strange trip. Teen Court 1-4; 
Drama 2, 4; Orchestra 1-4; fencing 4. To the gang, we 
finally made it; to the gang from orchestra, here is 
the finale of this movement. Teachers, thanks for the 
help. To Amy, you are the attendence goddess, and 
keep riding. To Conrad, Sullivan, Alyssa, and Lebow, 
thanks for the help with the fencing team. I leave my 
parking space to anyone that really wants it. To 
everyone who isn’t graduating, remember to enjoy 
these years while you still can. 

pm i 

Jennifer Sparrort 

1 kBequeath Mr. Wright a life-size stand-up cardboard cut out of Qvi>en Stefani. 

“Meon>. ” 

-Daisy, Shadow ’ and Digger 

Jamie (my other half) Timmy-SClub7 Ashley-Sylvia 
Saltine-Legolas Brittany-Colin Farrell Hayley-Charter 
School memories- Pokemon Than- Red Sox Rule 
Lauren-1 will get Jason Mike C- You are a great 
person and friend, I’ve always loved you, thanks for 
making me laugh Rob- Lord Of The Rinas Bobert- 
Don't forget to watch Boston Public Scabster! Thanks 
to everyone else Thanks to my parents, Steve, Laura 
My teachers- Thanks June is Adopt A Cat Month- 
so go out and get a cat 

Urent Sullivan 

The Circus and The Brotherhood, couldn’t and 
wouldn’t do anything without you guys. Matt, you’re 
a god! Weaz, I love as much as I love your 
basement. Smith, only names can describe this, 
Ozuamoshod & Poo-Diddles. Wilbur, September 15, 
we did it! Dave, you’re my twin separated at birth. 

Dan, Crazy legs, love you like a brother. Sarah Covell 
Fyler Ron Nikki Loranger. Katie Kelly, I’ll always 
love you, never forget that. Mike Clough, Chris 
Crobar. Lost boys, keeping the bay unsafe. I love 
Hilarie Holt. Z-rob the fav boyz skippy ron the taxi 
driver and much love to Karie K. Homer suzie duggan 
dan shook hogan menges deneen dalton. My fam. I 
love you guys. 

‘Bequeath my 500 characters to Sarah Cofell, an} my heart to Hilarie Holt 

“Vfe only Hen in lofe tilth 
a bottle an 3 a mirror. ” 

-Sib Vicious 

Tlshley Strang i 

Sean Sullivan 


Band 1-4 Dance Team 3-4 Eric-Thank you for 
everything. Good luck next year. U Jen- Kanoodle, 
Orlando Sara B-”Who clogged it?” CCHH studio- 
My 2nd family Coby Tanya thank u 4 believing in 
me, hope I’ve made you proud 2be ur student Brian 
Baker, Addie, Emily Frep has left the building, Lauren 
F, Kay Mr. Biggelsworth Dawna stairs, DJ work 
hard! Molly D “don’t touch it" Charlotte my army 
girl, Pete, Cody, Meghan R, Nicole P Nascar Any 11 
forgot I luv u! Linds I made it Luv u big sis Rich I’ve 
always thought of you as a part of my family. Mom, 
Dad thanks for making me who I am. Congrats Class 
of 2004! 

/ Bequeath long drifes to school to my little brother ‘DJ. 

“JPeace is not merely a 
distant goal that tie seek, but 
a means by tihich tie arrive 
at the goal. ” 

-Martin JJuther King, Jr. 

It’s all finally over....couldn’t have done it without 
my boys...Devans-”Don’t fall asleep in the hot tub, 
you’ll drown.” Puff-"squash its 10pm and ur 
asleep...why?” Intonti- fruit drink night was a hit...Liz- 
how about the water...almost time. OB-1 always got 
you in 25 cents. Dad, Seth, Ryan, Kev, wouldn’t be 
anywhere with out ya... thanks for everything... Mom, 
I know you’re watching down on me, you keep me 
living everyday, love you... to anyone else I forgot 
thanks... Stay up. 

“I jeel like Jesus got his 
hands on me through lije to 
put me tihere I'm supposed 
to be...” 

Tlshley Marie Qainey-Summers 



/ ‘Bequeath the tenuis team great spag. dinners, shills of jump roping, style to make up for the uniforms and a 
winning season and oh yah, my #/ position to my sister. 

Caitlin SuniHy 

“One can not collect all the 
beautiful shells on the 

-‘Anne Morrord JBindbergh 

And they said it would never end...My girls-my habbit- 
MyBoBo-MySister-never stop singing so many laughs- 
marshside-Bball-drivin endlessly loveU-Sammy-if i was 
smiling it was because you were around-it’s always a 
party at friendly’s! thanks for making it all worth while- 
love ulOuterbeach or drive in with/NBC-when are we 
going to make our horror flic?"He grabbed her...”It 
was nearly noon! I love you Guys!Slimey freshman 
41ife EmmaLou-LuvU! MegSec BFF I’ll always be there 
love U uncondish! Pinky kooters! Nel! Gilbert! Nemo! 
give your fam a hug for me-Love U! bballteam-ya’ll my 
2nd fam-never give up. Mum-no words could ever 
express my gratitude-I love you-Mags/Rose “Stay 
here...’’/Poke-Keep on dancin’/babychlo-”UR Krazzy 
with a capital K”'ll never find anyone else who 
understands you better than your sisters...kk 

“Ohe only honest measure of 
your success is vdhat you are 
doing compared to your true 
potential. ” -fPaul J. Meyers 

“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, 
so most people don’t recognize them.”(Landers) 
But those who helped me see, thanks. Soccer-Bball- 
Swim-Tennis-MockTrial-I valued the times. 
TennisBarbies-skills on/off the court. Kath&Liz- 
rollercoaster ride of fun, road trip, Triplets, 
doghouse, 2nd place-lst loser. We’re real&true 2 
ourselves-love you guys. To my family, thanks for 
everything. Without you I wouldn’t have made it 
this far. For THE CLASS OF 2004: WE CAME, WE 

Wai Sing daiije dang 

I’m gonna miss...Eastham little league High School big 
league tee time the norseman the bike trail the guys 
Danny Derek Jonah Ian Howie Joel the circus juniors 
the girls Kara Deneen Liz Coll Emily Jess and the rest. 
As perhaps the best high school memory, when Ian 
got pulled over with me in the back seat of his rejected 
inspected Audi in his own drive way. 

I ^Bequeath the light of day to bRichie Murphy and Ke\>in Quill. 


Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. WOW 4 years has gone fast. Thanks 
everyone for the good times. Kate take care some day 
you’ll get what you want out of life. Ryan thanks for 
being there. Nick you’re the best buddy, idk where i 
would be without you. Nolan i hope you find some thing 
to strive for. Woody, Joe, wow it’s been fun. Big Jon 
hang in there buddy you will get the life you deserve. 
DAD & MOM and of course G-mother (I don't know 
what I would have done without you G) thank you for all 
the guidance and wisdom that has helped to make me 
who I am today. I love you guys, lil burb and bonbon 
you’re awesome! Courtney...hmm what to say I love you! 
but its so much more you have had the biggest influence 
on my life. 

“CJhe closer n>e are from 
danger, the futher n>e are 
jrom ham, it’s the last thing 
expect. ” -^Peregrin 

/ J Bequeath to all the freshman and sophmores getting Amys tea in the morning and to 
urtney, ha\>e the best time in school as you can before it's o\>er. 

Charles CJhomas 

The things I will remember most about high school, 
hallways, Great Bands, Monday’s return, rules, Chevy 
Automobiles, Crowds, New experiences, chewy 
sprees, cool Jams, Class. 

“id rather light a candle 
than curse the darhness.” 
- John Qoodmen 

Elizabeth Russell CJodi 

The four years I thought would never end are over. 
Kathy-24/7 fighting, can’t believe we’re still alive. 
What am I gonna do without my tiwn sis? I guess 
I’ll find out. Emmy&Catie-Hiking’96-03. 
Scrapbooking,Harts&the Marshside. 1 more year, 
good luck! I’ll miss you. Kristen-the best is yet to 
come. Senior trip ‘04. Ice skating, scary movies, 
shopping. Do we ever stop laughing? Ashley- 
republicans for life! Triplets*mornings at Bonats. 
Mom&Dad-the chaos will leave and then what? 
Thanks for putting up with me, I love you. 

“‘Art is the Queen of 
sciences that governs to all 
generations of the n>orld. " 
-Leonardo ‘Da Vinci 

\Dominic Claralella 

“It is not in the stars to 
hoi} our destiny hut in 
ourselves. ” 

-William Shakespeare 

Katherine Srtift Ooii 

Track 1-2; V-ball 2-4; Golf 3-4; Brewster 1-18. Can’t 
believe it’s over. Lizzy*~Don’t know where I’d be 
without you. 18 years of craziness and many more 2 
come, you’re my best friend. Emmy & Catie~my other 
sisters. Hang in there, only 1 more year! Hiking trips, 
woodchucks, shampoo-yogurt? I’ll miss you guys. 
Kristen~can’t stop laughing! Senior trip ‘04; Smith- 
what was that?"Gloucester, skating; can’t wait for 
this summer-Ashley-republicans for life-triplets "the 
quiet one "2nd is the 1st loser-road trip "Mom & 
Dad"lots of love, I’ll make you proud. 

ftngela Uny 


Tlhjssa Van Rysrtooi 

Thanks to everyone for all the memories Holly so 
many good times that we may never remember Ash 
& Hilly cookies and mini van chases Ali a good past 
and a great future always stay in touch Melissa 
someday you’ll figure out that blue light, things will 
get better I promise. Rachel remember the tennis 
balls Deirdre always my little sis Lex good times 
camping Harm always a fun time Mom NateJordan 
I love you guys thanks for everything. Thanks to those 
I couldn’t fit. Remember life’s short so eat dessert 

“Seize the moment try to 
jreeze it and on>n it, squeeze 
it and hold it, cause ri>e 
consider these moments 
golden.” -'Eminem 

"Emily jC. Warner 

“To my classmates: Had we not been caught up in 
appearences & stereotypes, we could have all been 
friends. To my dearest friends, you have all been the 
ultimate motivation throughout my years here. Liz, 
you’re beautiful inside and out: what can I offer to 
you but gratitude and brass music. Pete, there isnt 
anyone else I’d rather drive with. To Patience and 
most honorable Mother & Father, thank you with all 
my heart. To Spirit of America, Nauset High, 
Teachers, et al: I laughed, I cried, I bought the CD." 

“It's hard to $ollon> my ori>n 
act ” -‘Paul McCartney 

l J ‘Bequeath Toam cleaner to Caurel MangelinxPed Ones to Tlnnalee Cocke. 

Katelyn Welch 

These past 4yrs have been interesting. Caity & Rel, 
way to many jokes to remember: Pizza boys our 
stalkers, let’s play button, we’ve had so much fun. 
Rel, ur a diva always and forever. Twisby, Caity & 
Bri: Jebus, Caity simpons trivia my name is better 
stop dressing like me Noel santa luvs u pink ‘n sparkly’ 
Meg & Becky: Ya Ya’s, Hayden, Orlando, no I don’t 
want to play with your hair. Rachel & Heather, good 
luck, Everyone else, we did it! 

Well this is it...but I cannot leave without thanking 
Mrs. Mountain and Mrs.D for putting up with me for 
so long. Kelly, I love you and you are the best thing in 
my life now, and forever. 

“ Make progress everyday. ’ 

“CJhe turning point in the 
process ojgrowing up, is rthen 
you discover the core strength 
within you that sureties all 
hurt ” - Max Cerner 

“Dont get too old, the more 
time ijou spend on this earth, 
the more uou see unfold." 

- Neil lloiing 

Matthevt Wetmore 

What a waste of four years, but we made the best of 
it. First, to my main man, Kevin. High school played 
a small part in our life, we go all the way back to 
kindergarten. I knew him before he was the ‘Weaz’. 
So many good times. And second goes out to Trent. 
We go way back, the connection. Ben, always 
remember elementary school. Smith, thank god for 
basketball camp. Wilbur, the beads and you’re the 
man. Zack, you may cross the line sometimes, but 
someone needs too and the fam, Mom and Dad, thanks 
for everything. 


“Af* is too important a 
thing to e\>er talk seriously 
about. ” - Oscar Wilde 

Peter Whinn 

From my friends, whose incredible intelligence and 
wit I’ve become addicted to. I’ve learned more in 
these 4 years then I have in almost all my classes put 
together. Emily, I’m glad to see you. You’re hilarious. 
The rest of you, also hilarious. Congratulatory 
backslaps all around. My teachers have been a) 
dedicated individuals b) amazingly tolerant of my 
somewhat abrasive personality - I’m grateful for the 
latter above all else. My lovingly demanding parents 
are just that. I quite like you guys, and hope to make 
you proud of me. As a wise person once said, “It 
costs nothing to play”. 

“If you can Walk, you can 
'Dance, if you can Oalk, 
you can Sing. ” - ‘JBob 


<v “Sft; 




jC/z Whitcomb 

So, I guess this is it...Amanda, Heron, Mike, CT, 
Crobar, Harlen, Dave-”No you’re on fire!” Nora-”I 
be like eh?! ’’ Sonja- Don’t let Annie convince you of 
any elephants in your underpants, Eric-K-12, you’re 
the greatest! Annie- my partner in crime, "Quick hide 
the cookies!!” I’ll see you after graduation! Nicole- 
“Hush, Sheosh”, you always kept me smiling. Matt- 
keep doin’ that thing you do! Charlie & Jen- Thanx 
for everything! Sean-You’re one in a million. Mom- 
You’re beautiful, thank you for everything, I couldn’t 
ask for more. Peace. 

They say high school are the best years of your life, and 
they are. So many memories I’ll cherish 4ever. Aly, you’re 
my other half, my sister. No 1 knows me like you. Love 
you! KK-Kooters! STAY HERE! Meg, good times. Ryan, 
late night convos. Thanks for always letting me vent, 
you’re awesome. HEY BART!! I love you guys. Todd, words 
can’t possibly define how much I love you. You’ve taught 
me so much. Thanks for letting me into your heart. 

Mom&Dad, you taught me to fly. I couldn’t have made it 
through life w/out you. I love you. Kayla, we’ve gotten 
close. I’ll miss you. Love ya. Amy & Jess, stay out of 
trouble. Love ya. Class of ‘04, may all your dreams come 

/ J Bequeath to Aly all the (test hair days & to Caitlin Sundby a summer full of 

“Ohe future belongs to those 
Who belieWe in the beauty of 
their dreams/'- "Eleanor 

T)aniel ‘E.WiUur 

Meagan White 

KH:“Was it like that?” 
E)W: u ]jeah, yeah it Was.” 
TN:“CJhat's not a real 

Circus, wow. Keep the good times coming and it will 
only get better, the basement made great memories. 
Double Dragon, always a good idea. Weaz, Wetmore, 
B, and Trent, you guys are great friends, but kinda 
sick I’d have to say. Trent, 3/15-9/15, didnt seem 
possible, but “since I left, ain’t too much changed”. 
Zack, Greg- I’d have to call that 12 great years. Coll, 
best neighbor I could imagine. Didster and Lez, thanks 
for everything. Mom and Dad, thanks for your love 
and support through it all. 

Hayley Trances Williamson 

Swim 1-4, thanks for all the fun times, good luck in 
the future and keep up the great work and swimming 
streak. Kate 6-12 let the good times roll love ya 
Grandpa, all my other friends, you know who you 
are, thanks for all the love you have given me and 
keep in touch. Mommy and Bobaloo, thanks for being 
my friends, and believing in me, I love you both. 
Carly, Nauset wasn’t the same without you. Diane, 
have a great time in high school and being the only 
child. Congratulations class of 2004! “One Love”. 

“And in a While Well smile, 
march on another mile, on 
halloWed hills, attached to the 
land Well be still.” 

- Of a /Resolution 

1 bequeath ‘Erin Reonhardt the sWim box, ‘J3J an aWesome fall of surfing, Kate l Ryan a 
lifetime supply of CocaCola. 


Kurt Wissmann 

“T)rife it like you stole it. 

!Brian Wool 

Chevys rule! I can’t believe it’s already over, we had 
a great time. Hoyt’s woodshop classes, going out to 
lunch, hanging out by the wall. Joe, Dom, Ryan, 
Johnny, Andy, Nolan and everyone else. Rodriguez 
hunting, hanging out down in the shop, working on 
trucks, going out on Nauset. The blazer will live again. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Tiff, Woody, and Sandy for all the 

“It’s easier to go hrin a kill 
than up it, hut the fieri is 
so much hotter at the top. ” 
-‘Arnold ^Sennet 

It’s been a great four years. Pick-Good times since 
7th grade, D.C. trip, package deal, Jack's. Remember 
to hook me up w/ box tickets. Good luck in the future. 
Jake-fun times at your house & esp. in the shed. 
Benning-Keep the power five. Daley-I’m not anarv!. 
Matt-trips in the Yot, lift it but don’t sell it. Hayley- 
remember the trips to NC & AZ. See you on the outer. 
Joe-thanks for the help wrenchin’, watch the tickets. 
To my family: I love all of you. Your encouragement 
& support has been so important. I’m outta here! 

1 bequeath a longhoard to iBrett Johnson. 

“Shoes and handbags are the 
foundation to a good outfit. ” 
-Senior ‘bditor of Vogue 

Jake yagjian 

Baseball 1-4. So many memories. Coon, where would 
I be w/out u man. Boating, Loyola. 1 Sean, best friends 
since 3 grade, shootah, ‘I wish’, thanx bro. Dewy, see 
you in the pros, wish you were here guy, couldn’t 
thank you enough. Ross, fatty. Kara, bf, couldn’t have 
asked for no 1 better to spend my 4 years with, 28, 
can’t wait, bambs, I love u. Kelly, u know..., space 
was cool, my angel, u win. Coll, harry, ur eyes, 
Arizona, thanx for always being there. Bri, F2 Britt, 
Lin, my 2nd sis’. Fam, I love all of you. Dad, my hero. 

“Some people look at things 
and ask , ‘ri>hy?’, 1 look at 
things as hon> they could be, 
and ask. vi>hy not?” 

- Kerin ‘Arnold 

‘Dalii Eiemba 

To all my friends past and present, through the tough 
times and the good times we have weathered and 
grown, I thank all of you. If it wasn’t for all of my 
friends I know I would not be here to write my senior 
text. All but a few of you will go on to live better lives 
in better places, but don’t forget where you came 
from, because where you came from is where I am, 
and where I will always be. Words of advice: Live 
life to the fullest, enjoy it, treasure it, because you 
never know when it’s going to be taken from you. 

“JSife, ‘ Death, jPain, and joy. 
Some thinas are unavoidable, 

ungs are una\ 
others rVe bring upon 
ourselves. uaVe zEiembat 

‘Emma Woois 

Thank you to my Mom, my Dad, Ben, Dylan, Ama, 
and Uncle Mark. And thank you to all my friends, 
you’re all the greatest. 

86 S* 






Seniors not to be forgotten 

Cyan Benning 

Craig Messina 

John Brimmer 

Nolan Morgan 

John Clark 

Aaron Murphy 

David Duggan 

Robert Newton II 

Christopher Farnsworth 

Sarah O’Neill 

Jeffery Farnsworth 

Meaghan Regan 

Edward Forlenza 

Daniel Root 

Nathan Frost 

Kevin Saunders 

Samuel Fuller 

Nadine Schaber 

Shelly Goff 

Troy Stanat 

Jared Grant 

Katherine Sullivan 

Joseph Hayden 

Sara Taylor 

Ian Holmes 

Nathaniel Tesson 

Beau Rent 

Jonah Turner 

Pablo Madera-Arends 

Caleb Valverde 

Senior Class Ojjicers 

President: Brittany Souza 
Treasurer: Zack Robinson 
Secretary: Kara Brady 

“9/11 happened. I 
thought it was the hardest 
week to make it through. 
Then we were struck with 
the loss of a fellow 
student and a great 
teacher and we all cried 11 

“I first stepped onto the Nauset campus as a freshman and thought 4 years 
would be the rest of my life... and now its over...” 

I remember when “Kevin H. covered 
himself in cake and left his backpack at 


"Dan Wilber kissed the shed. 

88 Seniors 

“Soccer games, 2003-2004. Going to the semi-finals of the states, 

and rushing fields after victories.” 

I remember when “we lost spirit week our Senior Year to the 


I remember when “ I w ent to the first 
night of a Nauset Homecoming. It was 
so much f un and so different horn 
anything in N iddle School. From then 
on Homecoming was dubbed my 
favorite part of the school year." 

“Hep's AP chemistry class filled the room with smoke 


“The band, Orchestra, and chorus went 
to see Rent in New York..’’ 


Seniors 89 

< 41- 

j* i i 

I / i 


h H 

I l&M H 


■ \gj 


Bpgff gjfr"' 

I ■ 

I : 1 


i j 


|| -^Mk. |B||k‘' > A 

1 Wpx Or 


3aJyy>§'t l i 

I ' ' - Ml 

My Roots I’ll never forget, I’ll 

“I’ve learned so much and am extremely greatful for the “eye¬ 
opening” experience SWS has given to me, thanks Karen and 
Diane, we love you!! “-Ali Cordeiro 

“SWS gave me the two best years of my high school career, and 
two of the best teachers I have ever had.” -Danielle Schmidt 

wm m 

:>,*■ 2>-'* ■■ 

92 Senior SU/S 

always remember the road I’ve traveled.” 

Remember When... 

| “...Dan and I dressed up like Trotsky and Lenin for 20’s night? Viva 
la Proletariot!” 

: -Dave Reinhardt 

[“... I got a B in English? It was the highest grade I have ever 

Trent Sullivan 

...Dave Ziemba couldn t stay awake so Karen brought in a coffee 
maker to keep him awake?” 

-Casey Snider 


Senior SU/S 93 




Summer Horosopes 

Aries: This summer you might 
make a decision that you might 
regret. So use your head. By the 
end of the summer, everything will 
end up working out, but it will be a 
struggle to get there. 

Deal with the important stuff. 

Taurus: You won’t realize that what 
you do has consequences. You 
might become a little self-absorbed. 

By the end of the summer your 
conscience is crystal clear again. 
Gemini: The start of the summer 
will bring you everything you want 
and romance will rock your world. 

Life will get very busy, and you'll 
do anything to escape it. At the 
end of the summer things will go 
your way again. 

Cancer: This summer will bring 
you much happiness, and you’ll be 
very satisfied,and strong. Your life 
will shift in August, celebrate, it 
doesn’t get much better then this. 

Leo: Relax and enjoy yourself. 

Partners in crime will come in handy, 
you won’t have to explain or apologize. 
You’re handed what you want on a 
golden platter. 

Virgo: June liberates you from all 
previous mistakes. You will find 
love, everyone is on your side. 

Libra: The summer won’t start off 
great. But by late July you win 
independence from things that 
aren’t working. You get yours no 
matter what anybody else gets. 
Scorpio: Accept the unexplainable. 
Passion runs high. Others will be 
proud of you for good reasons. 
Capricorn: You’re not out for 
revenge. Your struggle towards 
improvement pays off. 

Sagittarius: Make up for lost time. By 
the end of the summer you will be able 
to take a calmer and wiser course. 
Aquarius: Luck is your middle name. 
Take a big step back and respect 
others. Your sanity will return by the 
end of the summer. 

Pisces: You lose your sense of humor, 
don’t worry it's not forever. Raw 
inspiration, and brute force save you. 

Fernando Alaniz 
Thomas Allen 

Jonathan Ambrose 
Gabrielle Arcangeli 

Wendy Austin 
Asa Barker 

Ryann Bassett 
Megan Benson 

Nils Berg 
Graham Boardman 

Vanessa Boucher 
Amy Bourbon 

Max Bourgeois 
David Boynton 
Alyssa Bramer 
Walter Brennan 
Odessa Bricault 

Stephen Briganti 
Emily Bruemmer 
Hilary Burkitt 
Alison Burns 
Airlina Burrill 

Meaghan Butilier 
Sara Calkins 
Susan Campbell 
Sarah Capparelli 
Jesse Cappello 

Paul Carlson 
Corey Challies 
Nathaniel Chapman 
Amanda Chase 
Michael Christensen 

Larissa Chudomel 
Ashley Clark 
Kameron Clark 
Melissa Clarke 
April Coats 

James Coats 
Ronald Conte 
Amy Corbett 
Christine Costa 
Kevin Coulter 


Sarah Coveil 
Samantha Crownshaw 
Marissa Cyr 
Bonnie Daffinee 
Kelley Darakjy 

Grahame Davies 
Valerie Decker 
Amanda Delconte 
Carly Deschamps 
John Devito 

Ivan Dewilde 
Lenora Dewilde 
Patrick Dion 
Brendan Donahue 
Kristyn Downer 

Kevin Doyle 
Andre Dumas 
Isadora Dunne 
Lisa Dunne 
David Dupaul 

Jessica Dupont 
Spencer Duquette 

Alexander Ellis 
Alexander Evans 


Kathryn Falcone 
Nathan Falconer 
Emma Farley 
Robert Felt 
Selina Field 

MacKenzie Fields 
Amanda Fitzgerald 
Kristen Flaherty 
Kevin Flynn 
Callie Ford 

Zachary Fyler 
Emalie Gainey 
Nicholas Garland 
Alexander Gaston 
Hillary Gately 

Caitlin Gelatt 
Heather Gierej 
Kristine Grasint 
Amanda Green 
Jared Greenleaf 

Bryan Grozier 
Alexander Haas 
Jordan Hadawar 
John Halter 
Alexander Hanelt 

James Hardman 
Rose Harrington 
Christine Harris 
Courtney Haskell 
Deirdre Heid 


Nicholas Hibbert 
Sara Hilbert 
Neile Horowitz 
Sarah Horton 
Whitney Hossfeld 

Andrea Houde 
Stephanie Houghton 
Brett Johnson 

Susie Johnston 
Daniel Joslin 
Kyle Kaelberer 
Jillian Kamens 
Kimberly Kaplowitz 

Kathryn Kelly 
Mallory Kender 
Jibran Khan 
Kendra King 
Sara Kirby 

Ariana Kmiec 
Amir Kotb 
Michelle Kuchuk 

Angelina Lammie 
Jennifer Laplant 
Natasha Largey 

Yesher Larsen 
William Laughton 
Erin Leonhardt 
Mark Lindblad 
Annie Long 

Bethany Long 
Garrett Loparto 
Natalie Lopresto 
Nicole Loranger 
Charles Lynch 

William Madden 
Stephanie Maker 
Nicole Marshall 
Jeremy Martin 
John Mattson 

Christina Matulaitis 
Ryan Mault 
Jeffrey McCaffery 
Joseph McGrath 
Robert McLaughlin 

Colin McPartlan 
John McPartlan 
John Medeiros 
Joziane Miranda 
Jonathan Mohan 

Brittany Morgan 
Trevor Moss 
Richard Murphy, Jr. 
Rachel Narey 
Bo Stacey Nicholson 



Garrett North 
Martin O'Day 
Lydia O'Donnell 
Nicholas Oakes 
Robert Ollari 

Lindsey Oringer 
Danielle Ormon 
Ashley Ormsby 
Kelly Orth 
Matthew Parker 

Dominique Pecce 
Leanne Phillips 
Andrew Porteus 
Christopher Post 
Lizeth Nathali Prudencio 

Peter Przygocki 
Jacob Puffer 
Alison Punch 
Elizabeth Reddish 
Brie Reynolds 

Malia Rimavicus 
Jessica Ritacco 
Arielle Roderick 
Caitlin Roderick 
Raimi Rose 

Ryan Ross 
Michael Rothenberger 
Ashley Rowell 
Rachel Ruiz 
Patrick Rutledge 

Bryan Rylander 
Matthew Scheier 

Taylor Seymour 
Patrick Shea 

Reed Sherrill 
Cassandra Silvia 
Benjamin Slade 
Maya Sparrow 
Jessica Spier 

Julian Steele 
Matthew Sugg 
Caitlin Sumner 
Emily Sumner 
Tracey Svenningsen 

Zella Swain 
Benjamin Swift 
Robert Tansey 
Ambriel Taylor 
Brian Teason 

Jessica Teffer 
Steven Tupper 
Aimee Vient 



Tara Waldrop 
Danielle Wallace 
Christopher Warren 
Stephen Wells 
John Wescott 

Casey White 
David Wilcox 
Kimberly Withrow 
Melissa Wood 
Clinton Young 

Jeremy Young 
Nadia Younis 
Saher Zahid 

President - Rami Rose 
V. President - Nate Chapman 
Treasurer - Lisa Dunne 
Secretary - Isadora Dunne 

104 e{P 

fiwfuoM 105 

“I love SWS. It makes you want to learn 
more about our history, and the social issues 
that are going on right now”- Sararose Kirby 


brings so many different students 

together. Students who you would think 
might normally not be friends, are seen 
together all over campus. The alternative 
program is an inspiration to learn for 
many. "Our teachers open our eyes to real 
life issues that have always been right in 
front of us, but we have never been exposed 
to before." Our trips, and enrichment 
sessions have brought us all closer 
together. We work better in groups, and 
have fun and exciting classes. Our teachers 
make us "want" to learn, not just for a 
grade, but for ourselves. 

H fej I li 1 

Never a dull moment 


^ ji*j4 

ilfe? jk&JH 

“I love how Karen & Diane treat me like 
an individual, and not just another 
student. I’ve learned so much this year.” 

-Amanda Chase 


Sophomore Class Officers 

President: Hannah Peaslee 
Vice President: Kendra Nielsen 
Treasurer: Jillian Watson 
Secretary: Rachel Hamlin 


1. It may be easy but watch yourself, 
it’s your most Important year. 

2. Start looking at colleges NOW- 

3. Underclassmen become invisble- 

and you thought you were 

4. Pay attention to yourself instead 
of other people. 

5. You don’t need to bring as many 
books to school as you think..DO 
NOT be overprepared for class.. 

6. Getting your license really is a 
big deal. 

7. Don’t be afraid to say what’s on 
your mind. 

8. Challenge yourself...Don’t sign 
up for all electives. 

9. Loosen up and don’t take every¬ 
thing so seriously. 

10. Don’t slack off, do your work., 
but know how to relax AND HAVE 

Sarah Abney 
Danielle Adams 

Molly Alvin 
Jared Arroyo 

Victoria Baker 
Jenna Barr 

Amber Barricman 
Caitlin Bassett 

Kayla Belmore 
Cariy Benning 

Arielle Berrick 
Joseph Bianchi 

Savannah Bilbo 
Michael Blatz 
Margaret Bloomer 
Ashley Boucher 
Nadia Bricault 

Cory Brophy 
Eric Brown 
Matilda Brown 
Constance Bryan 
Matthew Burns 

Christopher Burton 
Mitchell Cahill 
Hannah Caliri 
Megan Calkins 
Keveney Carroll 

Micaela Carucci 
Jason Caruso 
Caila Castellano 
Caitlin Chafee 
Katherine Chambers 

Christina Chance 
Cara Chartier 
Robert Chartrand 
Christopher Chockey 
Alex Clark 

Heather Clifford 
Jared Collins 
Bradley Conant 
Ashley Conrad 
Brandon Cordeiro 


Steven Cove 
Sarah Culver 
Ben D'Amour 
Jacob Daley 
Amanda Dalton 

Marissa Dalton 
Joseph Dansak 
Cory Davis 
Laura Davis 
Lindsay Davis 

Keith Delcourt 
Marcus Delnegro 
Matthew Douglass 
Stephen Doyle 
Jessica Drown 

Molly Duff 
Kara Dziobek 
Douglas Edmunds 
Mitchel Edwards 
Scott Edwards 

Marcvince Ekstrom 
Mikhael El-Bayeh 
Andrew Elder 
Jessica Eldridge 
Samuel Elliott 

Elizabeth Escher 
Hazel Everett 
Sarah Farrell 
Tanya Feehan 
Joseph Ferreira 


Rose Finlay 
Amanda Fiske 
Maggie Fogg 
Rebecca Ford 
Vincent Foscaldi 

Michael Fraher 
Jessica Franz 
Matthew Fredrick 
Rachel Friedman 
Sara Gage 

Ryan Garbitt 
Corey Gill 
Katharine Gillies 
Nicholas Gomez 
Emily Gregson 

Gillian Griffiith 
Marcus Griffin 
Thomas Griffin 
Thomas Hague IV 

Tiffany Hall 
Rachel Hamlin 
Elizabeth Hammond 
Michael Handren 
Catherine Hanlon 

Rebecca Harrison 
Andrew Hathaway 
Orion Haunstrup 
Zake Hawe 
Morgan Hayden 


Nicole Hayes 
Ryan Hayes 
Daniel Hedlund 
Shawn Henry 
Jason Holland 

Natalie Holmes 
Adelaide Hopkins 
Ian Hossfeld 
Matthew Hossfeld 
Spencer Howard 

Nicole Howes 
Paul James 

Aaron Kacergis 
Arianna Kaplan 
Kyle Kearin 
Christopher Kelley 
Emily Kelly-Joseph 

Matthew Kent 
Taylor Keon 

Ronald Kielb 
Jena Kielpinski 



Kelly Kirkbride 
Alexander Koehler 
Palmer Korn 
Nico Kraft-Weinstein 
Brad L'Etoile 

Brielle Lajoie 
Susanne Lamb 
Michael Larner 
Kirsten Leary 
Kathryn Lee 

Rebecca Legeyt 
Sarah Lemon 
Haley Lindahl 
Tesia Loizzo 
Alexander Longley 

Zachary Losordo 
Jillian Lothrop 
Arielle Magid 
Colin Maguire 
Laurel Mangelinkx 

Luke Marshall 
Christopher Martin 
Hannah Marvin 
Scott McAndrews 
Ross McClellan 

Colin McDonald 
Colin McGuire 
Meghan McGuire 
Heather McKenna 
Amy McLellan 


Jared Meegan 
John Mellin 
Mollie Metcalfe 
Nicolas Minnerath 
Molly Mullaney 

Alyssa Mullin 
Rebecca Murray 
Devon Nelson 
Jonathan Newton 
Kendra Nielsen 

Craig Nightingale, Jr. 
Kelly Niquette 
Colin Norgeot 
Marie Norgeot 
Caitlin O'Hara 

Kian Oringer 
Alex Palmer 
Abbey Parkington 
Spencer Parks 
Megan Pease 

Hannah Peaslee 
Sadie Peno 
Kathryn Peterman 
Molly Peters 
Taylor Peters 

Elias Phillips 
Devin Piebes 
Lacey Pi mental 
Mark Pirruccio 
Robert Adam Plaice 

Cory Poole 
Kristofer Poole 

Antonia Porcari 
Hannah Porter 

William Quigley 
Kevin Quill 
Grant Reed 
Mariel Reed 
James Reichers 

Lauren Reilly 
Blis Requa-Trautz 
Lydia Reyburn 
Michael Richards 
Joel Riker 

Corinne Riordan 
Kyle Ritchie 
Alexander Ritt 
Daniel Roberts 
Nicholas Robinson 

Brihgid Rogers 
Devon Rolsten 
Sam Rome 
William Romme' 
Justine Root 


Adam Roy 
Alexandra Rozin 
Jacob Rozin 
Matthew Rozin 
Patrick A. Ryan 

Patrick F. Ryan 
Jared Sacks-Douglass 
Danielle Sargent 
David Sargent 
Brian Seal ley 

Sky Schilling 
Rockwell Schrock 
Eric Schwebach 
Julie Sedgwick 
Kathryn Sherrill 

Kyle Shilansky 
Stephanie Simkins 
Nicole Sinopoli 
Nicholas Sirucek 
Theodore Skiba 

Justin Smith 
Katharine Smith 
Jeffrey Souza 
Brittany Steadman 

William Sullivan 
Kirra Summers 
Tory Summey 
Patrick Sumner 
Joseph Tefft 

Caetlin Tesson 
Jenna Thompsen 
Samuel Trumbo 
Greta Twombly 

Kelsey Usher 
Erik Vanness 
Kristen Voegtlin 
Victoria Wagner 
Brianna Wall 

Alexandra Wallace 
Jillian Watson 
Daniel Whalen 
Benjamin Wharton 
Kayla White 

Kristiana White 
Brett Whitehurst 
Morgan Wightman 
Jesse Wood 
Lyndsey Wood 

Samuel Woodbury 
Brynn Woodland 
Jacquelynn Wright 
Charles Young 
Daniel Young 



MacKenzie Abney 
Justin Adamo 

Amelia Adams 
Holly Allen 

Robert Anderson 
Kimberly Andolina 

Steven Arboleda 
Molly Avellar 
Nicholas Avellar 
Ryan Avery 
Jennifer Bailey 

Amy Baird 
Allison Baker 
Corey Baker 
Christina Barker 
Brian Bartolucci 

Whitney Bashaw 
Tabitha Basine 
Elizabeth Bean 
Thomas Benoit 
Nicole Benson 


l.Big Sweatshirts 
2.Short skirts with white 


3.Riding the bus 
4.Staying after 
5.Being friends with 


1.Trucker hats _ 

2.Over packed LL Bean back packs 

3. Gossip 

4. Trying to be someone 
5.Skipping class 

your not 

Tyler Benton 
Lia Bersin 
Deniz Bertuna 
Lucas Berube 
Cameron Bissell 

Tyler Bittrich 
Renee Blauvelt 
Ashley Boffoli 
Brittany Bohannon 
Lindsey Boisvert 

Lindsay Botsford 
Kyle Bouthiller 
Hannah Brazil 
Stacey Brennan 
Kristen Bresciani 

Martha Brigham 
Emily Brightman 
Suzanne Bryan 
Richard Buckley 
Aaron Burns 

Benjamin Butilier 
Austin Carboni 
Julian Cardinal 
Caitlin Carr 

Tyler Caruso 
Kelly Cenga 
Janake Christensen 
Alexander Clemens 
Patrick Clifford 


Alicia Coen 
Samantha Coffin 
Kyla Collette 
Benjamin Collins 
Abigail Connolly 

Esther Conway 
Kirstyn Costa 
Monique Costa 
Jessica Coveil 
Kevin Cox 

Julianne Crisp 
Karla Crowell 
Caitlin Crowley 
Rebecca Cully 
Evin Cunningham 

Christopher Daley 
Lorena Dame 
Brooke Davis 
Gillian Degnan 
Jedadiah Delano 

Jessica Deluca 
Alana Demetri 
Alysha Denney 
Gina Desimone 
Duane Doolittle 

Kerry Downer 
Christopher Driscoll 
Nicole Dubois 
Samantha Duggan 
Amy Dunne 

Travis Duquette 
Mark Engard 
Samuel Erickson 
Amanda Fancy 

Ashley Farnsworth 
Marina Fernandes 
Jesse Ferreira 
Laura Ferri 
John Ferro 

Dylan Fettig 
Mollie Flaherty 
Aubrey Foster 
Shawn Foster 
Jennifer Franzen 

Benjamin Frechette 
Michelle Freiner 
Sarah Frisco 
Melissa Frost 
Anastasia Funston 

Christopher Gallagher 
Jemma Gallagher 
Johan Garcia 
Bryan Gardner-Lopez 
Ashley Gaughran 

Bligh Gaus 
Stefan i Gawron 
Lauren Gentile 
Adam Gianakis 
Tessa Gifford 


Juan Gomez 
Casandra Goode 
Stephanie Goodinson 
Joelle Govoni 

Colin Grant 
Tyerik Green 
Jessica Gremila 
Justin Griffin 

Jessie Guyon 
Hilary Hamlyn 
Cecilia Hanelt 
Ashley Harrigan 
Connor Hayes 

Kaitlyn Hayes 
Elizabeth Hayward 
Jenica Hayward 
Evan Heidepriem 
Lindsay Henson 

Roberto Hernandez 
Joel Hesketh 
Julie Hight 
Chelsey Hirst 
William Hirst 

Alexis Hirtle 
Colleen Hogan 
Michael Holguin 
Alexandra Holland 
Dylan Hosmer 

Samuel Houde 
Connor Houghton 
Jillian Howard 
Nicholas Hurst 
Molly Jacobus 

Kristina Jellen 
Kimberly Johnson 
Sarah Johnson 

Daniel Jones 
Kari Jorgensen 
Hilary Kays 

Brian Kelly 
Ryan Kemp 
Shelley Kielb 
Elizabeth Kinahan 
Heather Klein 

Daniel Kostka 
Zachary Krauss 
Eric Lapointe 
Meghan Leach 
Louis Lebart 

Nicholas Leduc 
Jillian Lindblad 
Laura Longoria 
Stephen Lonsdale 
Michael Lopriore 


Katherine Loranger 
Nicholas Losordo 
John Lungo 
Phoebe Lyttle 
Kelsey MacDonald 

John MacKeil 
Pablo Madera 
Meaghanne Mahoney 
Eliza Mandel 
Matthew Margotta 

Jorge Marin 
Victoria Marr 
Julia Mattson 
Kevin McCaffery 
Sinead McGorman 

Lauren McGown 
Colby Mickle 
Samantha Mohan 
Lauren Montgomery 
Melissa Moore 

Nicholas Morris 
Brian Morton 
Gregory Munroe 
Ashley Murphy 
Charles Nicholson 

Conor O'Brien 
Sandy O'Connor 
Michael Oliver 
Jennifer Ollari 
Chelsea Ormon 


Sarah Parmenter 
Letitia Parris 
Alexsis Penney 
Colin Perel 
Catherine Perkins 

Noah Peters 
Rachel Peters 
Gregory Plante 
Jonathan Poirier 
Brishen Pombo 

Jane Poranski 
Eric Porteus 
Kenneth Post 
Kimberly Probolus 
Rebecca Putnam 

Jorel Radke 
William Read 
Mark Realbuto 
Rebecca Reddish 
Jamison Rees 

Kyle Reisner 
Emily Rice 
Kenneth Richards 
Jeffrey Roberts 
Lorisa Robinson 

William Rock 
Michael Rowell 
Robin Russell 
Sara Rutledge 
Ashley Ryan 


Jeffrey Sabatino 
Kareem Sanjaghi 
Kathleen Scherding 
Jonathan Schubin 
Amanda Schuermann 

Emelie Sears 
Nathan Severdija 
Rachel Sewell 
Brendan Shea 
Quinn Shea 

Kimberly Shields 
Alexie Silvia 
Austin Smith 
Erica Smith 
Kristen Smith 

Morgan Smith 
Katherine Sorensen 
Kieley Steadman 
Christopher Stewart 
Kai Stewart 

Sam Stribley 
Anna Struna 
Danielle Sullivan 
Maura Sundby 
Emma Swift 

Dylan Tarr 
Alexandra Taylor 
Brandon Tobey 


Blake Treadwell 
Seth Tringale 
Alexander Tuckerman 
Laura Tupper 
Jonathan Unger 

Theresa Vient 
Brian Vincent 
Christopher Viprino 
Shannon Waldron 
Jessica Wallace 

Samantha Ward 
Taylor Weeks 
Andrew Wescott 
Jacob Wharton 
Ryan White 

Sarah White 
Paige Wilcox 
Logan Williams 
Evan Williamson 
Sarah Winslow 

Treshmen Class Officers 

President - Janake Christensen 
V. President- Ty Erik Green 
Treasurer- Lorena Dame 
Secretary - Jenny Ollari 


Wellfleet General Store, Spencer and Fuller Builders, Sweet Waters Camp, The Card Shoppe, Truro Central School, Wellfleet Library. 

Arey’s Pond, Argonuta, Bennet and O’Reilly, Brewster Inn and Chowder House, Cape and Islands Glass, Cape 

Work Experience to work for Nauset Students 

Ashley Jamieson teamed up 
with Mrs. Morris’s second grade 
class at Eastham Elementary 
School . Working with young kids 
is something that is useful now 
and in the future. 

Chris Allard knows all there is to 
know when it comes to fixing cars!! He 
spends his working hours at Fugates 
Auto Electric in Orleans. You know 
where to go if you are having car 

ipno$ ‘uopDn-qsuo^ g y ‘du| XauaSy 3DU£jnsu| ‘uu| >|oo-|-jaAQ ‘|rajpa^ adr^ jamo ‘sajodg B|dujX|o 

132 School To Work 

Alyssa Van Ryswood has 
one of the best jobs at 
The Hole in One restaurant 

She gets to meet new people during the 
morning and afternoons and in the summer 
still have time to get to the beach. Alyssa 
has put in a lot of time and effort at this job 
and is now one of the managers. 

Hard work pays off. 

- -V 

Stefan Harris works 
at The Brewster Inn and 

Chowder House 

assisting the head chef 

He will be attending a 
Culinary School in the fall. 

‘.leg aamf ‘3 uq u| a|Oj-| ‘sjapjmg anSB|-| ‘Smquunu eijiuajt} ‘cany ‘Xjuose^ ajEnb$ pue jje-| ‘jjeday 

Cod Challenge, Charter School, Cape Cod Children’s Place, C.C. Construction, Cape Cod Hospital, C. J’s 

School To Work 133 

Automotive, Crocker Nursery, CVS, Dennis Automotive, Don’s Auto, Eastham Elementary, Eastham Fire Dept.,Eastham Vets, Fair and Square Chimney , 

you in our hearts forever. 

\/[)c dill remember Mrs. tPozgay for all of the special moments 
I V de shared dith her. 'As our school librarian, she nhis aldays 
ready to help and guide students and faculty alike. Mrs. xozgay 
ri>ill be forever admired and appreciated for her extraordinary 
enthusiasm and great affection for students and books. 

“...And in the end, the love you take is 
equal to the Love you Make. ” 

134 In Memory 


Cl Conrad 

P Markovich 
.‘Assistant Principal 

P. Milkier 
‘Assistant Principal 

Uechnology Coordinator - 
Kathij Schroch 
c iDirector of Student 
Services - ‘Ann Caretti 
Pusiness Manager - 
Susan Highland 


Superintendent - Pinda 
Superintendent - 
Michael P. Qradone 


1. Scanlon 


V. Smith 

M. Stannard 

J. Shyne 

Tacultii and Staff 135 

M. jBohannon 

£. Henirickx 

£ JCinihal 


d Joyce M.Kerse-McMillian S. King 

A. Mosesso 
E)ept. Heab 

4 . 

136 Eaculty an} Staff 


JB. Albright 

V. Cohen 


BP. Cham6erlin 
Dept. Head 

SR. Johnston 

SR. Taucher 

SB. JBebort 


D. SPotts 

K. Oaijlor 

K. Or ingale 

J. Orotta 


K. No^acon 

J. SRrters 

£. Henirichx 

O. Smith-Keon 

‘Tacuity and Stajj 1 37 

Social Studies 

ID. ^Bahher 

M. fBurling 

M. "Butts 

"D Campbell 

31. Clark 
Dept. Head 

jS. Hicks 

H. ‘EiJans 

32. BaBranche 

32. 32ice 

J. 32ouleau 

B. Wright 

138 Faculty and Staff 


J. Bohannon 

V. Covi>an 

J. Tuller 

A. Hirsch 

S. Qrubiak 
Dept. Head 

S. Schachter 

K . Maynard 

C. Metiers 

K. Bagasse 

S. Sn>iniarshi 

B- Wilkinson 

“Faculty and Staff 139 

Fine an 3 ‘Applied Arts 

J2. J^rovVn 


J ' Craven 

A. ‘J^ea^an 

A. Randall 

jC. JCanglais 
‘Dept. Head 

J ' McQortn 

Also: 0. Tans, IP Frost and jB. Hayopian 

K. Hoyt 

J. Zariadzkas 

A. Castellano 

K. McCully 




' ' ■ ' 

\ : -V \1 

D Demetri 

J. Fitzpatrick 

D Masterson 


R. Walker 

Dept. Head 

140 ‘Faculty and Staff 

Q. deary 

S. Qarrett J2. He ml) rough 

A, Sullivan (A.V) J. Quill 

M. Roschetto 
'Athletic Drainer 

H. Stevens 

TEAucational Assistants 

V Hatch 

A . Close 

J. Rirchall J. Caporello 


Also: S. Smith 

J. Karbe 


J. Alar quit 

R. Nelson 

S. Schrtebach 

Tacuity and Stajj 141 

World JSanquaqe 

Q. Qeueke 

M. McMahon 


M. Qooirori> 

K. Stanton 

fB. Ohomfson 

jP. MuCullouah 
‘Dept. Heai 

£. Vienneau 

J. Qammon 

142 Tacultij and Staff 

Special "Education 

M. Mountain J. fXaniall 

£ Smith 

TLlso: H. ‘Dixon ani M. Mathison 

71. Tori 

Cl CJobler 

Wv* V 

7B. fBartonlini-Orott C. Tesimone 


M. Tearborn 71 . Qreenrtay 

71. Martin K. MacTonali 

K. Ouffer 

“Faculty and Staff 143 

School Nurse 

Cafeteria ladies &> Qentlemen 

C. Qelatt, N. Nouillard, M. Nit clue, 

JS. OeAndrade, jC. McKenzie fMgr.J, P Stevens, 
V. Piero 

Custodial Qentlemen 

Pack ron>: J. Poleij, J. Parker; S. Appleton, 
P. Saint, N. Polinhr, Front ron>: P. Clark, 
T). Panglois, an 3 N. O'Connell 

School Monitor 

Sally tCancflois 

144 Faculty ant> Staff 


W e are very 
lucky to have 
such talented art¬ 
ists here atNauset. 
Thanks to all of the 
teachers who have 
shared their exper¬ 
tise in this depart¬ 
ment. We are in¬ 
spired by all of you. 


.iWwojS.fc'y*. aSai 

Artwork by 



The Arts 147 

Nauset's Culinary Program is home to a number of aspiring 
chefs. Student experiences may include basic techniques in baking 
and cooking, art forms such as gingerbread houses, and preparing 
meals from a variety of different cultures. Some students who 
have the desire to further their culinary skills have decided to join 
the Pro Start Program. Pro Start is a two-year course which prepares 
students to work in the restuarant industry. They learn and 
experience all aspects of operating and managing a food service 

148 The Arts 



Semester 1 members: Alena Abernethy, Elizabeth Bear, Ashley Boffoli, Sam Coffin, John Connelly, 
Amanda Fazio, Maggie Fogg, Aubrey Foset, Lauren Franklin, Katie Garganigo, Tiffany Hall, Hilory 
Hamlyn, Ashley Harrigan, Nicole Hayes, Ashley Jamieson, Victoria Johnson, Arianna Kaplan, 
Kelly Kirkdride, Annie Long, Hannah Marvin, Meghan Mcguire, Jozrana Miranda, Marissa Lena 
O’Connor, Lydia O’Donnell, Brie Reynolds, Quinn Shea, Danielle Sullivan, Alexandrea Taylor, 
Sam antha Ward, Taylor Weeks. _ 

Tfye U/orld /I\usic Ensemble 

The World Music Ensemble, led by Lisa Brown, is a group of students who are 
committed to composing and arranging music that combines a western style with a world 
sound. They play various world instruments for school and community events throughout 
the year. Members are Joseph Ferreira, Scott Edwards, Nick Woodbury, Jessica Funston, 
Hilary Holt, Anna Geueke, Molly Mullaney, Kian Oringer, Jacquelynn Wright, Hannah Peaslee, 
Rose Parkington. Not Pictured: Odessa Bricault, Mike Clough, John Connelly, Sam Elliot, 
James Hardman, Ben Kushigian, Andy Maddox, Nora Parkington, Elian Phillips, Jess Teffer, 
Sam Woodbury, 

The Arts 149 


Performance at Boston Symphony Hall 
on April 10th 2004. 

Members: Alena Abernethy, John Connelly, Alyson Cordeiro, 
Brandon Cordeiro, Julian Cyr, Marissa Cyr, John Halter, Stephanie 
Houghtan, Wes Kanaga, Arianna Kmiec, Rachel Mandel, Jesse 
McAdams, Liz McKay, Dee Ormand, Robin Weldin. Instructor 
Mrs. Beavan 


Members: C. Bassett, M. Benson, M. Bloom, A. Boucher, C. Bryan, 
J. Culdwell, H. Clifford, A. Dultony, A. Delconte, M. Duff, A. Fiske, 

M. Frost, H. Gately, H. Gierej, T. Hall, N. Hayes, A. Jamieson, A. 
Kaplan, K. Kaplowitz, K. Kelly, J. Kelly, K. Kirkbride, D. Kostka, M. 
Kuchuk, B. Kushigian, J. LaPlant, J. Mashiah, A. Mattox, L. 
O’Donnell, K. Peterson, J. Radke, M. Reed, L. Reyburn, J. Ritacco, 
J. Rozin, D. Sargent, S. Schilling, A. Taylor, M. Theobald, A. Wallace, 

N. Young, P Hilcox, K. White, J. McAdams, J. Connelly. Instructor 
Mrs. Beavan 


M. Cyr, J. Cyr, K. Delcourt, S. Edwards, C. Fish, M. Flaherty, A. Gaughran, K. Gazzano, 

A. Kmiec, M. Kuchuk, B. Kushigian, A. Lamb, L. Longoria, R. Mandel, J. McAdams, 

J. Reddish, R. Reddish, E. Reddish, P. Ryan, N. Schaber, R. Schrock, J. Souza, B. Souza 


Members: Holly Allen, Christina Barker, Tabitha Basine, Rachel Caleri, 
Marina Fernandes, Jemma Gallagher, Ashley Gaughran, Stefani 
Gawron, Lisa Glasheen, Kristina Jellin, Jillian Lindblad, Chelsea 
Ormon, Letitia Parris, Catherine Perkins, Jane Poranski, Emelie Sears, 
Theresa Vient. 

Members: Jesse McAdams, Andy Mattox, Julian Cyr, Robin Weldon, 
Wes Kanaga, John Halter, John Connelly. Not pictured: Brandon 
Cordeiro, Nathanial Hollander- Essig). 

A. Abernathy, M. Benson, M. Cestaro, B. Conant, J. Connelly, A. Cordiero, B. Cordeiro, 
K. Genois, C. Harris, O. Haunstrup, B. Hayes, S. Houghton, J. Johnson, W. Kanaga, 

M. McCutcheon-Schour, E. Mckay, D. Nelson, K. Nielson, N. Oakes, C. Perel, 

J. Spier, A. Stranger, D. Tarr, E. Wagner, R. Weldon, P. Wilcox 



Members: M. Alvin, M. Avellar, C. Benning, E. Blatz, L. Botsford, S. Brennen, E. Brightman, S. Bryan, A. Burrill, B. 
Butilier, M. Butilier, H. Calari, C. Carr, K. Cenga, H. Clifford, J. Collins, A. Conrad, R. Conte, B. Cordiero, A. Dalton, 
G. Degnan, M. Del Negro, K. Delcourt, S. Edwards, S. Erickson, J. Ferreria, L. Ferri, R. Finlay, R. Freidman, S. 
Gage, K. Genois, C. Grant, E. Gregson, C. Gustamachil, N. Hollander Essig, C. Harris, O. Haunstrup, B. Hayes, K. 
Hayes, D. Heid, J. Height, W. Hirst, A. Holland, A. Hopkins, D. Hosmer, W. Hossfeld, M. Jacobus, W. Kanaga, R. 
Kemp, J. Khan, S. Kerby, A. Kolher, A. Lamb, K. Lee, E. Leonhardt, A. Locke, S. Maker, E. Mandel, L. Mangelinkx, 
V. Marr, A. Mattox, R. McClellan, M. McCutcheon Schore, C. McDonald, E. McKay, B. Morton, A. Mullin, D. Nelson, 
K. Nielson, H. Panuzcak, A. Penney, L. Pimental, G. Plante, J. Poirer, C. Post, K. Quill, M. Realbuto, J. Reddish, B. 
Requa-Trautz, R. Rose, A. Ryan, N. Schaber, M. Scheier, N. Sinopoli, E. Smith, K. Smith, B. Souza, J. Souza, A. 
Stranger, T. Summey, G. Twombley, E. Wagner, B. Wall, K. White, M. White, S. White, K. Withrow, C. Young, O. 
Zinn. Instructor: Tom Faris 


Jazz Band Members: Brad Conant, Ron Conte, Keith 
Delcourt, Scott Edwards, Joe Ferreria, Christian Fish, 
Christine Harris, Bryan Hayes, Analee Locke, Andrew Mattox, 
Chris Post, Beth Reddish, Rebecca Reddish, Jenn 
Reichers, Matthew Scheier, Dan Shook, Nicole Sinopoli, 
Nick Woodbury, Sam Woodbury. Instructor: Mr. Tom Faris 

_ oe cod M a " 

Perf°^'^ d a plpV a ' W tne & 

lab 0 ^ 30 



Members: Thomas Allen, Joseph Bianchi, Tyler 
Bittrich, Brad Conant, Jake Daley, Kyle Douglas, 
Sam Elliot, Alex Evans, Jesse Ferreria, Alexander 
Hass, Josh Johnson, Nathan Jones, Michael 
Lopriore, Dane Martin, Harmony McGorman, 
Richard Murphey, Ken Post, Kareem Sanjaghi, 
Jessica Spier, Chris Stewart, Brandon Tobey, Sam 
Trumbo, Chris Viprino, Nick Woodbury. 


Percussion members 
preparing to play at the Pops 
Night at the High School. 

Honors Orchestra Members: L. Bersin, M. Cestaro, J. 
Cyr, K. Gazzano, J. Johnson, N. Oakes, C. Perel, R. 

Orchestra Members: M. Brigham, B. Brown, S. 
Capparelli, M. Flaherty, C. Ford, J. Garcia, C. Gaus, K. 
Gilmore, B. Kushigian, N. LeDuc, L. Longoria, M. Moore, 
T. Newton, K. Poole, J. Root, P Ryan, A. Schuermann, J. 
Souza, D. Tarr, V. Wagner 
Instructor: B. Hagopian 


154 Clubs and ‘Activities 

Clubs and 'Activities 155 








2003 A.C. L. Champs & State Division I South 


Nauset Boys Soccer held it’s own and defeated many schools in 
Division I playoffs including New Bedford, Attleboro, Durfee, Natick, 
Brockton & Medford that were two and three times Nausets size. 

2003 League All Stars 

Brandon Smith, 
Brendon Lawless, Nick 
Faivre, Bobby Ollari. 
Honorable Mention 
B. Cooney, B. Hogan 

Junior Varsity Members: Front row-K. Richards, K. Sanjaghi, D. Bertuna, M. Fraher, 
J. Martin, C. Reeves, B. Pombo, K. Oranger. Middle row-C. Viprino, C. Houghton, C. Grant, 
C. Hayes, K. Post, E. Williamson, P. Ryan, R. Kemp, D. Rolston. Back row- B. Rock,J. Garcia, 
M. Cahilll, J. Radke, M. Loprior, R. Witt-Long, G. Plante, B. Gaus. 

156 Fall Sports 

ffard Work Okt/s Off 

Varsity members: Front row - M. Nickerson, Captain B. Smith, Captain 
B. Lawless, Captain N. Faivre, Captain A. Guttmann, D. Shook, J. Grant, 
Second row - Coach J. McCully, R. Conte, B. Olari, D. DePaul, W. 
Laughton, B. Cooney, M. Scheier, D. Roberts, M. DelNegro, M. 
Rothenberger. Back row: R. Felt, B. Johnson, B. Teason, K. Christensen. 

OTjom start to 
JO finish the Boys 
Soccer Team proved 
that dedication, 
committment, team 
effort and hard 
work pay off In an 
undefeated regular 
season with a 
record of 19-0-1, 
the team earned 
their place in the 

Girl’s Soccer 

Varsity members: Front row - L. Dunne, S. Maker, N. Hague, Capt. H. 
McGorman, Capt. J. Morton, C. Width, E. Rarley, E. Gainey. Second row - 
R. Parkington, K. Niquette, M. Wood, W. Austin,Capt. K. Souder, A. Burrill, 
J. Hadawar, L. Boisvert, A. Fancy, Coach B. Wooster. Back row: T. Reehan, 
R. Sundby, A. Dunne. 

Junior Varsity Members: Front row-C. Barker, s. McGorman, 
K. Leary, K. Jorgensen, B. Woodland, E. Bruemmer.J. Wallace, M. Pease. 
Back row- L. Wood, C. Hirst, Coach B. Guttmann,J. Ollari, S. Simkins 

Fall Sports 


Varsity members: Front row - Capt. K. Flaherty, Capt. K. Gilmore, J. 
Anderson. 2nd row: M. White, D. Dalton, T. Endich, K. Todd. Back row: K. 
Darakjy, B, LeGeyt, A. Tuckerman, K. Sherrill, M. Benson, N. Bricault and 
Coach Rob Reynolds. 

2003 League All Stars 

Honorable Mention: 
Jessica Anderson 

Junior Varsity Members: Front row-C. Goode, B. Harrison, R. 
Blauvelt, J. Govoni, J. Drown, S. Brennan, K. Smith. Back row: A. Foster, T. 
Parris, A. Holland, S. Winslow, A. Magin, K. Loranger, K. Downer, J. Crisp 
and Coachjulie McNamara 

Fall Sports 159 





Varsity/JV members: Front row: E. Devens, R. Fitzgerald, I. Dundas.J. Francesconi, Capt G. 
Ingram, Capt M. Puffer, Capt T. Tang, D. Wilbur, N. Morgan, S. Sullivan, D. Taravella. 2nd row: 
D. Intonti, C. Warren, K. Kaelberer, A. Evans, J. Westcott R. Ross, J. DeVito, P. Rutledge, B. 
McLaughlin, B. Madden. 3rd row: L. Marshall, T. Peters,J. Reichers, M. Richards, T. Anderson, 
M. Sugg, A. Kotb, R. Murphy, T. Seymour, J. Puffer, T. Hague. 4th row: M. El-Bayeh, K. Quill, B. 
L’Etoile, K. Poole, C. Burton, C. Maguire, N. Robinson, M. Hossfeld, I. Hossfeld, B. Wharton. 
Coaches: Keith Arnold, Stu Fyfe (Head coach),Terence Roche, Jesse Peno. Not present: R. 
Sherrill, K. Kearin, P. Early, B. Whitehurst S. Edwards. 


' : 


Front row: John Lungo, 
P. Clifford, J. Peno, R. 
White, K. Cox, Brian 
BartolucciJ. Unger. 2nd 
row: Coach Jack 
Konahue, T. Green, G. 
Munroe, B. Morton, M. 
Margotta, S. Foster, L. 
LaBart, E. LaPointe, 
Coach Will Glennon. 3rd 
row: B.Tobey, B. Butilier, 
K.Reisner,C. Nicholson. 

2003 League All Stars 

TaidjeTang, Marshall 
Puffer, Chris Warren, 
Dan Intonti, Sean 

Honorable Mention: 
Bob McLaughlin and 
Greg Ingram 

Fall Sports 161 


Field Hocky 

Varsity Members: 
Front row - C. Costa, 
S. Calkins, Capt. K. 
Brady, Capt. S. Floyd, 
Capt. E. Gallagher, 
Capt. S. Douglass, T. 
Svenningsen, A. Sliney. 

2nd Row: Coach R. 
Bassett, C. Matulaitis, 
D. Ormon, C. 
Benning, A. Roderick, 
R. Hamlin, K. Orth, 
Coach Jody Quill. 


Junior Varsity Members: Front row-A. Farnsworth, 1st Row: c. 
Ormaon, S. Waldron, H. Marvin, B. Daffinee, M. Butilier, K. Falcone, P. 
Lyttle. 2nd Row: L. Longoria, J. Lindblad, K. Summers, L.Bersin, K. 
MacDonald, A. Fiske, E. Swift, N. Benson, C. Bassett, Gallagher, Coach 
Kim Rogers. 3rd Row: K. Smith, B. Bohannon, L. McGown, K. Collette, 
K. Probolus. 

* £ 

Fall Sports X 

Varsity Football 

Front row - K. 
Carroll, L. Penney, J. 
Bailey, Capt. J. 
Reichers, S. Gage, T. 
Weeks, L. Pimental. 
2nd Row: E. Smith, K. 
White, G. Davies, R. 
Sewell, Sm Duggan, R. 
Ruiz, Coach Karen 
Taylor. Not present: 
Capt. A. Kmiec 

Fall Sports 163 


Front row-M. Bourgeois, 

T. Allen, 
C. Jacobes, Capt. L. 
Buckley, Capt. 
N. Chapman, 
M. Milewski, J. Hardman, 
J. Halter. 2nd Row: Coach 
Justin Bohannon, 
R. Jacobus, C. Lynch, J. 
Ambrose, R. Weldon, J. 

M. Douglass, Coach Rich 
Johnson. 3rd Row: A. 
Kohler, K. Cenga, J. 



»' » r#t*4 



164 Fall Sports 


Front row - B. Steadman, N. Sinopoli, C. Haskell, C. 
Ford, M. Reed, L. Botsford, S. Bilbo, R. Narey, M. Flaherty, 
K. Usher, Coach Bambi Thompson. 2nd Row-B. Wall, 
C. Harris, A. Abernathy, Capt. N. Perkins, Capt. J. Jeffrey, 
A. Conrad, S. Abney. 

2003 League All Stars 

Honorable Mention: 
Courtney Falcone 

Fall Sports 165 





Varsity members: Front row - Coach P. White, Capt. J. Hohan, 
W. Brennan, Capt. R. Cullinan, P. Sumner, A. Porteus, Z. Losordo. 2nd 
Row: D. Piebes, D. Hedlund, A. Schwebach, K. Ritchie, C. Brophy 

Junior Varsity Members: Front row: A. Burns, T. 
Bittrich, N. Morris, G. Reed, S. Howard, A. Roy. 2nd 
Row: S. Tupper, T. Skiba, Coach Bob Wilkinson, B. 
Read, E. Schwebach, C. Martin. Absent: D. Whelan, N. 
Hurst, L. Berube. 

2003 League All Stars 

Jon Mohan, Wally Brennan, and Devin Piebes 
Honorable Mention: Danny Hedlund 

166 Fall Sports U- 

Varsity members: Front row - I. Dunne, A. Stranger, C. O’Brien, 
D.j. Kostka, E. Escher, B. Reynolds, K. Dunne. 2nd Row: O. Johnson, 
M. Freiner, K. Escher, K. Heid, A. Dumas, M. Duff. Absent: K. Kelly, M. 

Fall Sports 


Dance Team 

Junior Varsity Members: Front row-N. Losordo, B. Bartolucci, R. Avery, R. 
Chartrand.Row 2: K. Steadman, N. Kraft Row 3: J. Meegan, Z. Losordo,, B. Collins, J. Ferreira, 
C. Gill, R. McClellan, N. Severdija, B. Quigley. 


Winter Sports 

A if .71ml 

Varsity members: Front row - I. Hossfeld, P. Moore, 
Capt. J. Pickard, Capt. T. Daley, M. Bartolucci. Row 
2: B. Bartolucci, E. Brown, R. Tansey, M. Blatz, S. 
Tringale, R. Avery, and Coach Tim Vaughan. Row 3: 
Coach John Goff, N. Kraft, R. Chartrand, J. Daley, M. 
O’Day, T. Moss, S. Fuller, D. Hedlund, A. Tuckerman. 

2004 League All Stars 

Mike Bartolucci, Jake 
Pickard, Trevor Moss, 
Jake Daley, Dan Roberts, 
EJ Brown Alex Tuckerman 


^Better C7h 



(508) 696 




(TY *ie accomplishments 
of the Boy’s Hockey 
Team were of grand 
proportions this season. As 
a six-year young team, they 
made a name for 
themselves with a record 
of 17-2-01. Tremendous 
speed, improved stick 
handling and confidence on 
the ice are just some of the 
qualities that brought the 
team to this level. 

\ n 

rest in 

Varsity members: Front row - Capt. M. Hossfeld, B. Tobey, Capt. E. 
Forlenza, Capt. D. Shook, Capt. R. McCarthy, Capt. D. Taravella, J. Hardman. 
Row 2: M. Costa, P. Ryan, T. Benton, C. Maguire, K. Poole, J. Waldrop, N. 
Morris, J. Dansak, K. Cox, Coach Dave Potts. 

Matt Hossfeld has his opponent in a half nelson. 



170 Winter Sports 


2003 League All Stars 

Dan Shook - ACL & Mayflower 
Dominic Taravella - Mayflower 
Ed Forlenza - ACL & Mayflower 
Matt Hossfeld - ACL 


Above: Nick Morris, Chris 
Poole and Steve Waldrop 
anxiously watch during a recent 
match with Whitman-Hanson. 

Left: Nick Morris and opponent 
shaking hands ready to begin. 

Winter Sports 171 

Varsity members: Front row - H. Peaslee, M. Metcalfe, Asst. Capt. K. 
Gazzano, Capt. E. Gallagher, K. Boyd, B. Davis, L. DeWilde, R. Ruiz. Row 
2: Coach Andrew Hossfeld, Asst. Capt. W. Hossfeld, M. Mullaney, Q. 
Shea, H. Porter, K. Abney, S. Bryan, C. Crowley, T. Vient, Manager. (Not 
pictured K. Flaherty, K. Welch) 

SSmr a 

'§mmm a v 

-m# : 

Year #1 

The Girl’s Varsity Ice Hockey 

Highest Season Point Total (18 points) 

Ashley Farnsworth 
Most Shutouts - Mollie Mullaney 
Most Assists - Brooke Davis 
Most Goals - Tied 

Ashley Farnsworth 
Kelly Gazzano 

172 Winter Sports 

Members: Front row - D. Heid, I. Dunne, A. Stranger, K. Escher, C. 
O’Brien, B. Reynolds, K. Kelly. Back row: D.J. Kostka, O. Johnson, M. 
McGuire, E. Escher, A. Dumas, M. Duff, Coach Coby Vincent. 

Winter Sports 173 

Varsity Members: Front row - A. Schwebach, K. Harrigan, Capt. 
D. Evans, Capt. T. Tang, Capt. I . Dundas, B. Smith, R. Benning. 
Back row - Coach John Coveil, Coach S. Nickerson, J. Mohan, R. 
Murphy, T. Seymour, R. Cullinan, B. Grozier, B. Conant, Coach 
Bob Jones, Coach Leo Miller 





Junior Varsity 
Members: Front row-C. 
O’Brien, K. Quill, T. 
Hague, J. Puffer, B. 
Scalley D. Piebes. Back 
row - C, Nicholson, C. 
Brophy, N. Robinsin, 
A. Hathaway, M. El- 
Bayeh, B. Whitehurst, 
N. Minnerath, J. Unger, 
Coach John Covell. 

Freshmen Team Members: Front row- A. Burns, J. Wharton, A. 
Gianakis, M. Lapriore.T. Green, D. Tarr, K. Sanjaghi, R. Buckley. Back 
row-C. Grant,J. Cardinal, C. Hayes,J. Ferro, K. Post, G. Plante, S. 
Luster, E. Porteus, Coach Scott Nickerson. 

2004 ACL All Stars 

Ryan Benning 
Derek Evans 
Taidje Tang 

174 Winter Sports 




FIRST ROW, l. to R-: Coach Miller, Mgr. E, Brown, Marc Norgoet, A. Ryone, L. Squire, M. Murphy, L 
Taylor, Mgr. B. Ormsby. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: C. Dalby, F. Gallant, M. Waiters, R. Jones, B. Ramsdell 
J. Latham, J. Fuller, 

N auset’s basketball coach Leo Miller has been coaching 
for more than forty years with a remarkable total of 
600 victories Coaching honors have included the 
Massachusetts Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame, 
Sherm Kinney Award for outstanding contribution to 
Basketball, and Designee to Summer Olympic Festival in 1993. 
Coach Miller’s philosophy is summarized in the following 
quote: “ The basketball court is my classroom where I can truly 
teach what life is all about.” 

'ACC Uniejeatei Ceamie Champs 

League Record 12 wins - 0 Losses 

Derek Evans takes a shot. 

Winter Sports 175 

Freshmen Team Members: 
Front row-C. Hirst, R. Sewell, 
M. Fernandes, E. Swift, V. 
Marr, J. Mattson, L. Penney. 
Back row - Coach Bob 
Wilkinson, N. Eskandari, K. 
MacDonald, K. Loranger, J. 
Govoni, J. Bailey, T. Basine, 
C. Barker, C. Young. 

C elebrating an 
Caitlin Sundby 
scored 1,000 
points in her 
Nauset career. 

176 Winter Sports 

Varsity Members: Front row - S. Maker, C. Benning, N. Hague, Capt. C. 
Sundby, N. Parkington, T. Endich, L. Chudomel, B. Nicholson. Back 
row - Coach John Canu, A. Clark, L. Boisvert, A. Sliney, E. Farley, E. 
Gainey, S. Crownshaw, Coach Dave Oliver. 

Junior Varsity Members: 
Front row- H. McKenna, 
A. Kaplan, K. Smith, R. 
Hamlin, B. Lajoie. Back 
row - J. Drown, J. 
Sedgwick, M. Dalton, A. 
Tuckerman, S. Peno, R. 
Sundby, Coach John 








0 ) 



Winter Sports 177 

Boy’s Swimmin 

Boy’s Overall 


10 Wins 
2 Losses 

Members: Front row: K. Christensen, E. Leonhardt, Capt. L. McKay, Capt. 
C. Johnson, Capt. H. Williamson, S. Johnson, P. Madera-Arends. 2nd row: 
K. Smith, L. Longoria, K. Cenga, B. Bohannon, N. Schaber, J. Christensen. 
3rd row: Coach Katie McCully, M. Pirruccia, R. Harrington, C. Sumner, B. 
Johnson, M. Larner, A. Haas, K. Wissmann, C. Jacobs, Coach Justin 
Bohannon. 4th row: A. Bramer, A. Delconte, N. LoPresto, R. Felt, L. 
Lebart, M. Bloomer, K. Carroll, K. Jellen. 

N auset senior Chase Johnson set a 
new school record in the 100- 
butterfly during the State Boys Swim 
Meet at MIT on Feb. 28th. This broke 
the record set in 1998 by the current 
assistant coach Justin Bohannon. 

2003 League All Stars 

Chase Johnson 
Kim Christensen 
Louie LeBart 
Alex Haas 

178 Winter Sports 

t L 



2003 League All Stars 

Liz McKay 
Sarah Johnson 
Hayley Williamson 
Rose Harrington 

Setting sail for Nantucket, where Erin and 
the swim team won with a score of 93-80. 



Girl’s Team Highlights: 
Overall Record 

7 wins 2 losses 
1st Place in the Pilgrim 
1st place in the 200 
freestyle relay sectionals 

Winter Sports 179 

Varsity members: (Not in order) Capt. M. Bartolucci, Capt. M. Puffer, 
J. Michniewicz, J. Daley, N. Kraft, M. Del Negro, B. Quigley, I. Hossfeld, J. 
McPartlan, B. Johnson, P. Rutledge, S. Fuller, I. Dundas, B. McLaughlin, T. 
Allen, J. Hardman, T. Moss, M. Pirruccio.J. Meegan, M. Lapiore, J. Wharton, 
B. Kelly, J. Garcia, G. Plante, S. Erickson, K. Riesner, D. Bertuna, M. 
Rothenberger, S. Tringale, M. Margotta, B. L’Etoile, B. Kaplan. Coaches: 
E. Hendrickx, Mr. Garner. 

E ntering their third 
season, the boy’s 
lacrosse team is preparing to 
play their most competitive 
schedule yet. The season 
opener against Dartmouth 
was a 10-3 Nauset win. A 
great start! 


Spring Sports 

Varsity members: Front row: Coach H. Stevens, H. Williamson, Capt. M. 
White, Capt. T. Endich, Capt. T. Newton, Capt. C. Gaus, Coach M. 
Goodrow, N. Benson. Middle row: A. Boucher, M. Metcalfe, B. Steadman, 
B. Harrison, K. Probolus, M. Jacobus, A. Connolly, L. Davis, D. Adams, 
E. Kelley-Joseph, V. Wagner, K. Darajky, A. Lammie, E. Johnson, K. Falcone, 
B. Reynolds. Back row: W. Hosssfeld, M. Calkins, C. Hanlon, A. Roderick, 
J. Linblad, M. Dalton, S. Rutledge, L. Botsford, S. Coffin, K. Dziobek, C. 
Crowley. (Not pictured-Capt. B. Hutton, Capt. K. Ryan) 




Spring Sports 181 

T he racing 

season began on 
March 30th under 
gray skies and light 
northeast winds. The 
opening Regatta was 
the first victory of the 
season with a 3-0 win 
over Chatham High 

182 Spring Sports 

/ jyj /A'"- 

<Jn7 • ^ 


H y / 



Team members: 

Capt. J. Jeffrey, Capt. 
R. McCarthy, Capt. A. 
Schwebach, M. Avellar, 
A. Barker, B. D’Amour, G. 
Degnan, A. Green, A. 
Haas, W. Hirst, A. 
Kacergis, H. Lindahl, M. 
Phillips, A. Porteus, E. 
Poreus, M. Reed, P. Ryan, 
E. Schwebach, K. 
Shilansky, B. Wall, C. 
Young. Coach: Warren 
Silva. (Not in order) 

S ailing 
discipline and 
Eveyone must do 
his/her part to 
achieve success. 

Spring Sports 183 

Girls Track 

Team Members: Front row - C. Chance, N. Lopresto, C. Harris, 

Capt. E. Gallagher, Capt. N. Perkins, C. Matulaitis, C. Ford, Capt. D. 
Wallace, Row 2: A. Farnsworth, K. Collette, B. Davis, L. Glasheen, V. 
Johnson, B. Bohannon, L. Bersin, S. Johnson, Coach Thompson. Row 
3: E. Rice, T. Parris, A. Schuermann, M. Flaherty, L. McGown, J. Ollari, 
D. Sullivan, T. Weeks, J. Govoni. (Not pictured: G. Arcangeli, C. 

Haskell, J. Wright. 




Team Members - Front row - J.Bianchi, A. Koth, M. Bourgeois, Capt. C. 
Johnson, J. Steele, J. Ferreira, T. Skiba. Middle row - R. Schrock, K. 
Delcourt, S. Parks, R. Jacobus, S. Edwards, A. Koehler, O. Haunstrup. 
Back row - Coach Bohannon, N. Peters, T. Eric Green, C. McDonald, 
C. Hayes, G. Munroe, K. Cenga, S. Woodbury, G. Reed, Coach Arnold 

i | Spring Sports 185 

Boy’s Track 

Team Members: 
Front row - 
R. Cullinan, 
J. Laraja, W. Kanaga, 
B. Ollari. Back row: 

Coach B. 
Guttmann, A. Ritt, J. 
Cardinal, S. Trumbo, 
M. Scheier, R. Jarvis, 
B. Teason, C. 
Houghton. (Not 
pictured - A. Hanelt, 
J. Khan, 
K. Harrington . 

G etting 

early spring 
practice. Matt 
Scheier works 
on his serve. 

186 Spring Sports 

Team Members: 

A. Holland, K. Gainey, 

A. Gainey, K. Flaherty, 

T. Svenningsen, 

G. Griffith, 

C. Hanelt, 

Coach P. White. 

Not pictured: 

N. Hague, S. Floyd, 

A. Geueke, 

B. Sangiovanni, 

C. Roderick, J. Hadawar, 
C. White, K. White, 

L. Reiley. 

F ollowing 

through with a 
forehand shot, 
Ashley Gainey 
begins the season 
with a smashing 


Spring Sports 187 

Varsity team members 
Front row: L. Seymour, 
Capt. E. Schumann, Capt. 
K. Brady. Middle row: K. 
Peterman, M. Freiner, M. 
Clarke, J. Seagwick, J. 
Drown, C. Benning, S. 
Maker, S. Calkins, R. 
Bassett. Back row: Coach 
Sullivan, K. Withrow, B. 
Woodland, E. Farley, E. 
Gainy, A. Sliney, L. 
Chudomel, A. 

Tuckerman, A. Burrill, 
Coach Schumann. Not 
Pictured: K. Jenois, C. 

jV’s Team Members: Front row: R. Rose, 
C. Bassett, A. Wallace, H. Peaslee, V. Marr, 
Wallace, O. Johnson. Back row: Coach 
Wilkinson, S. Gage, R. Blauvelt, T. Basine, 
E. Swift, H. Allen, K. MacDonald, L. Penney, 
S. Winslow. 

W ith the new leadership of 

Alan Sullivan and a strong infield 
defense, the softball team is looking 
forward to a dynamic season. 

188 Spring Sports 

practice, Kyle Ritchie 
winds up to throw the 
ball. Coach Jack Donahue 
and team anticipate an 
exeptional season. 

JV Team Members: Front row: D. Piebes, R. 
White, R. Avery, M. Kent, R. Buckley. Back row: 
B. Morton, M. Hossfeld, L. Berube, S. Waldrop, 
P. Sumner, A. Tuckerman, M. Blatz, Kevin Quill. 

Front row - J. Hayden, 
K. Wissmann, S. Sullivan, 
G. Ingram, E. Forlenza, 
R. Fitzgerald. Back row 
Coach Donahue, E.J. 






















Spring Sports 



Varsity members: Front row - Capt. Kristin Souder, Capt. Jill 
Morton, Capt. Katy Escher, Back row: Coach Dee Smith, Brittany 
Souza, AM Baker, Katherine Todd, Stacey Brennan,Nina Eskandari, 
Lorena Dame, Rachel Hamlin, Jillian Lothrop, Elizabeth Escher, Lindsey 
Boisvert. (Not pictured: Rosie Sundby) 

190 Spring Sports 

Advisor: Mr. Chamberlin 

T. Allen, J. Anderson, 0. Bricault, 
E. Breummer, N. Chapman, B. 
Cordeiro, ]. Cyr, K. Darakjy, S. 
Douglass, K. Doyle, E. Escher, A. 
Gainey, A. Gueke, M. Hatt, ). 
Holmes, E. Kelly-1 oseph, ). 
Lothrop, C. Matulaitis, H. 
McKenna, J. Morton, C. O’Brien, 
H. Peaslee, M. Puffer, R. Rose, K. 
Sherrill, R. Sherrill, K. Souder, B. 
Souza, ]. Watson, D. Wilbur. 

Advisor: Mr. Rozin 

M. Alvin, E. Bruemmer, M. 
Douglass, J. Ferro, K. Genois, 
P. Korn, M. Keefe, K. Munroe, 
C. Poole, M. Reed, A. Rozin, M. 
Rozin, E. Wagner, P. Whinn, R. 

/ Advisor: Mrs. Metters 

J. Anderson, E. Blatz, L. 
Buckley, D. Coats, J. Cyr, 
S. Douglass, J. Ferreira, J. Ferro, 
C. Fish, K. Gazzano, K. Genois, 
A. Geueke, K. Gilmore, M. Hatt, 1 
Holmes, D. Ingram, J. Jeffrey, C. 
Johnson, J. Johnson, N. Jones, 
W. Kanaga, A. Locke, B. Lynch, 

R. Mandel, D. Martin, E. McKay, 
M. McNeil, M. Milligan, J 
Morton, K, Munroe, C. O’Brien, 

S. O’Neill, N. Perkins, J. Reddish. 
K. Rosenkampff, B. 

SanGiovanni, Z. Smith, K. 
Souder, J. Souza, K. Todd, E. 
Wagner, K. Wissman, E. Woods. 

192 Clubs an? ‘Activities 

Advisor: Mrs. Masterson 

J. Coveil, D. Fettig, A. Gainey, 
J. Jeffrey, J. Khan, P. Kyttle, J. 
Laraja, M. Nickerson, K. 
Probolus, M. Reed, Z. 
Robinson, S. Rome, K. Ryan, 
B. Souza, G. Twombly. 

Mock Trial 

Teen Court 

Advisor: Mr. Clark 

J. Bianchi, K. Gazzano, 0. 
Haunstup, R. Jacobus, J. 
Johnson, Y. Larsen, J. 
Merrill, N. Oakes, J. Souza, 
S. Trumbo. 

Advisor: Mrs. Campbell 

A. Berrick, O. Bricault, E. 
Bruemmer, M. Cyr, S. Doyle, 
J. Griffith, J. Khan, M. 
Lindblad, J. McPartlan, N. 
Oakes, L. Reilly, J. 
Thompsen, S. Tupper, G. 

Model UN 

Clubs an} Ticttiities 193 

{ Figure Skating 

I ~~r 

C. Costa, M. Costa, J. Hight, 
E. Mandel, C. Norgeot, L. 
Robinson, T. Svenningsen. 


A. Berrick, ]. Bianchi, N. 
Chapman, A. Dalton, M. 
Douglass, S. Doyle, O. 
Haunstrup, R. Jacobus, M. 
Reed, J. Rozin, M. Rozin. 

1 J uni or Directors 

Brittany Souza, Liz McKay, 
Kelly Geniois, Julian Cyr, 
Rachel Mandel 

AP French Study in Montreal 

194 Clubs anil 'Activities 


Advisor: Mrs. Metters 

M. Alvin, J. Anderson, C. Carr, 
M. Cyr, G. Degnan, S. Douglass, 
). Ferro, J. Ferro, A. Gainey, K. 
Gilmore, M. Jacobus, J. 
Johnson, M. Kender, J. Khan, A. 
Kmiec, H. McKenna, J. Morton, 
K Neary, C. Ormon, K. Quill, K. 
Souder, J. Spier, C. Sumner, E. 
Todd, K. Todd, R. Zbel. 


Advisor: Ms. Lebow 

A. Adams, K. Belmore, 
H. Everett, R. Finlay, O. 
Haunstrup, S. Henry, J. 
Hesketh, A. Lamb, L. 
Mangelinkx, M. Reed, 
M. Rozin, R. Russell, J. 
Souza, R. Zbel. 


Advisors: Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Masterson, 

Ms. Hembrough 

). Bianchi, ]. Cardinal, K Cenga, J. Coveil. S. 

Covell, K Douglas, I. Dunne, D. DuPaul, K. 

Escher, L. Escher, N. Eskandare, J. Ferreiro, S. 

Floyd, A. Haas, R. Hamlin, A. Hanelt, J. Harwood, 

I. Holmes, B. Johnson, E. Kelly-loseph, B. Kelly, P. 
Lyttle, R. McCarthy, B. McLaughlin,). McPartlan, 

D. Miller, C. Norgeot, C. O’Brien, N. Oakes, H. 
Peaslee, J. Roberts, A. Roderick, P. Rutledge, P. 

Ryan, B. SanGiovanni, D. Schmidt, R. Schrock, D. 
Seitler, C. Snider, K. Souder, M. Sugg, T. 
Svenningsen, E. Swift, J. Wright, A. Wallace, C. 

1 Young 

Clubs and ‘Activities 195 


Advisor: Mr. Rice 
Co-Presidents: H. 

Skoyles, Z. Smith. 

]. Combes, M. Keefe, P. 
Murphy, N. Woodbury, 
S. Woodbury. 


Advisor: Mrs. Kobold, Mrs. 

A. Geueke, J. Morton, C. 

O'Brien, M. Milligan, K. Ryan, 

B. SanGiovanni, E. Schuman, 

L. Seymour, H. Williamson, K. 

\ Senior Senate 

Math Team 

Advisor: Mr. Maynard. 

). Anderson, S. Douglass, C. 
Fish, K. Gilmore, J. Bakker, 
E. Bruemmer, E. Reddish, R. 
Schrock, P. Sumner, S. 

196 Clubs anti Activities 

Advisors: Mr. Chamberlin, Mr. 

]. Ambrose, j. Bombanti, N. 
Bricault, H. Burkitt, M. Carucci, C. 
Chartier, A. Chase, M. Clarke, B. 
Donahue, C. Ford, E. Gainey, N. 
Garland, A. Gaston, j. Halter, ]. 
Hardman, S. Harris, M. Larner, C. 
Lynch, IC Munroe, L. Oringer, H. 
Panuczak, D. Pecce. 

French Exchange 

Advisor: Mr. Rice, Mrs. Geueke. 

A. Berrick, O. Bricault, E. 
Breummer, M. Douglass, K. Doyle, 

S. Doyle, I. Dunne, J. Griffith, A. 
Houde, S. Houghton, A. Hopkins, B. 
Legeyt, M. Lindbland, S. Maker, N. 
Oakes, A. Rozin, M. Theobald, J. 
Thompsen, G. Twombly. 

Advisor’s: Mrs. Masterson, 
Mr. Rivers. 

E. Blatz, ]. Cagwin, 

S. Crownshaw, K. Escher, 

A. Evans, S. Govoni, K. 
Harrigan, A. Locke, N. 
Loranger, K. Parking ton, ]. 
Puffer, Z. Robinson, 

B. Sangiovanni, S. Scannevin, 

C. Snider, M. Sugg, 

Clubs anb TLctitities 197 

Twenty-two American students and two 

Nauset teachers embarked on a three week journey to a far 
far away Deutschland. After spending a week with their German 
families, the Americans ventured off to southern Germany for 
four days full of adventure. During this time, experiments were 
taking place in Munich, at the Haufbrauhaus; new experiences 
were created in Nurnburg, as well as Heidelberg. We returned 
back to Duren closer to each other than we were when we left. 
Everyone was ready to experience real German culture with 
the start of Karnival. Now that we are home, we will never 
forget the families we have in our farfar away Deutschland, 
r - Lindsey & Amanda 

198 Clubs and Activities 

T he Drama Department works hard all year to present outstanding performances. 

Their efforts pay off and with three great plays are delivered throughout the year. 
The first play of the year proved to be a challenging one for the Nauset Players. “The 
Crucible” lasted for two hours, but it held the attention of the audience due to a plot full 
of emotions and actions. This year the actors took the stage to perform the challenging 
“Julius Caesar”. The final play of the year will be “Jesus Christ Superstar”. 

We bid farewell to the senior Nauset Players and wish them all the best. 

Thank you Ms. Hamer for your patience and dedication. 

I •' > ■’ ' ’ ■' •'/ - > 

i f i , , < i /j i , i *,' f ' ' / ■ /j /<* . >* 1 ij 



'With aCCour hearts, we wish you Cove, happiness, and success on your 
journey. The path is of your own choosing ncr\v. 

you are an amazing young Cady who is sincere and focused JACways 
caring, creative, and inteCCigent. 

find your passion. Xeep it in your heart and in your sight, then make 
it a reaCity. 

ACways remember your home, its security, and know that you are Coved 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Thank you for showing me all the tips to 
success, good luck in the future. 
Love, Brian 

Congratulations David Seitler 

Always remember our pride and love is 
boundless. Keep your integrity, loyalty, 
and respect for yourself and others. 
Work hard and play hard. 

Love you always, Mom and Stefan 

"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, 
are tiny matters compared to what lies within 
us." -Anonymous 

200 Parent & Friend Ads 

J)eatebt §ata. 

you ate the bebt! 
c We Love you and 
ate bo ptoud of all 
you ve accomplished. 
< We will mibb you 
daily, but alwayb 
know home Lb nevet 
fat away. 

Jfo ve. J)addy and 
cfLomnw vj/ 

c 'A' 

It seems like 


We will miss ^ 




Cady. Lizzie, 
Matt and Leo 



Sara, Jessie and Kelsey, 

I want to thank you for your persistance for excellence and loyalty towards the 
Skippers during the past eleven years. You set the high standards in which all of the 
Skippers strive to achieve. You helped hundreds of children reach goals they would 

never have dreamed of accomplishing. 

The Skippers and I will dearly miss you, Mr. Mullin 

Parent & Friend Ads 201 

Your artistic 




I'm here to say 
I love you more each day 
And I just want to tell the world 
That I love you so. 

Always, Mom 

Your love of animals 

Your curiosity 

Your fashion 










r *}"■ - 


T ' 

f "-V 

1 1 

■ I . I 

L 1 




202 Parent & Friend Ads 


! ; 

Kristin Kirby 

Our lovely young lady has done so well from the crib to the courtyard of 
Nauset High. We were always there to help you, but your independence and 
self-motivation was so very strong. Your ability to set goals and to work 
toward them so independently was amazing - we were in awe of your 
dedication and hard work. The success you have had is so well deserved and 
we are confident that you are prepared to meet the challenges of our complex 
world. Watching your growth was such a wonderful experience for us. It has 
been fun sharing those great experiences with you - skiing, surfing, days at the 
beach, Ireland, Hilton Head, California, The Inn, Sugarloaf, Santa Barbara, 
Boston, and the Red Sox. We are with you always; we support you and wish 
you the very best in life. Wc would say “Good Luck”, but we truly believe that 
you are one of the fortunate few who makes their own luck. 

All our Love - Mom, Dad, and Ryan 

Parent & Friend Ads 203 

Friendship No WWda 

Through The Years... 

Always and For< 
Colleen “0& 








The time has flown since we started. At first it was 
just the two of us, and it seemed like we did it all. 

Then, we added extra support and fun, all to blend 
together as one. One by one, each of you has set out 
on the road to discoveiy and accomplishment. Now, 
it is your turn. You have made us extremely proud 
the whole way here, and, most importantly, you have 
taught me to laugh. Everyone you meet along the way 
will be affected by your positive attitude and easy-going 
charm. They will always see you coming!! Remember, 
no matter how far you go or how long you stay away, we 
will always be here for you. Love you forever, 

M <*> M, TOBY and HAYLEY 

204 Parent & Friend Ads 


Here you the end of one chapter and 
about to begin the next... 

As you walk forward into your future, bring 
with you all that you have learned about life, love, 
family, and friendships. Growing up by the ocean 
has taught you well- you are strong-willed, honest 
and oh so incredibly sincere. Keep laughing and 
dreaming your way through life- BE HAPPY 

You know how much we love you- we shall 
always be there for you. You have filled our lives 
with love and hope! 

Congratulations! We are so VEPY proud of 


Mom and Dad xxoo 

Our Katie Mae 

Your intelligence,kindness 

And beauty are remarkable 

You are a dynamic young woman 

Follow your heart and your intuition 

Love Always Mom, Dad and Stefan 

>r f j 

f p a . t pi 

1 . sfilnPr « 

Kill ' 9 

jgp| * ^.-jW 

Parent & Friend Ads 205 


you tifive wtiriTiTTfiKes ro 
3e wtifireven. you wimr... 
you go Smyrna 

cisfisa of 2004 


You have grown up to be a 
beautiful young woman, 
and I am proud of you with 
everything that you have 
accomplished and done. 
Good luck with everything 
that you pursue in the 

▼ Love ya man-Lindsay 

Congratulations to 
K.aty, ftoanda and Clare! 

Thanks for all the help you 
provided in creating the 2004 

Good lack with your futures! 

Have fun with all that you choose 

to do! 

hove fllways, 

Mrs. MeGown, hindsey, <§>ara, 
flmanda, and Tara 

206 Parent & Friend Ads 

Who arc these little angels? 



Who are these little angels? 















OBrien and 
Dan Wilbur 
















































Nick Falvre 

Liz McKay 

Who are these little angels? 








Who are these 







Joe Laraja 

Daniel Foley 

























Who are these little angels? 

Parent & Friend Ads 207 

Who are these little angels? 

We are so proud of you! Our little dromo queen, where did the time go? You ore such 
a beautiful young woman , with o wonderful spirit to match. We love your individuality , 
your kindness towards others , and your strong beliefs. We feel so proud that you ore 
our daughter. Go out and moke o difference. The world is lucky to hove you... 

God Bless. Love, Mom, Dad, Joelle and Michael P.S. Run fast like a cheetah. Little Foot! 


How has the time passed so 
quickly? You have filled our 
hearts with pride and joy. May 
our hope and dreams and 
blessings follow you where ever 
you go. Here's to you future. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Hey Spice, 

I am incredibly proud 
of you and all you've 
Remember, you can 
be all you can be and 
still look really cute 
doing it. 

Love, Mom^ aka Sugar 

Dan , 

May your dreams 
become your happiest 
realities. We are very 
proud of you and all of 
your accomplishments. 

With love and pride, 
Mom, Dad, and Jennifer 

208 Parent & Friend Ads 


Keep smiling! 

Love, Mom, 
Dad, Sarah, 
Carley, Eric 
Hans and 

Congratulations Greg! 

Who could have predicted that from such 
tiny beginnings you would have grown into 
such an extraordinary young man? We are so 

proud of all you are! Go confidently as you 
reach for your dreams and wonderful 

Dearest Mary Kate. 

We are ever so thankful for being the special people in your life that 
you refer to as “Mom” and “Dad”. Unique and precious, you are the only 
“you” that will ever be. Enjoy being “just you” (because no one else can), love 
being you so that you can love others, and try to be the best “you” you can 
be... for all of us. 

At birth, your big beautiful blue eyes cried out; “Here 1 am, 
vulnerable, honest, innocent, with a zest for living, and, now that you’re a 
parent, I will teach you the meaning of unconditional feed me 
already.” That was 1985, it’s now 2004 and you’re High School Graduation is 
near. Know that we are both very proud of your many accomplishments 
throughout your school years. You and your many friends provided our hearts 
and minds many special memories that we will forever cherish. 

Always know that we are here for you whenever you need us for 
whatever reason and that we arc forever... 

Your Mom and Dad 

Katy, u have taught me so 
much and u created a clear 
path for me to love, laugh, 
and, succeed. I’m on my 
own and I’ll use what I’ve 
learned from u to get by. 
Never forget who u are, u are 
a beautiful and wonderful 
person. 1 love u to death! U 
made it! Love, Lizzy 

Parent & Friend Ads 209 

Congratulations Ashley! 

We are so proud of you and the 
person that you have become. 
You have so many gifts to offer 
the world, if you always stay true 
to yourself, there is NOTHING 
you can’t accomplish. Keep on 
fulfilling your dreams, we know 
you will succeed and 
remember... keep on dancing!! 

We love you, Mom & Dad 

“Give me the liberty to know, 
to utter, and to argue freely 
according to conscience, above 
all liberties.” 

-John Milton 

Way to go Kevin! What an 
awesome four years. We are 
so proud of you! 

Love, Mom,Dad,Lisa & Mark 


you are an amazing 
person and words cant 
even begin to expCain what 
you mean to me . I cant 
wait to spendforever with 
you...I Cove you! 


We wish for you bright sunny days $2 
Rj^k .And rainbows when it rains 
~~ We wish you never ending hope 
| And reason to smile each day 

Stand up for all you believe in J 
Ijl With confidence and pride 
race new challenges with courage 
m You can do anything if you try 9 
| * Think positive about tomorrow 

Live life to the fullest today f 
Believe through God all things are possible 
And let your heart lead your way 

JriFrom our hearts,^S| 
We love & treasure you$ 
Mom ,Dad ,B rendan & Conoi 

From dressups to dance 

210 Parent & Friend Ads 


Lead the 
parade ... 
<You made it 
today ... 

Wje Cove you 

Mom , 
(Dad, and 



We love you and we’re proud of you 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Lotte Mo*. "Dad 
Katie, £ Skyeltax 

Congratulations - Kerrie! 

Today is your day. 
You're off to Great Places! 
You're Off and Away! 

Dr. Seuss 

From Day One 
we have always been proud 

Parent & Friend Ads 211 

Alyson- my flower, my daughter,my friend, 
What a delight it has been to watch you 
grow to be the compassionate, insightful, 
young woman you have become! Each day 
has been a wondrous gift. The world will be 
a better place because of you! All our love 
always, Mom, Dad and Brandon 

Cate - 



Mom, MG, Rose, Victoria, 
Chloe, Mags, Pat, Adam 


You make us proud just by being 
yourself and that’s all you ever need 

to be. 

We love you! 
Mom and Dad 

212 Parent & Friend Ads 


We’ve only known each other three years but it 
seems like forever. You know you mean the world to 
me- I’m glad you’ve made it this far. You have so 
much more to come- enjoy. Have fun. You know 
where I am. Thank you for being such a great friend. 

Love Always, 

Sorry for the way 
that everything has 
turned out. 

Hopefully it will 
all work out in the 
end. Don’t forget 

all that we’ve shared. Last year was so much fun., the Virgin 
Islands., kissing on the ferriswheel.. making dinner almost 
every weekend., thanks for it all.. I love Moo.. 

Derek, sometimes it's the little moments we remember most. 

Your dead on impression of Mel Gibson as "Braveheart". 

Shooting your first basket at the Learning Garden. 

Trying to make the girls in the Middle School chorus laugh during their songs. 
Your fascination with Tigers. 

Your 2 a.m. rendition of "Beauty and the Beast" on the New York field trip. 
Your patience with mimes. 

Always remember how much we love you. 

Looking toward to all the wonderful memories to come. 

Love Mom, Dad, Alex and Jen 

Parent & Friend Ads 213 

So (9wt £uzxy 

Shexe. (im few wonds that can ewptess the. 
endless amount of. tout, and pride that we 
hold foe you in one heaxts. %pui have emexged 
frtam a shy and cautious cfutd to a uihxanl, 
thoughtful and driven young ataman, ifou have 
Been foriunaie to have had woodenful, caring, 
suppoxtive friends, utha have helped to mahe the 
tough times easiex and the celeBxationo move 
tnemoxahle. 3tc£d on to these “txeasuxes” fox 
thene is nothing that can even, teplace such 
meaningful friendships, although it is especially 
difficult fox us to let goof owi " fixst”, we knout 
that you axe mane than teady to eocploxe youx futuxe. 
Stxive fox success, howeuex, xememhex that challenges 
axe just as easily attained in small steps. £ul, always 
knout, that whenever you go and whatevex path you 
choose to follow- we will always Be thexe fax you! 

Atom, 2)ad, Scuflox, Cotuusx and Camexan 

in owr lives, 
ise of Vwmor. 

MvtcVi Lave, 

Mew, 1«« 

214 Parent & Friend Ads 

Anna- "The timeless in you is aware of life's 
timelessness; And knows that yesterday is but 
today's memory and tomorrow is today's 
dream." -Kahlil Gibran 

We are so 

proud of 
you, Anna! 
Love: Maria 

and Luise 


Anna- My 
wish for 
you: "Be 
who you 
are!" Love 
Dein Papa 

Dear Anna- 1 hope every one of your 
yesterdays is full of happy memories, every 
one of your todays includes your dreams, 
and that every one of your tomorrows will be 
blessed. The world is a brighter place 
because of you! Shine on! I love you! -Mom 

For your vibrant spirit 
and your loving ways, 
for your beautiful smile 
and future days. 

You are truly a blessing, 
a gift to us all. 
Congratulations dear Miss 
keep your eye on the ball! 

Our love always. 

Mom, Dad, Matt, Thomas, Duke and 

The future belongs to 
those who believe in the beauty 
of their dreams. 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

CongratuCations to 
'Brittany & tier cCass 0/2004 

Bayberry Gardens & Florist 
Rt*6 TrurOfMa. (508)349-6764 


Even though you're an adult now 


world! We'll always be there 


All our love, 



The depth of our 
love will allow for 
our physical and 
you are my 
®0!>T friend. 
Love, Mommy 


r.1 f 

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Dear Dan, 

As you climb through life, 
remember to enjoy it to its fullest. 
We are proud you are our son. 


Mom, Dad, and Paul 


We are so proud o! your 
accomplishments. You are the light 
in our eyes, the joy in our minds, 
and the warmth in our hearts. 

Tons of love and happiness, 
mom. Bad, and ftpril 

216 Parent & Friend Ads 


V»Je are u> proud of 'fou! 
fcnd we hope that «jour life it alwa^t 
filled with beautiful mutit. 
yJe Love You. 

Dad, Mom fir Eamon 

Dear Joe, 

We are so proud to have you as our son. You are an 
outgoing, independent and passionate person. 

Those qualities, along with your abilities, will serve you 
well in your lifetime. We will always be there for you. 
Sail on... We love you. Mom and Dad _ 


Your family and 
your school has 
had one goal for 

the preparation for 
life and the joy of 
living and giving. 


Alex Roderick 


Mom, Dad, Kurt 



The moment you were born, a quiet little cry 

Your first steps to climbing out of your crib 

Early years in Middleboro 

Days at the Peanut Gallery 

Burkland School Spelling Bee Champion 

Little League with Lorenzos and the VFW 

Cub Scouts, Pinewood Derbies and Camp Norse 

Becoming a big brother, August 24, 1995 
Moving to Eastham next to Grandma and Grandpa 
Your old pal Bud; your new girl April 
Weekends at the Outer Beach in the old Wagoneer 

High School memories at Nauset 
Long hours of homework and late night trombone 
Learning to drive in the snow 
Mornings at the Egg and I 

Music: Jazz, The Who, Santana, B.B. King, The Roll _ 
Your endless perseverance and academic achievements 

Graduation Day 
So many cherished memories 
So many more to look forward to 
That’s My Boy! 

Love. Mom, Dad, and Jody 

Parent & Friend Ads 217 


You always 
have a smile on 
your face. Your 
heart is full of 
love and your 
exceeds all 
boundaries. We 
are so proud of 
the person you 

have become. You 
have such a 
wonderful and 
challenging life ahead 
of you and we are so 
blessed to be a part 
of it. 

Love, Mom and Dad 


Congratulations! We are all 
so proud of you. Follow 
your dreams - be diligent- 
persevere. Keep smiling 
that beautiful smile of 

You are my most favorite 
person. Ma-Moo 
P.S. We all love you. 


We cannot tell you enough how much we love you and 
are very proud of you. You have been through a lot 
during your childhood “Bubble Boy”. Through it all 
you have learned to keep a smile and never lose hope. 
There is always someone worse off than you. During 
your life you will have bad and good times. Remember 
we are always here for support and love. Always keep 
smiling and stay honest, caring and be a good listener. 
Just be yourself! God will be with you always. We love 

Mom, Dad and Jeffrey 

Congratulations Robbie! 1 

So many years of happiness 
So many memories together 
Now it is lime for you to 
Follow a new path. 

With you goes our love anti pride. 
Follow your dreams and never give up 
For life is waiting for you. 

We love you very much, 

Mom, Dad, Amanda and Ryan 

•\ - 

218 Parent & Friend Ads 


Andy (Our Froobie) 

Life is like a performance playing 
your trumpet, learning the 
importance of the keys as you go 
along. But remember one important 
thing Andy, Inspiration for the 
creative mind is relaxing in a Bubble 
Bath. As you face your future 
challenges, know that we will always 
be walking beside you, supporting 
you and loving you! 

Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses to 

and Dad 


You are the princess of our castle 
You are our sunlight through a storm 
You're the timekeeper in the morning 
And the creature of the night 
Never one to follow the crowd 
And never willing to just bow down 
You're our little angle, you little devil 
And will stay like that forever 
Even though today is over 
Tomorrow is almost here 
And with tomorrow 

You will see the brightness of your future years 
But don't forget that home is here 
And will be waiting for the day 
When you will come back with open arms. 
Love Mom, Dad, and Hannah 

Parent & Friend Ads 219 

And Suddenly 

find suddenly a child is bom agififrom Qodto you. 

'He Hams to waif, fie teams to tad{, and suddenly - he's two. 

As years go by, a young boy grows, atl bright, alert, alive, 

Hit starts to learn to read and write, and suddenly - he 's fitn. 

And all the time it seems to be, he hardly changes when, 

»we to borrow 'Dad's new tie, and suddenly - he’s ten. 

I ^K' VR: And through il all you watch this child. the years have gouty flow 

■ Hi itarts to turn to wave goodbye, and suddenly -he's grmt’n. 


Remember to follow your dreams, you can be anything you want to 
be. A pediatrician or an auto mechanic as long as you are happy. We 
will be there every step of the way. We are all so very proud of you. 
Here’S to NEW BEGINNINGS; We love you; Mom and Jim 

"C3N't See tHe UN e - 

C«!\grat(jiatto<,s, D'Va! LDV, paui., car 8, rnSH 

220 Parent & Friend Ads 

When you were born, 
I held you in my arms 

asked you who you 



Good answer, James. 
Good answer. 

Love always, 
your very proud 


We love you. Remember to 
laugh often and have fun. 

“You know him?” 

The Triplets 

“Are you wearing a back 

Jorge and Miguel 

“Don’t point, she might see 

“Ease the clutch out” 

The Triplets 


Dad, Mom, Harrison, Mike, Marissa, Nani and Papa 

Parent & Friend Ads 221 

HeJUil jbU /ivlgfct* Vhw-* ffie &6WUgfc<^* IBe^e* Tdh*# 


Congratulations 'fo Our Sweet Brittany, 

you, sweet girl with a beautiful soul have woven so much joy into our lives ever since the day you entered our world, you've been 5 
dream child every step of the way, blessed with natural goodness and grace. Cant help but smile when memories of you flash back to the carefree 
days of shared ‘P$&J sandwiches and cookies at our teddy bear picnics and tea parties. <N"ow here we are celebrating your high school graduation 
and all you have Worked so hard to accomplish, you have given us so much to be grateful for. "We thank you for lightening our hearts with your 
infamous collection of funny faces, your magical smile, and your gentle spirit, your internal wisdom far exceeds your years and enlightens our 
minds, "thank you for being a daughter who always opens our eyes to the brighter side of everything, who always finds good in others and who 
possesses a heart that always has room for everyone! you have enriched the world with your sincere compassion, open roindedness and integrity. 
Kay you share all your goodness with the world around you. Know that as you follow your own stars on your unique and creative journey 

Our greatest wish for you ... Eternal happiness! 


through life, you will always have our love With you. 











To our Britty Girl, Words cannot say how much you mean to all of us. We love you so 
much, you have been such a joy in our lives. You are the heart of the family, bringing us all 

together with your wisdom and words. 

May all your wishes come 
true!!! You always seem to 
know what to say, what a 

We will love you forever!!! 

Love, Dad, Mom, Matthew, 
Andrew, Colton XOXOXO 

222 Parent & Friend Ads 

Emmie Doodles- 

Our last baby-you are the sunshine of our lives! From the moment 
you came into our world with that amazing smile and non-stop 
energy you have been a constant source of deep pride and 
immeasurable joy! Take that smile & energy, bundle it with your 
fierce sense of direction and unstoppable commitment and the 
future is yours to create. You know that we are always here and 
ready to coach or cheer you on. Swing for the fence! 

Congratulation! Love you always -Mom and Dad 

I am so proud of you 
and where you are 
going in life. I will 
ALWAYS be here for 
you! I love you. - 


So maybe you don’t believe you’re a 
superhero anymore (even though you 
do still think you’re invincible), but 
underneath you’ll still always be my 
Clark Kent. I’m so proud of you! 
Love, Mom 

BRO. Congrats, you deserve this more 
than most. Tell me how it feels when 
you come back. I know you can do it, 
we goonies never say die. xxmanduy 


'^ a/lL 0h XX/y) 

jtyltazX gnu - Ufi-u dAH rtauJ 

an 4/XuiS * * 
tJJjidtf UXaX. Mm a. 

wtana and. 

Xtn M a. XtHMnjL ^ 

boUl OjMjX..-. 

MTjL ^ U^U— 

(XnX. uji Xbr-c i/wl., , 

- - - - — 

Xmm.' ^ ?v ;Jf 'r 

■K M WW^ 

; Bfck \■ •;/ g HV 

\ mm ' nBkaS^Kw 

wf’- \ l 

MHMpP n 

^ '"IP- — I - m §j 

raH x v #^ 


131 lljilsJM Wm*. { B'v*.*' 0^fy v' 

|W SB 

Parent & Friend Ads 223 

From dress-up to dressed up, you have grown up beautifully. We are all so proud 

of you and all that you have become. 

Good luck, Peanut! 

Love always, 

Dad, Mom, Beth & Becca 

Since the day you were born you have 

shown strength and determination 
through any obstacle placed in front of 
you. As you grew, you not only continued 
with these traits, but turned into a 
beautiful woman with a contagious laugh 
and an ability to light up any room you 
walk into. You never cease to amaze us. 
You are our joy and we are so proud of 

Y ° u • Love, 

Mom and Dad 

224 Parent & Friend Ads 

Class of2004 

Meghan Seccareccio 




O^Cool *q2 


-isa seccareccio 


Qantum Cape Cod 
154 Barnstable Road, Hyannis, MA 02601 
PH 508-770-2888 • Fax 508-778-9651 


Have as 
much fun in 
college as 
you've had 
for the past 
years and 

you'll have a * 
wonderful * 

We are so 
proud of all 
you have 

Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, 
Brendan, Pat 
and Mack 


^jo imi Setetdudotiofi., oi/rerujtlv, otvS 
unconip/u^mioincj. cue onAj, a cjienipae 

tjou aee dtcl]f ^ecomidg.. SLmem^ex. tlvlo — 
&e ■fvapptj. id off you. So onS -wAo you. cue. G^lud. 
•id, qua. y/teateat Joe you. — tvappioeao, -- it a, 

4$Jvot you lioCe affsoyd. yi/\?orv to uo. °ID e cue do 
peouS oj? you! 

$**, 01Lm & <2)«a 

IVrff* W 77 W X 0 t/ AU WE MW' 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Parent & Friend Ads 225 

Congratulations to Heather & Ashley 

*Rich, deep, divine, full of soul, power, 
and beauty throughout!* 

*Truth, love, courage, real* 

*A friend is someone who knows the song 
in your heart and can sing it back to you 
when you’ve forgotten the words!* 

Love you both, 

MaMa & Gram 

Hoyi> lbeautiful youth is! 

Hon> bright it gleams n>ith its illusions , aspirations , beams! 
iBook oj J Beginnings , Story without Bnd, 

Bach mail ) a heroine and each man a friend! 

Henry Wadsworth BongfellovH 

Dear Jen, 

You have made 
us so happy and 
proud! Always 
follow your 
dreams but 
remember your 
heart is here with 
your family. 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, 

Justin, Chris, 
Grammy and Jazz 


Wow, time played a trick on us! It seems like yesterday that you were a vivacious young boy, always 
looking forward to the rest of the day! Now, as you graduate into another phase and grow into your own 
life, we hope that you never lose your exuberance! 

We wish you a world of adventure and experience, and also the serenity that comes from listening to 
your own heart and your inner voice. We wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence, and 
the wisdom to choose your battles carefully. We wish you the satisfaction of achieving your goals, and 
the true contentment that comes from simple things, like a word kept, work well done, friends well¬ 
loved, moments of time caught and cherished. 

And our greatest wish as you go forth is for you to always know how much you are loved and that the 
man that you are makes us proud to have you for a son. Love, Mom and Dad 

The wise of the wise is young. Wise men 
“know all.” The young know better than 
that. Ryan 
Come visit me! Colin 

226 Parent & Friend Ads 


Its an amazing journey as a parent to watch your little 
baby girl grow. Your first words, your first steps, your 
first day at school, your first time on a plane, your first 
driving lesson, your first car, your first trip abroad, 

your second trip, your third ... 

Julie, you have always been a bright light in our life; 
spirited, confident, an individual of uncommon 

compassion and insight. 

As we taught you, we learned from you. 
As we guided you, you brought us to new places. 
As you grew up, we grew too. You have a way 
of fulfilling your responsibilities while mixing in a 
generous amount of adventure and fun. Now, as we 
learn to step back as you chart your own course, 
we know you will continue to make great decisions. 

You have the passion and the power to be and do 
whatever you choose. We stand oy with pride, love, 
joy, excitement, and hope that your life will unfold the 

way you want it to. 

We are here for you always with a lifetime of love. 
May God bless you, and keep you in His care... 


W here have all the years gone? It seems only a year 
ago or so that you were at the ABC School, a few 
months ago at the Eddy, weeks ago graduating 8th grade, 
and only yesterday entering the high school. 

From an inquisitve, enthusiastic child, to very much the 
same young man, but so much more...we've had the 
privilege of watching you grow, seeing you learn, 
looking forward to your accomplishments. We know 
your inquiring mind and endless enthusiasm for 
learning will take you far in whatever you choose to do. 
Keep that smile bright, learn a lot, enjoy life, and 
remember that we are proud of you, are here for you, 
and will love you always. 

Mom, Dad and Dan 



Brian Cooney, NRHS Class 
of 2004 and the Varsity 
Soccer team on a job well 
done. We are so proud and 
our best wishes to you all! 
Dad, Mom, Sara, Bert, all 
your family and friends and 
everyone at C.C. 

Construction, Inc. 

Parent & Friend Ads 227 

To our beach babies 

We hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean 
^Yes, you are small, but you are also irreplaceable. 

% Invaluable & miraculous 

The ocean’s wonders have nothing on you.” 

W ~Z The Nauset Beach Party swears 

Tliat you 4 wail alw'ays care jKy, 

About the memories we shared . 

'■ Our wishes for you: C- 

: “Surf’new adventures 

’Catch the w ave" of your dreams 
y* ; Don’t just “skim'' the surface of life^f?*i.«5$S^ 
1| | ^ “Boogie ” to your own dance 
H *afeS> Love every “tern” your life takes 
iLl Look to the positive, whether it’s “low or high tide" Mm 
*jH Just because “area 3’’ is closed, stay in “4-wheel” ‘, Jr* 
I 4ft SMI And push on to the next “area” ■■F 1^/ 

jft We “seal” this with our love & kisses* j 
Kll fl The Eschers, O' Bs, Shooks & Souders f 

p mm HW 


* \ 1 

JL } 

For Suzie 

Look to this day, 

For it is life, 

The very life of life. 

In its brief course lie all 
The realities and verities of 

The bliss of growth, 

The splendor of action, 

The glory of power- 
For yesterday is but a dream, 

And tomorrow is only a vision, 

But today, well lived, 

Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness 
And every tomorrow a vision of hope. 

Look well, therefore, to this day. 

Sanskrit Proverb 

With much love and wishes for happiness, health 
and fulfillment- Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa 

228 Parent & Friend Ads 



tag* **"' 

So inaany with 
you, alt of them 
good s.o far - 
you have been 
an awesome 
brother to us 
and we don't 
tenow what we 
would do without you, thanfos for 
everything you have done for us, we 
wilt miss you a tot and will always 
be here for you,, love you always 
Ttana and Jessica lw.Cns' 


Even though your bigger 
than me now., 
your stilt my little 
brother and I'll 
always be there 
for you.. 

<^ood Lucte and 
L ove aLways, 

T Iffa ny 


you walked Into our Hearts 
and brought the hope and promise 
of a wortderful future together. 

For all the happiness 
you have brought into Our lives 
we are eternally grateful 
and for you we are forever 
bLessed 1 

watching you grow has 
bee*, om of the 
greatest privileges in 
our lives. 

Keep snuling- enjoy life 
respectfully ■ 
and never let go of 
your dreams. 

All our love. Mom and r>ad 

Elizabeth: you’ve grown from a reticent young girl 
to a poised young woman. You have pushed yourself 
beyond your comfort level so frequently that you now 
do it with little or no hesitation. Wherever life takes you, 
we are sure you have the ability to succeed . 

When a problem presents itself, your favorite expression is “Get over it" 
You typically learn and move forward. 

Move forward with our love. Mum and Dad 

Parent & Friend Ads 229 


Love- Mom, Dad, 
Kirra, Shelby and 


you have achieved 
all your goals. Now 
it’s time to enjoy 
college and the 
tennis team. 

“If you can 
dream it, you 
can dc it" 



Just can’t believe you’re on your way. Seems as if only yesterday you were 
just starting pre-school! We are so proud of the beautiful independent young 
woman you have become. Kayla, Amy and Jessica are lucky to have you as 
their "Big Sister.!!! 

We loved watching you grow from our littie girl and look forward to loving 
the same woman we see emerging. Our house will be so strange next year 
without seeing you everyday. We know being “the oldest’’ hasn’t always 
been easy, but hope you saw the perks in it too. 

The end of this life journey is here and now is the time for you to flex 
those wings that you were always fighting so hard to fly with. Just 
remember to be true to yourself and your family and to fly back home 

Love Always 
Mom and Dad 

230 Parent & Friend Ads 

Congratulations Taidje Tang and Class of 2004 

A lthough you 
feel you’ve 

lived a lifetime by 
graduation, your 
life is really just 
Remember to 
beep your “CHIN 
UP” in all of your 
future endeavors 
and go for the 
gusto in all that 
you attempt! 


“ When you look 
back on your high 
school years, you will 
realize that they were 
some of the most 
important one’s in 
your life, and as you 
drift into different 
directions, remember 
to stay in touch. 
Wishing you all the 
best in your new 

Love, Mom and Dad 



Watching you grow has been such a 
joy and a privilege. Your sense of wonder 
will take you on many fantastic journeys. 
The things you have learned here will see 
you through. We are so very proud of 
you!! Congratulations to you and your 
friends in the class of 2004. 

Love, Mom and Dad 


Parent & Friend Ads 231 

A ll members of The Yearbook Staff have worked this year 
towards the same goal an accurate depiction of our 

times at Nauset Regional High School to enjoy now and in 
years to come. Accomplishing this goal took many hours of planning, 
layout designing, picture taking, special interviews, writing copy and 
captions, proofing, meeting deadlines and more. Everyone worked 
extra hard this year to make up for the small group involved in 
production. We would like to thank Mrs. McGown and Ms. Lebow 
for their hardwork, patience. Also, special thanks to everyone who 
contributed artwork and helped complete this year’s book, 
especially Mrs. Martin, Mrs. MacDonald and Kendra King. 

A manda checks to make sure all club 
photos have been taken before 
pages are sent in to the The Herff Jones 
Yearbook company (left). Katie and 
Clare finalizing the yearbook staff page 

232 yearbook 


O -Jfc ® 

? r^» fi. >* 

-Jr* 3 ? 

v ly ^ ® 


y*°-fL a \ 

+ 9 

9 ^ 

+ ^ * 


*:*^t a 


Front row: Lindsey 
Oringer, Tara Waldrop, 
Back row: Sara Kirby, 
Katie Escher, Clare 
Seletsky, Amanda Chase 
and Amanda Fazio. 

W ork on the computer is a vital part of yearbook 
production. Lindsey designs a layout for the 
drama page (above). Below, Amanda and Tara looking 
for ideas in sample yearbooks. 

Mrs. McGown - Yearbook Advisor 
Ms. Lebow - Yearbook Advisor 
Katie Escher - Senior, Year 2 
Clare Seletsky - Senior 
Lindsey Oringer - Junior 
Sara Kirby - Junior 
Amanda Chase - Junior, Year 2 
Tara Waldrop - Junior 
Amanda Fazio - Junior 

yearbook 233 

Together these teachers have greatly contributed to 

Nauset Regional High School and deeply touched the lives of 

over 7000 students. 

For all of their efforts... We thank them. 

Paul Chamberlain 
Dept. Head 
Biology and 

John Rivers 
Program Coordinator 
ALG and SWS 






Judy Trotta 




c u 


wK*A>X»^ Ag$$A$A$ 

\WSSS$SmS6BSSStt^t $MMi 

> jtfipo muf'M ju^. 

-C- U r ^ t] '« 

/?,ayw> . c 

. 'b 

liiA am) O— 


rl- M<Srfifc-